Obama flirt pictures

Barack Obama flirts with 'Danish tart' as Michelle shoots daggers, says US media

obama flirt pictures

Even the president flirts! During Nelson Mandela's memorial Dec. 10, Barack Obama sat between Michelle Obama and Denmark's Prime. David Cameron, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Barack Obama and Michele Obama . I reckon whatever the picture camout like there'll be some photoshopping going on in Denmark. Reply. Share Half the thrill of flirting. Reply. President Obama shares a laugh with Danish Prime Minister Helle (Picture via @mattiastesfaye) pdl-inc.info — Mads Kolby.

It was a memorial celebration, not a funeral 2. In the video Michelle Obama seems quite happy. It just shows that they are human. In that situation i would probably have done the same thing. I voted for Helle Thorning Smith, so i guess it is all my fault she was even there!

obama flirt pictures

Sorry about that December 12, Kind of puts him in the class with Kim Kardashian. That combined with the insurance company raising my premiums from to a month under Obamacare gives me great concern about his ability to lead properly and I really liked him. President's and other authority figures aren't actual people.

They are just robots acting out scripts. They don't actual have real lives, friends, non-serious conversation, emotions, and personalities!!! How dare they pretend otherwise.

obama flirt pictures

Why is this even a big deal in America? And if you're a Republican banging on about how inappropriate it is, were you just as vocal when George W Bush went up being Angela Merkel and rubbed her shoulders?

Hands off my man! Michelle Obama shoots daggers at pretty Danish PM

Then we can discuss inappropriate. Obama, Cameron and Thorning-Schmidt were having a light-hearted moment. I would think it's something that Mandela wouldn't have been bothered about; he may even have found it amusing himself.

obama flirt pictures

This was not a Funeral. This was a Memorial Service where usually there are conversations, laughter, crying, eating lots of food, taking pictures, singing my Italian husband's family plays Frank Sinatra, "I did it my Way" every rip lol.

Michelle Obama trades seats with President as he flirts with pretty Danish PM | Daily Star

If I was the first lady I would've been tired, cold, wet and hungry. This photo didn't go viral because Republicans are scandalized about proper etiquette at funerals.

Well, for a certain fact i know Jonathan and Tinubu would probably never take selfies they used government money for personal wealth and play politics, no time to learn selfies.

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But yea, when my nan passed away recently, she's not a political celebrity, there was an impressive turnout at her funeral but i didn't mind when people took pictures and enjoyed themselves, there was even a little house party held. I celebrated her for the life she lived, the changes and goodwill she passed across to other people not for her death. If he was a youth like Paul Walker and has left quite some legacies, I'll criticize them because it'll be inappropriate.

But c'mon, he died after fighting for a good cause at a considerable age, he's not some full-of-life youth that will incline everyone to be overly sober.

I love madiba so much. I watched the funeral live as well, they were sober, at least they didn't release some crocodile tears. Yes he fought for our freedom, and after he left prison, he got the good treatment he deserved as the first black president of South Africa and even after retiring, still lived the life of a celebrity. They didn't disrespect him by taking a couple of selfies. Some jobless ppl and their way of thinking.

obama flirt pictures

Reading meanings into meaningless things. Does talking to someone and smiling with them means u are flirting? Mitchweeee What about the Asernal he was studying in the other pix?

The guy is human and has blood shikena!