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On the fact of road accident criminal case is excited, the degree of its fault is established. The driver was giving a written undertaking not to leave a place.

By Tohnijaz Kuchukov N from Every day consequence is more and more declined to that the driver "Toyota Land Cruiser " with state number And VP at the moment of failure was in a state of intoxication. Under the operative version and a testimony, the automobile operated itself Damir Ishchanov's which now avoids meetings with parents of victims, inspectors and journalists.

On October 25, at Instead of rendering the first medical aid, the driver and the passenger have thrown a jeep and, having left years guys to die, have disappeared. On a place of incident have left the inspector on departures and investigatory group of management of a traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty. Eyewitnesses of failure have shown, that at once after arrival the driver has left a jeep and, having called by a mobile phone, has told, that has brought down the person and requires replacement in other words, the driver asked to find urgently a whipping boy.

In conversation with journalist's father of victim Phillip Vadim Potapov speaks, those witnesses identify on a photo of general director Damir Ishchanov's have appeared: Besides, in interior of the service automobile the identification card of Mr. Ishchanov's, its mobile phone and documents on a jeep was been found.

On the fact of arrival on pedestrians with a fatal outcome the investigatory department of a traffic police has brought criminal case, and in two days after failure in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs to come and confess one's guilt the driver of the general director of Joint-Stock Company " agrarian and industrial complex " Kudajbergenov has written.

It would seem there is nothing easier: But for some reason a day later in police has voluntary come Marat Ishchanov's, the brother of the general director, and has declared, what exactly it operated the automobile at the moment of road accident. Inspectors and have found out lawyers of victims, that " Toyota Land Cruiser " with so-called prestigious number And VP belongs to Open Company " Terminal ", but under the contract of rent is made out on two concrete employees "agrarian and industrial complex": Differently, neither the brother of the general director nor who other had no the right to operate this jeep.

The uncle of victim Phillip Vladimir Potapov is extremely surprised with loyalty of consequence. As he said, the person who brought down to death of two pedestrians moreover and disappeared from a scene of crime is under a subscription about not everywhere.

As though it has, the softening circumstances allowing the inspector and Office of Public Prosecutor to select such preventive punishment.

And it in spite of the fact that criminal case is investigated under two clauses: To find out, why consequence has selected such preventive punishment, the correspondent "the Express-K" to has contacted the chief of an investigatory department of traffic police Talgat Tursunbekov. Unfortunately, to phone up to the head of department of traffic police Berik Bisenkulov to me it was not possible: The comment of the press-service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs was short: He has given grateful indications what exactly it operated the automobile, which has got in road and transport incident; - the head of the press-service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Anna Nalejkina speaks by phone.

In other words, the fault of the driver was not providing. The further comments, as they say, it is unnecessary. It turns out, that young guys are guilty that have got under wheels of a powerful off-road car. But even in this case the driver is obliged stop, render first aid by the victim and, having reported the accident in "First aid" and a traffic police to remain on a place of failure before arrival of inspectors. Thus it is necessary to try to protect a place of arrival that automobiles passing past have not erased traces of a brake way and other details.

So I learned in traffic inspection when I passed examination for rights. Probably, now drivers learn in another way if they stop people to die and disappear from a place of incident. Tohnijaz Kuchukov N from For today two persons - the brother and the personal driver of the general director undertook the fault for fatal arrival at once. As is known, brought down people has thrown the car and has disappeared from a place of failure. On the given fact, criminal case has been excited, it is necessary to find the driver only.

Consequence, similar, has reached a deadlock. N from Two - the driver of Mr. Ishchanov's and its brother Marat undertook today the responsibility for destruction of guys at once. It turns out, that all over again one driver has brought down Phillip Potapov and Alibek Zhurkabaev, has thrown a jeep and has disappeared. Then both lost guys have come to life, mechanical damages of the automobile were restored, other driver has sat down a rudder and on the same place at the same time again them has brought down.

After impact of the powerful automobile pedestrians have flown away on the same place, and the driver as has disappeared. The inspector hardly respecting will undertake to consider this version. Meanwhile both the brother and the driver general continue to insist what they were at the wheel now of arrival on pedestrians. Why them not, namely by Damir Ishchanov, certain Jury eyewitnesses have remembered?

Why the citizens given grateful indications in fulfillment of road and transport incident, have pled guilty for the second and third day after failure? Unfortunately, employees of the Almaty Municipal Department of Internal Affairs from official comments refuse, referring to a management and the press-service without which instruction police officers cannot comment on road accident.

On city hearings that this incident caused a public resonance, can "be broken" or requality in an administrative offence have already spread. We shall remind, that on October 25 this year the "unstated" driver on prospectus Al-Farabi has brought down two pedestrians and has disappeared from a place of incident. The on duty order of a traffic police at once has removed state numbers of a jeep, but eyewitnesses managed to remember them - A VP.

Was soon found out, that "Toyota Land Cruiser" belongs to Open Company "Terminal ", but under the contract of rent is made out on two employees of Joint-Stock Company " agrarian and industrial complex " - the general director and its personal driver. Operatives strenuously searched for the driver, but in two days after road accident the driver of Mr.

Ishchanov's - Kudajbergenov himself has come to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and has written -come and confess one's guilt. Even today, in the peacetime USSR, labor-camp ration scales are well below those issued by the Japanese in the notorious prisoners-of-war camps on the River Kwai which averaged 3, calories a day against the Soviet 2, How are you to prepare yourself for this?

If you at present perform a desk job or follow some other sedentary occupation, it is vital that you make yourself fit and ready for hard manual labor. In all the Communist countries, it has always been found that professors, lawyers, administrators, and officials are among the first people to succumb in the labor camps, where they are suddenly faced with intense physical exertion on inadequate rations.

You might also begin to practice a few skills that might possibly save you, once you are in the camps, from the most burdensome and debilitating work. For example, you might be able to stay alive if you were to take a first-aid course since you could then become a camp medical orderly or nurse. Doctors, subject to the limitations that will be noted later, would enjoy an automatic advantage. There is one problem that we ought to mention that will concern the relatives of the people who have been arrested.

They are likely to find themselves approached by the secret police with the proposition that they will gain better treatment for the arrested member or members of their family, or perhaps even save them from execution, if they will become police informers and report on the work and private life of their friends. When this happens, it will present you with a nasty moral dilemma.

All the same, it might help you to bear in mind that such promises to ease the lot of arrested relatives have never, in Communist countries, been honored. In any case, the local branch of the secret police will have no control over what goes on in a labor camp hundreds, or even thousands of miles away.

Once in the camps, your relatives are in a different world, almost on another planet, and beyond your ken. Allied to this will be a further ordeal, affecting all rather than merely the closest relatives of the arrested person. Once your husband for example has been found guilty and sentenced as an enemy of the people, you, as his wife, together with your children, will be required to repudiate and denounce him.

This is standard practice everywhere in Communist countries. In the early phases, when the grip of the occupiers is being tightened to the limit, or after rebellions or other crises, the maximum Soviet terrorist methods will be used. At other times, there may be comparative relaxation. Perhaps we should give you some examples from the present situation in the Soviet [45] Union, when the country is at peace and wishes to avoid making a bad impression in the Western world.

In Junea group of former Soviet prisoners who had managed by one means or another to reach safety in the West gave evidence at a hearing that was conducted at the Institute of Physics at Belgrave Square in London. The hearing was trying to accumulate evidence that might eventually assist in the case of Professor Yuri Orlov, a Soviet physicist who had been arrested in February on unspecified charges and was being held without trial.

Extracts from the hearing were later published in the journal Index November-December Among those who testified were former inmates of 1 a Soviet prison, and 2 a Soviet labor camp.

Let us allow Vladimir Bukovsky, who underwent his most recent spell of incarceration in the Vladimir prison, to speak first. I am 34 years old. I have been arrested four times because I expressed opinions which were not acceptable to the Soviet authorities. In all I have spent more than eleven years in prison, camps and psychiatric hospitals.

I spent a long time in Vladimir prison.

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The normal cells there have iron screens on the windows so that no ray of light can penetrate. The walls of the cells are made of rough concrete so they cannot be written on. There is a heating system, but part of the punishment is to keep it deliberately low even in wintertime. The guards shove food through a trap door. Sometimes the cells have no lavatories at all, only a bucket.

Sometimes there is just a hole in the floor without any separation from the sewage system: In punishment cells the conditions are worse. The only light is from a small bulb in a deep niche in the ceiling. You are not allowed to have any warm clothing.

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Often there is no healing at all in winter. It is so cold that you cannot sleep, you have to keep warm by jumping up and running around your cell to keep warm. According to the regulations a prisoner can only be put in solitary confinement for fifteen days, but quite often when one fifteen-day period ends prisoners are put back in for another fifteen days.

I was lucky, because although I was in solitary confinement several times, I only had fifteen days at a time. Others were not so fortunate. It is quite customary for people to spend forty-five days in solitary. In solitary confinement prisoners get a specially reduced diet. This is part of the punishment which I received in Vladimir prison in after Mr. Brezhnev had signed the Helsinki Declaration.

On alternate days I had nothing to eat or drink except a small piece of coarse black bread and some hot water. On the other days I had two meals—in the middle of the day—some watery soup with a few cabbage leaves, some grains of barley, sometimes two or three potatoes. Most of the potatoes were black and bad. In the evening I had gruel made from oatmeal or some other cereal, a piece of bread and several little fish called kilka, which were rotten. However hungry I was, I could not eat them.

The shortage of food, the poor quality of the food you are given, and the appalling living conditions mean that almost everyone who has endured imprisonment suffers from stomach ulcers, enteritis or diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart, and blood vessels.

When I was first arrested I was very healthy, but after I had [47] been in prison I too began to suffer from stomach ulcers and cholecystitis. This did not make any difference to the way I was treated. I was still put in the punishment cell on a reduced diet. I was in the same cell with Yakov Suslensky, who suffers from a heart condition. He had a severe heart attack in an isolation cell, but was not taken out of isolation.

He was moved, but only to another isolation cell. After he came out of isolation he had a stroke. This was in March I was also in Vladimir prison with Alexander Sergienko who had tuberculosis. Notwithstanding this he was put in solitary confinement on a reduced diet.

He was released early, but not until three years after confirmation of his diagnosis. I knew many other people who were not released even though they had cancer and other serious illnesses. In prison you are allowed to send out one letter a month, but the authorities can deprive you of that. If prisoners try to describe their state of health or the lack of medical help in prison, their letters are confiscated. In prison hospitals essential medicines are often not available.

I remember in a man named Kurkis who had an ulcer which perforated. There was no blood available to give him a transfusion. He lay bleeding for 24 hours and then he died. Next, we might take the experiences of Andrei Amalrik, who described what life is like in a labor camp. The strict regime camp of Kolyma is kilometres north of Magadan, where the winter lasts eight months and is very harsh: The camp is surrounded by several rows of wire.

Inside the wire are two wooden fences, and dogs patrol the space between them. The camp is divided into a living compound and a work [48] compound. In the living compound are four barrack huts accommodating eight hundred prisoners.

All the prisoners have to wear uniforms made of thin grey cloth and very thin boots. Everyone has their name and number sewn on their clothes. You march everywhere in columns.

Prisoners are fed three times a day. Breakfast is a sort of thin porridge, dinner is soup. Those who have fulfilled their work norm get extra porridge. The soup is very poor and has very few vitamins. That is why most of the prisoners are ill. Prisoners work in the machine and furniture factories where the dust fills your lungs, or outside cutting wood and in the construction brigades. It is difficult enough to work outside when the temperature is less than minus 20 degrees Centigrade; at minus 50 or 60 degrees the conditions are almost unimaginable.

When it is as cold as that there is a sort of dry fog, which means that if you extend your arm, you cannot see your hand. Yet every day you have to go out and work with the exception of only one day when I was in camp. It is so cold that many prisoners suffer inflammation of the ear, which can lead to loss of hearing. You are allowed to wear extra clothing or a fur cap.

I made a band to go over my ears out of some socks, but the guards believed that I must be wearing this so I could listen to the BBC, which of course was nonsense. I was put in a punishment cell on two occasions. Once in prison and once in camp. I was in a cell by myself. The cell was 1. The bed in the cell was made of wood.

It was attached by hinges to the wall. In the daytime it was raised up and locked against the wall. The only thing to sit on was the concrete block on which the bed rested. When I was put in the punishment cell my usual clothes were taken away and I was made to wear specially thin clothes. There were no books.

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You were allowed to smoke. I was given warm food only every other day and then it was of very poor quality. On the other days I just had bread and water. In the punishment cell the heating was very low and there was a [49] window, but it had no glass in it, so that the intense cold came right into the cell. It was impossible to sleep.

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You had to keep moving about all night in order to keep warm. I only spent five days in the punishment cells. The usual period was fifteen days. Frequently people spent fifteen days in the punishment cells, were let out for one day and then put back for a further fifteen days. Repeated solitary confinement means the slow destruction of the human body.

Your personality is slowly destroyed. Medicines are very poor and very few. In the camp where I was, there was one doctor who was not well qualified, one male nurse and one female nurse, whose objective was to see that people went to work.

And remember that these cases occurred in a comparatively relaxed period, in peacetime. You may expect worse, expecially, in the first flush of mass terror. Indeed, we are almost ashamed to have described conditions that appear idyllic compared with those likely to prevail, as they always have done in similar circumstances, when America is subjected to full-scale terror. Apart from prison and labor camps, there is a third, although more unlikely, possiblity. After ten or fifteen years, assuming things are calmer, the authorities may begin to want some genuine-sounding excuse for the arrest and maltreatment of suspects; in this case a few of you may find yourselves subjected to the latest Soviet refinement: In these, as evidence from former inmates and former staff alike make clear, people whose only madness is to dislike communism are declared schizophrenic and injected with chemicals such as haloperidol and sulphazine, without the supplementary drugs necessary to prevent the extremely painful side effects—all under the supervision of the secret police.

This would be a very nasty experience but not usually a fatal one, although some who have been released say they have never properly recovered. However, [50] the numbers subjected to this particular horror would be comparatively few. What lessons might you, as a prospective Soviet convict, derive from what we have told you? Nor will you be helped by the fact that the widespread dislocation that is bound to attend the first few years of Soviet rule in the United States will inevitably result in food and other shortages in the camps and prisons.

They will be desperately overcrowded. How are you to give yourself the best possible chance? To begin with, try to be prepared psychologically. From the moment that your Government signs the instrument of surrender, always assume that the worst will happen to you. That way, you will not be betrayed by optimism and will not go into a state of shock or apathy at the moment that you are arrested. Next, when you are in prison or in the camp, it is vital not to miss any opportunity to eat.

This will not be easy since the experience of being thrown into jail will be enough to take away your appetite, and you have seen that even Vladimir Bukovsky could not wolf down, ravenous as he was, those stinking kilka. But you must try to force yourself to eat whatever swill is handed to you, especially in those first few days or weeks, otherwise you are quickly going to lose the physical reserves without which you cannot possibly survive.

Be ready to eat anything. In the end, you will discover that you will have no choice, anyway, so the earlier you get used to the idea and swallow down your nauseating slop, the better. Again, when it comes to the backbreaking labor that you will be assigned, remember that surviving will once again depend on your physical reserves.

Even there, however, you will probably want to try to save your energy at all costs. Do everything as slowly as you can possibly get away with—such is the advice of all the survivors of the Soviet camps. Practice extreme slow motion. When you are lumbering, you might adopt the traditional trick of managing to get the same log counted by the guard several times by the expedient of sawing off the check number after each inspection.

In most camps it has usually been possible, at least for a time, for separate labor gangs to cooperate in methods to claim a higher productivity than is really achieved. Remember that with every swing of your ax you are chopping an hour off your own life.

In one respect, strangely enough, you may after all be luckier than prisoners in the Soviet Union itself. You may find that in your camp the criminal element, with which every camp will be deliberately seeded, will not have the violence and customary solidarity of the Russian urka or criminal class.

Even within the USSR itself, such a development has occasionally been noted as when a group of tough ex-soldiers, or really stubborn Ukrainian nationalists, have decided to stand up and assert themselves. Although such a course presents certain dangers, and each situation must be judged on its merits, and there will be ugly scuffles and murders, we would urge you to assume instant readiness for such an opportunity.

Otherwise, the acceptance of criminal supremacy will mean robbery gang rape, and a general reign of terror; besides leaving the cooking, control, and distribution of food in the hands of crooks, who will grab the biggest share of your already inadequate rations.

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Such a lack of boldness [52] at the outset will therefore result in your death from dystrophy a few weeks later. We seriously urge you, while you still can, to go to your local library and check out whatever books it contains on life in the camps. Do not read them as literature, or as accounts of alien experiences, but in the light of practical blueprints of a not-improbable future. The option to escape will not be open to many, but if you are in any of the categories doomed to virtually certain death, you are advised to take it if the opportunity should arise.

It is possible, even probable, that some non-Communist countries will remain unoccupied. But there will be good arguments against seeking to achieve this immediately. The Soviets will have strained their military resources to the limit and will be spread thin holding down their vast new empire.

There would be good economic reasons for this in that the powerful capitalist productivity of these countries will be needed to make up for the old inefficiencies and the new dislocations of the Soviet-occupied world, providing products beyond the skill of the Soviets—just as, today, Finland has been left un-Sovietized, as a valuable trading partner.

However, you will probably not wish to go to China unless, perhaps, you go to Hong Kong or Taiwan. Japan would be a better bet, as would the Philippines, Australia, or New Zealand.

We recommend the Southern Hemisphere, in any case, as less liable to fallout in a Soviet-Chinese nuclear war. At any rate, there may be a possibility for you to escape to less oppressive climes while you can. In your new home, there will inevitably be occasional friction, and you will feel yourself a second-class citizen. You may be tempted if things are not going well for you.

Resist this temptation; except in a few showcases, such promises have always been broken once the returnee is back in Communist hands. Even after the occupation of America, but especially when five or ten years have passed, you will find your hosts in your new country becoming extraordinarily oblivious to the Soviet threat.

Others, not quite so naive, will still think there is something in it and feel that you are exaggerating when you tell the true story. And there will be powerful voices, even among those conducting or discussing foreign policy at a high level, saying that the Soviets are basically reasonable and, if treated with friendship, pose no further threat.

You may say to yourself that they have one excuse: There were people in America who spoke the same way before the disaster. You will feel it your duty to do what you can to warn your hosts of their own imminent danger.

new flirt narod ru

It will not only be a duty, but in your own interest, as the eventual arrival of Soviet troops in your new homeland will be a disaster facing you with no choice but to fight it out to the end, unless you can conceal your origins.

Even so, you will have gained a few years respite—like millions of others throughout the world today. When you arrive as a refugee, do not expect too much. However friendly your new host country, it may have no place for your trade or profession not already taken up by one of its present citizens. Be prepared to start again at a low level and work your way up as best you can. You may even find yourself having to live, as so many millions have in our time, in squalid refugee camps with your whole family in a tent or under a couple of sheets of corrugated iron.

Even here, count your blessings; you are a thousand times better off than you would be in the Athabasca labor camps. Princes who had lived amidst great privilege became waiters and were glad of the chance. But in any case, this escape will be open to few. At home We thought it best to begin with some advice in coping with the more immediate dangers. However, harder problems will in some ways eventually await those who have not been arrested, or whose arrest is still in the future.

Most people will find that they have to pick themselves up and somehow carry on with their lives. Fitting into the new order without encountering disaster is going to be a hazardous and wearing experience. First of all, let us consider the problems that will face you, the ordinary citizen, in your everyday existence. What sort of scene might you expect to see around you as you strive to pick up the after the catastrophe? Your situation will be squalid for a long time ahead. As [63] conquerors, the Russians have never shown the slightest inclination to be magnanimous.

We would estimate that in five years, say, after the Occupation, the United States will be shabby, hungry, and cowed. Even that will be an improvement over what it was like immediately after the collapse.

In this connection, it might be instructive for you to acquaint yourself with what was happening in South Vietnam, particularly Saigon, when calamity overwhelmed it. Here was a pro-Western country struck down by a remorseless Soviet-sponsored Communist enemy. The final scenes of defeat might well resemble those that will occur in American cities in the first days. The reconstruction period, with its execution squads and reeducation camps, may bear a close similarity with American events, even allowing for the differences of place, time, and background.

Many of the more prominent features of the new landscape you will inhabit are easy to predict: Apart from the purely military destruction, the economy will be thoroughly disrupted.

Businesses producing anything except the barest necessities will, almost without exception, collapse. Oil will no longer be imported.

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