Sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre

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sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre

More ideas. Episodio 9 Mignon, Kokoro, Armin, My Candy Love, Flirting, Manga Boy candy flirt Castiel, Armin, Memes, Gry, My Candy Love, Love Illustration. Image result for my candy love episode 9 Anime Couples, Castiel, High School, . With My Candy Love, flirt with the guys you like and live a true love story. Lysander is a student attending Sweet Amoris High School, and one of the In episode 9, Lysander feels a bit nostalgic after talking about his childhood, which .

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre

Pun pariu ca ai adormit tarziu pentru ca ai citit cartea pe care Nathaniel ti-a sugerat-o. Armin…Suntem la un restaurant! Asta este o idee buna! In timp ce asteptam sa vina servitorul… C. E o gluma, nu? Uh, sunt multe lucruri, haha…Citit, desenat, sporturi…Muzica! Leigh este foarte bun la cusut! Poate ar putea sa iti dea cateva lectii.

Restaurantul este un inceput dragut. Am putea sa mergem la filme, de exemplu…Daca vrei. Te apropii de imaginea lui Armin B. Ei bine, asta e grozav. Ar trebui sa fii mandru, Nathaniel. Hmm…Acum depinde de tine, Armin, sa il ajuti sa descopere ceva nou.

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre

Sunteti cu siguranta o pereche. Este dragut sa vad asta. I-am inapoiat cartea lui Nathaniel. Nu am fost capabil sa imi dau seama care parte a fost vinovata, dar totusi mi-a placut. Suspansul a fost de la inceput pana la final! Acum, depinde de tine, Armin, sa il ajuti sa descopere ceva. Un leopard nu isi poate schimba locul! Deci, nu te duci la intalnire? M-am dus catre el fara a face un sunet. Sunt sigura ca ai fi dragut cu parul scurt!

Asta nu ma surprinde, haha! Am facut ceva ce ei nu stiau, dar m-au prins. Leigh s-a gandit ca trebuie sa ii cunosc parintii. Trebuie sa fi fost o seara importanta. Trebuie sa fi fost o seara amuzanta. Trebuie sa fi fost o seara incantatoare. Spune, Lys-baby, i-ai vazut tinuta lui Pseudo? Este una dintre cele mai recente creatii ale lui Leigh.

Rosa… Ma simt ca un animal la echitatie. Cu siguranta nu regret ca am cumparat-o. As prefera sa nu spun nimic.

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre

E divina, nu crezi? Hmm, le ia ceva timp cu bauturile, nu? Rosa, asta e jenant… C.

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Nu cred ca Nathaniel vrea sa vorbeasca despre haine… Stiu ca este inspaimantator, dar admite ca viata este mult mai captivanta asa. Nu esti de acord? Nu stiu, sunt stresata tot timpul acum…Chiar si cand dorm. Este ca si cum nu ai mancat de trei zile… B. Cum poate o persoana asa de mica sa manance asa de multa mancare? Asteapta, v-ati vazut in parc? Eu si Kentin am vrut sa ne intalnim pentru a merge la alergat impreuna.

Dar lucrurile nu au mers asa cum am planuit… B. Nu iti imagina lucruri. E ca si cum sunteti facuti sa fiti impreuna… A. Loveste-o pe sub masa. Razi ca sa calmezi situatia. Sunt normala, cum spui tu. Tu…Stomacul tau e minuscul. Cred ca nu esti ingrijorata ca nu vei mai incapea in creatiile lui Leigh!

Ti-ar placea si niste friptura? M-am uitat la Kentin pentru a-i vedea reactia. Ai o fata ciudata. Am dat din cap, dar probabil am parut putin tensionata. A trecut ceva timp de cand am mancat asta… A fost mai bun cand am mancat ultima data. Totul este in regula.

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre

Violette Este…un portret al tatalui meu…Vrei sa il vezi? Chiar nu am timp, scuze. Nathaniel a fost rau cu tine? Sesiunile de stiudiu nu dau rezultate? Ghici ce am facut eu si Priya in aceasta dimineata. Ati fost intr-o calatorie pe unicorn? Nu ma vad oferindu-i ei un cadoul. Nu o stiu destul de bine. Although he never really had serious relationships and his longest relationships have lasted only a few weeks at best, he seems very determined to get your Candy. At first, during episodes 9 and 11, he does show some interest in other girls, like RosalyaIrisor Amber while he's with you; But later, in episode 19 and on, he shows that he is willing to focus only on your Candy.

This is shown when he immediately drops the other two girls at the mall to be with you, and doesn't really show interest in Lucy either. He is outgoing and confident and, unlike other dateable characters, very openly shows his interest in you. He can be a bit full of himself at times, like when he says that there is no reason to look at anyone other than him, or that no other boys stand a chance against him. Even so, he still shows some signs of jealousy around other boys, and can be a bit possessive when it comes to your attention.

For example, while he is with your Candy at the mall in episode 19, he sees a friend of his and goes to greet him, but doesn't take you along with him, saying he doesn't want anyone else to lay eyes on you.

He is shown to know how to handle an argument, and tends to point out people's faults when getting into conflict with them; as shown in the arguments he gets into with the school's boys, while trying to flirt with your Candy. Dake is rather carefree and has very little to no sense of embarrassment, which particularly stands out in episode 19 when he doesn't hesitate to freely walk into your changing cabin while you're trying on underwear.

When you punch him and give him a black eye for that, he still smiles and stays positive, as he has a rather cheerful nature and is mostly always happy. Dake has some sense of morale however, as when he finds out about your boyfriend in Episode 30, he finally lays off his advances however not without remarking to call him if it failed.

Relationships Family Not much is known about Dake's parents, seeing as they don't appear and aren't mentioned in the game yet. ChiNoMiko revealed that they have lived and worked in Australia for a long time, but don't originate from there.

She also confirmed that Dake doesn't have any siblings. Boris Dake seems to have a very good relationship with his uncle, Boris, as Dake often comes to visit him. When he first mentions that he is Boris' nephew, Dake jokingly says that his uncle might have a bad sense for fashion, but is very nice. If you choose to stay with Dake in episode 11, Boris mentions in the next episode that Dake is very happy to have met you. This shows that Dake is comfortable talking to him about such things.

They're both rather cheerful and friendly. Sweet Amoris School Boys Depending on whom he meets, Dake develops a bad relationship and eventually a rivalry with pretty much any of the school's boys he interacts with, as they get jealous from the way he openly flirts with your Candy. He can meet NathanielCastielor Lysander in episodes 9 and 11, and can later meet Kentin or Armin.

As he potentially describes it himself, its design is a mix of different wings, namely an angel's, a butterfly's, a dragonfly's, and part of a peacock's.

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In Episode 9Lysander wears black swim-shorts with green details and an open cream colored button up with ivory stripes going vertical. In Episode 11Lysander wears a skin tight black shirt with a red, blue, and yellow logo on the right of his chest. He wears the dark grey sweat pants and his jacket black and white tied around his waist.

In Episode 21you get the opportunity to see Lysander in three different outfits. In Little Red Riding Hood, Lysander is wearing a brown deer jumpsuit with a light brown under belly and under his tail.

Instead of hands, he now has hooves and the eyes of the suit are blue. In Sleeping Beauty, he plays King Stefan. He wears a dark brown long-sleeved shirt, black pants, large red belt with a golden belt buckle. He wears a gold cape with a gold plate with a logo: He wears a golden crown adorned with red and green gems. He wears a red jacket that has black buttons, designs towards the bottom, and trim. The jacket has light red vertical stripes along his arm.

The collar is orange and checkered. Underneath, he wears a white shirt with a fold over collar and a yellow cravat.

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He has white rabbit ears and his pants are white with a checkered pattern on the sides. He wears a black belt and holds a watch on a golden chain. The watch has gold rabbit ears. In Episode 25he wears a white lab coat over his clothes like the other students. Personality Lysander is a rather calm and mysterious boy who often has his head in the clouds. Upon the first few encounters with him early in the story, he is mostly quiet and doesn't really talk much.

But, as the story progresses, he becomes closer to Your Candy and starts to open up around her more. Along with Rosalya and Castielyou become one of the few people at school he's really close with even though he's always generally nice and friendly towards others at the school, On top of that, Lysander has shown to always be especially polite and courteous no matter the situation, whether it be good or bad.

With that, his way of speech will often be more formal than the others'. Even though he might not be the most talkative person, when someone asks for his opinion Lysander will always answer honestly.

He isn't afraid to speak his mind as he doesn't care much about what others think about him, but due to his polite and laid-back attitude, he will always say it in nice words and in a friendly manner. A reason for this is most probably the fact that Lysander hates lying or being lied to, which he says himself a couple of times in the game. Answering him honestly and frankly is often a way to raise his love'o'meter in the game, if the answer is not said in a mean way, however.

Along with lies, he also doesn't appreciate disrespectful behavior, and it bothers him when people pry into his personal business. Even though he says too much curiosity is a bad thing, he doesn't seem to mind Your Candy's curiosity if they become close enough. He doesn't even mind it when she looks over his shoulder to see what he's writing in his notebook during a scene in episode 17, but only if his love'o'meter is high enough.

He even smiles and seems to find it amusing. At school, Lysander is one of the better students, and doesn't seem to have much trouble getting good grades. He is good at Math, and also has some interest in literature and history, which probably makes it easier for him to study such subjects.

Just like his brother, he is rarely seen worrying much, but is still very responsible and reliable. Despite of this, he is very often shown to have his head in the clouds. His Lysander's notebook forgetfulness, bad sense of direction, and tendency to lose things are regularly shown in a lot of scenes with him, especially in the more funny ones.

Lysander losing his notebook which he usually uses to write songs is one of the most commonly used running gags in the game. Your Candy often finds it for him, as well as many other things he loses.

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre

Another notable trait in Lysander's personality is his patience.