Teacher flirt with me

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teacher flirt with me

My professor never really bothered me before, but now I'm starting to question him. Here's the deal: if you think he's flirting, he's flirting. He never actually made an offer of sex for grades; he might have just been offering me sex. Or he might have just enjoyed flirting with his teacher because he got. I would go see someone higher up in your school maybe a head or an child projection officer as sharing about his personal life/sex life is.

There will also suddenly appear these do gooders who will try and brainwash you into believing you have been raped or taken advantage of and that you were manipulated. Little do they realise that by doing things like this they are implicitly making you an idiot and making you sound like someone who has no mind of your own and as someone who cannot make up their own minds. Do you feel that way at 15? Trust me, you will start believing that crap only to regret it later when you look back and see how manipulative those people, who were supposed to protect you, actually are.

Their agenda is more important than your emotions and feelings. They have to prove that the guy is a predator and a fiend. This is what will destroy your life.

teacher flirt with me

Once they unleash their mayhem on you, in the name of protecting you, they will leave you to fend for yourself. You will be left with a horrible void created within your soul, your heart and emotions destroyed and depression and despondency sets in.

This is not because of your relationship but because of those who pretended to protect you but would not see your relationship in a more broadminded way.

Remember such relationships fail only because the media and society set out to destroy and vilify those in the relationsip. They make something so beautiful into something dirty and horrible.

You need to make up your mind yourself. I know this is from a few months ago, but I really like this comment. He prolly likes u a lot. I am 14 and have this huge crush on my teacher. I try so much to get his attention. We have pashed a lot, many times nd I kno he is horny.


I so wanna lose my verginity to him. I kno he wanna do it too. I thnk if u like him go 4 it. Do your parents know about this??? If you are okay with it then go for it.

teacher flirt with me

I dont think theres anything wrong with goin with a 25 yr old guy. Then why are you scared? Cant you think for yourself? Why do you need someone else to make up your mind for you? Everyone will tell you he is bad and that you should not go out with him. But no one knows what your heart feels. This is your personal experience.

Why do you need others to spoil it? I am your age too and I have been with a couple of guys who were older than It is such fun and I will never go out with a guy my age. Yes I did have a lot of sex. They wanted it and they didnt hide the act that they enjoyed it more because I was young.

But I liked it too and I wanted to do it all the time. It was a very special feeling. They did not take advantage and they took utmost care not to get me in any trouble. Older guys are fun. They want to have sex but whats wrong with that if you want to have sex too.

Older guys are tolerant, gentle, mature, patient and better at sex than a 15 yr old guy with no experience or sexual etiquette. I have been in exactly the same position and it was real fun.


My guy was a few years older than your teacher friend. Check out our official Discord server: We also have our own Minecraft server! Check it out at mc. RULES Not many things are out of place in this subreddit; almost anything that crosses our teenage minds will be allowed.

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My Female Teacher is flirting with me : teenagers

Brigading, witch hunting, etc. No spamming Advertising is limited. No more than one advertisement for any given community per day. Advertising products, music, etc. Dont get me wrong, but when your teacher flirts with you it could escalate into sexual misconduct. There is a power difference between a teacher and a student, as for my employer and myself.

This can lead to exploitation for you, as it did for me. It is wrong morally for a person of authority to do such unprofessional actions. It does not represent what the school system stands for, and it is horrible for anyones reputation to exploit a minor. I feel bad for you so this is why I write to you. Tell him you do not like it, and tell him to stop. Your teacher will not know until you tell him. Do this now or as quickly as possible.

Most admiriors think their crush likes them back, or likes the attention they give. So continue to pursue even when it obveously disturbs the victim.

teacher flirt with me

If he does not stop go up his level and tell your principal about it. I have done this to a female teacher and now she leaves me alone. Ignor him, cut all ties with him.