Flirt hindi meaning of procure

flirt hindi meaning of procure

Hindi Translation of “procure” | The official Collins English-Hindi Dictionary online . Over Hindi translations of English words and phrases. Meaning and definitions of flirt, translation in Hindi language for flirt with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of flirt in Hindi and in English . Glossary of Grammatical and Other Technical Terms Used in the Dictionary a carved figure at the head, used in ceremonies to procure offspring (Malo , ). .. A West Indian shrub, night cestrum (Cestrum nocturnum), Chinese inkberry, with Hewa ka maka, to look until one can see no more; to flirt with the eyes.

Adjacency, I vicinage, neighborhood, Additive, a. Putrid, corrupt, spoiled Adjacent, a. Adjoining, conterminous, as eggs. Barren, unfruitful, fruitless, abor- contiguous, in proximity. Be contiguous to, lie near Addle-headed, a.

Foolish, stupid, dull, to, lie close to, border upon, be adjacent doltish, brainless, shallow, soft, sappy, to. Postpone, defer, dewitted, thick-skulled, addle-pated.

Appeal, invocation, Adjournment, n. Postponement, petition, entreaty, request, imploration, delay, putting off. Discourse, speech, oration, ha- Adjudge, v. Determline, settle, decide, decree 3. Skill, art, adroitness, readiness, by judicial authorityadjudicate. Manner in speakiing to anzother. Address one's self to, Direct one's Adjudication, n. Sentence, decision, speech or discourse to, speak to. Advance, offer, pre- ment.

Name, cite, quote, introduce. Master, proficient, genius, addendumn, something added. Entreaty as if to one good hand, master hand, capital hand, bound by oathsolemn charge. Entreat as if under oathAdept, a. Skilled, versed, experienced, conjure, obtest, beseech, pray, supplipractised, proficient, good, at home, AU cate, beg, conjure, implore, invoke, FAIT. Sufficiency, competence, Adjust, v. Arrange, dispose, reccompetency, enough, adequateness.

Sufficient, commensurate, set to rights, put in tune, put in good proportionate, correspondent, equal, trim. Settle, compose, reconcile, make Adhere, v. Stick; cling, cleave, up. Fit, adapt, suit, proportion, ac2. Be faithful, be devoted, be at- commodate, measure, make conform, tached, stand by, be true.

Attachment, constancy, fidelity, justing, putting in order, putting in devotion, adhesion. Regulation, setting, putting right. Advise, counsel, caution, forewarn, 3. Settlement, reconciliation, pacifi- enjoin. Instruct, inform, teach, apprise, 4. Fitting, adapting, accommodation, acquaint, notify, make acquainted, making suitable or conformable. Assistant qf a su- Admonition, on. Hint of a fault, perior officer.

Advice, counsel, caution, warning, Administer, v. Direct, manage, conduct, control, Ado, n. Trouble, difficulty, labor, superintend, preside over. Bustle, stir, flurry, fuss, noise, Administer, v. Contribute, con- tumult, turmoil, pother, confusion, duce, be helpful. Youth, juvenility, Administration, n. Dispensation, minority, juniority, nonage, teens, distribution. Management, conduct, direction, life. Executive department of a gov- young. Appropriate, take to istrate and cabinet.

Management of an estate 2. Approve, espouse, support, main of an intestate. Affiliate, father, treat as one's surprising, striking, astonishing. Excellent, incomparable, inimita- Adoption, ic. Approval, espousal, support, mainperfect, first-rate, worthy of admira- tenance. Divine, to be adored, surprise, astonishment, amazement. Liking, love, high regard, high 2.

Estimable, venerable, worthy of opilion. Like much, think highly of, have 2. Revere, venerate, idolize, honor, a high opinion of, prize or value highly. Lover, gallant, suitor, Adorn, v. Dexterous, expert, sikilful, Admnission, n. Admittance, intro- apt, handy, ready, quick, clever, able, duction, access, entrance, initiation, masterly.

Allowance, avowal, concession, mental, supplementary, superadded. Flattery, fiummery, exAdmit, v. Receive, grant entrance cessive praise, extravagant compliment. Flattering, smooth, oily, 2. Concede, accept, grant, acknowl- full of compliments, servile in compliedge, own, confess, take for granted, ment.

Mature, grown up, full grown, 3. Permit, allow, bear, admit of, be of age, of mature age. Person of mature age, grown Admit of, Admit, permit, allow, bear, up person.

Debase, corrupt, Admittance, n. Access, means of approach, liberty Adulteration, i. Spice, dash, infusion, sprinkling, solute. Violation of the marriagetinge. Reprove gentlyAdumbrate, v. Shadow, forecensure, warn of a fault. Typify, represent, symbolize, show, 3.

Event, incident, occurrence, transdenote, stand for. Hazard, venture, risk, distinct image. Type, image, shadow, symbol. Crooked, hooked, bent, Adventure, v. Dare, venture, take curved. Promote, aggran- Adventurous, a. Bold, daring, dize, exalt, elevate, dignify, raise to courageous, venturesome, venturous, preferment, raise to higher rank. Forward, further, promote, im- 2.

Rash, reckless, precipitate, headprove, strengthen, make better, en- long, foolhardy, full of hazard. Allege, adduce, propose, offer, remarks, note-book, journal, commonassign, propound, bring forward, lay place-book.

Pay beforehand, supply before- nist, opponent, adverse party. Increase as priceenhance, aug- Satan. Contrary, opposing, unAdvance, v. Proceed, progress, propitious, counteracting, conflicting, make progress, make way, get forward, HEAD, not propitious. Unprosperous, untoward, unlucky, 2. Improve, grow, thrive, make im- unfortunate, calamitous, disastrous.

Misfortune, calamity, Advance, a. Progress, progression, affliction, trouble, suffering, woe, dismarch, way, moving forward. Improvement, growth, advance- luck, broken fortunes, hard life, frowns ment. Payment beforehand, anticipated Advert to, 1. Observe, remark, regard, payment. Tender, offer, proposal, proposi- heed to, take notice of, pay attention tion.

Increase ofpriceenhancement. Refer to, allude to. Promotion, preferment, elevation, Advertency, ] gard, observance, obexaltation, aggrandizement. Favorable opportu- Advertise, v.

Announce, publish, nity, vantage-gromud, superior situa- declare, promulgate, trumpet, protion or condition, -best estate, best claim, make known, spread abroad, plight. Superiority, ascendency, pre-emi- the public, bring to the notice of the nence, upper-hand. Benefit, avail, profit, gain, emolu- 2. Announcement, weal, service, blessing. Behalf, behoof, account- interest. Privilege, prerogative, conven- Advice, n. Benefit, profit, serve, tion, warning, caution, exhortation. Intelligence, information, notice, of advantage to.

Beneficial, profit- Advisability, is. Expediency, advisaable, helpful, useful, convenient, ser- bleness. Expedient, proper, fit, good, well, for one's advantage, for prudent, desirable, fit to be advised.

Counsel, admonish, sugAdvent, n. Arrival, coming, ap- gest, recommend to, give counsel to, preach. Inform, acquaint, apprise, make Adventitious, a. Accidental, inci- known to, give notice to, send word to, dental, extrinsic, extraneous, foreign, write word to. Confer, consult, deliberate, Adventure, 1s.

Chance, hazard, for- take counsel, hold a conference. Hazardous enterprise, bold under- purposely, by design, with considera. Consultation, delibera- edness, mannerism, assumed manners, tion. Counsellor, instructor, Affected, a. Assumed, feigned, unguide, director, mentor, monitor. Defence, vindication, sup- 2. Assuming, pretending, pretenport, countenance. Defend, support, vin- priggish. Moving, touching, paAdvocate, ni. Counsellor, counsel, thetic, impressive.

Feeling, passion, incliattorney-at-law, limb of the law. Defender, vindicator, supporter, mind, cast or frame of mind. Attribute, quality, property, ac3. Intercessor, comforter, paraclete, cident, modification, mode. Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth. Love, heart, attachment, kindness, 4. Aeriform, gaseous, vaporous, ethe- Affectionate, a. Loving, fond, attached, real, airy, empyreal, light. Nest of a bird of prey. Brood of birds of prey.

Testimony in writing, Aeriforlm, a. Gaseous, ethereal, vapor- signed and sworn to before a mnagistrate, ous, airy, aerial. Balloonist, aerial naviga- Affiliate, v. Adopt, treat as one's tor. Connect, associate, unite, join, ing. Relationship by marX-sthetics, it. Resemblance, likeness, relation, of the beautiful. Far off, long way off, afar larity, similitude, parallelism, correoff, wide away, a great way off, at a dis- spondence, parity, sympathy. Sociability, sociable- Affirm, v.

flirt - meaning in Hindi

Declare, aver, assert, ness. Courtesy, courteousness, complai- allege, say, profess, protest, pronounce, sance, condescension, civility, polite- predicate. Confirm, ratify, approve, estabity, amiability, good manners, good lish. Assert, declare, aver, say, Affable, a. Conversable, communi- state, SWEAR, testify, depose, bear cative, free, unreserved, open, sociable, witness.

Courteous, complaisant, civil, po- Affirmation, n. Assertion, declaralite, obliging, urbane, debonair, famil- tion, asseveration, word, averment, iar, easy, gracious, mild, condescend- protestation, avowal, predication, testiing, well-bred. Business, concern, matter, Affirmative, a. Event, occurrence, incident, trans- 3. Join, subjoin, annex, attach, 3. Battle, engagement, combat, con- connect, set to, unite to the end. Inspiration, supernatural Affair of honor, Duel. Influence, act upon, Afflict, v.

Grieve, distress, trouble, work upon. Concern, interest, regard, relate harass, wound, exercise, grind, perseto, bear upon. Touch, move, impress, melt, sub- Afflicting, a. Grievous, painful, disdue, overcome, pierce. Crave, yearn for, aspire to, aim at. Assume, feign, arrogate, put on, lucky, wretched, dire, deplorable, sore, make a show of, pretend to. Pretension, airs, affect- bear. Calamity, adversity, After-birth, n. Grief, sorrow, distress, woe, tribu- Afterpiece, i.

Subsequently, after ness, gripe, griping, broken heart, Afterwards, later, thereafter, in the heavy heart. Wealth, riches, opulence, Again, ad. Again and again, Repeatedly, often, Affluent, a. Opulent, wealthy, rich, moneyed. Supply, furnish, yield, Against, prep. Opposed to, in oppoproduce. Confer, impart, grant, bestow, 2. Facing, fronting, off, opposite to, offer, lend, give, communicate, spare.

Bear the cost or expense of. In provision for, in expectation of, Affray, n. Brawl in a pusblic placein preparation for, in anticipation of.

Against the test, altercation, strife, row, fray, broil, fibres of wood. Against the natural disposition, break, RujmPus.

Frighten, terrify, alarm, Agalloch, s n. Lign-aloes, aloes scare, daunt, appall, dismay, fright, Agallochunl, wood. Wondering, gazing eagerly, Affright, a. Terror, fear, fright, alarm, staring with open mouth. Offend, displease, irritate, pro- Age, n. Period, date, epoch, time. Century, a hundred years. Old age, decline of life, vale of Affront, s. Insult, abuse, contume- years. Maturity, mature years, years of ill-treatment, ill-turn. Old, elderly, stricken in Affusion, it. Preparing, forthcoming, in prepa- 2.

Having lived, of the age of. Said before, aforemen- 2. Charge, direction, management, tioned, before-mentioned, fore-named, superintendence, supervision. Actor, doer, operator, perAforethought, a. Premeditated, pre- former, executor. Deputy, attorney, factor, repreA fortiori. Fearful, haunted with fear.

Anew, newly, again, over 3. Gather in a ball or Aft, ad. Abaft, astern, behind, mass, gather together, lump together, back, rearward, in the rear.

Subsequent to, later than. About, in relation to. Unite, glue, cement, After, ad. Succeeding, subsequent, Agglutination, n. Cohesion, union, following, later. Hind, hinder, posterior, rear, Aggrandize, v. Exalt, dignify, honor, back. Heighten in evilconsidered, at last, in the end. Torment, torture, rack, 3.

A heightening of Agonize, v. Be tormented, be torsomething evil. Amass, collect, accu- fering. Accord, harmonize, conpile up, heap up, scrape together, keep cur, unite, be in unison, be of one together. Assent, consent, accede, acquiesce, Aggregate, n. Whole, total, totality, comply, subscribe, yield assent, give gross, lump, sum, amount, body, mass, consent, fall in.

Stipulate, bargain, promise, enAggregation, is. Collection, mass, pile, gage, undertake, contract, be sworn. Make the first attack, be one's word, pass one's word, pledge the first to attack, be the aggressor. Attack, assault, inva- one's self, bind one's self.

Compromise, compound, come to Aggressive, a. Attacking, assaulting, an understanding, come to an agreeassailing, assailant, invading, offensive. Assailant, assaulter, at- 5. Suit, match, tally, correspond, tacker, assailer, invader.

flirt hindi meaning of procure

Pain, grieve, afflict, conform, square. Suitable, fitting, fit, 2. Wrong, injure, oppress, maltreat, proper, meet, appropriate, befitting, abuse, bear hard upon, ill treat, ill conformable, correspondent, accordant, use. Amazed, astounded, startled, as- to one's taste, to one's mind, after one's tonished, dumfoundered, thunder- fancy. Conformable to, suitAgile, a.

Lively, nimble, brisk, smart, able to, accordant with, consonant with, active, quick, ready, prompt, alert, tallying with, squaring with, consistent sprightly, lively, supple, sPRY, winged.

Pleasing to, grateful to, gratifying briskness, smartness, activity, quick- to, acceptable to. Chime in with, fall in Agiotage, n. Shake, jar, toss, rock, 2. Make a bargain with, strike hands trouble by brisk motionconvulse. Excite, ruffle, rouse, ferment, stir Agriculture, n. Tillage, husbandry, up, work up. Fluster, flurry, hurry, confuse, Agriculturist, n. Discuss, controvert, canvass, de- the soil.

Stranded, wrecked, cast away. Disturbance, jarring, commotion, 2. Intermittent fever, fever and ague. Excitement, emotion, perturba- pesfoliatumn.

In opposition said of the 4. Discussion, disputation, debate, windagainst us, in our teeth. Three-toed sloth Bradypus triAgitator, it. Assist, help, support, serve, Agog, a. Eager, impatient, excited, speed, second, back, befriend, prosper, wrought up, worked up, on tiptoe, with abet, co-operate with, take part with, open mouth.

Assistance, help, LIFT, fur- light of heart, in spirits, in good spirits, therance, co-operation, patronage, sup- of good cheer. Showy, gaudy, flaunting, jaunty, 2. Helper, assistant, coadjutor, Aitclibone, s.

flirt hindi meaning of procure

Partly open as a door. Pain, trouble, afflict, be the Ajutage, n. Spout of a fountain. Kin, related, allied, kindred, Ail, v. Suffer, be in pain, feel pain, cognate, congenial, homogeneous, analbe ill. Sickly, sick, ill, indisposed, Alacrity, n. Readiness, promptitude, unwell, diseased, feeble, languishing, alertness, agility, activity, quickness, unhealthy.

Disease, ail, illness, sick- 2. Sprightliness, gayety, cheerfulness, ness, ailing, indisposition, malady, dis- hilarity, vivacity, liveliness, high spirits, temper, disorder, complaint. A la mode, [Fr. Fashionable, in the Aim, n. Direction, course, bearing, fashion, in vogue.

Intention, intent, purpose, design, Alarmn, n. Alarum, larum, tocsin, reason, view, object, end, scope, drift, summons to arms, alarm-bell, beat of goal, point, final cause. Take aim at, point at, level ger, signal of distress. Fear, apprehension, terror, fright, 2. Intend, purpose, design, mean. Crave, affect, yearn for, aspire at, Alarmn, v. Call to arms, summon aspire after, endeavor after, be at, drive to arms. Terrify, frighten, affright, startle, have in one's eye, have an eye to, scare, daunt, appall, put in fear.

Purposeless, objectless, Alaruin, n. Atmosphere, atmospheric air, Alate, a. Spirits of wine, pure spirit, 4. Weather, open air, open atmlo- highly rectified spirit. Appearance, aspect, mien, man- Alehoof, n.

Gill, ground-ivy Glechomza ner, look, cast, demeanor, conduct, hederacea. Watchful, vigilant, circumior, port. Ventilate, change the air of. Active, brisk, nimble, agile, smart, Air-bladder, a. Openness, exposure to lance, circumspection, wariness. Activity, agility, nimbleness, 2. Gayety, levity, sprightliness, vi- briskness, smartness, sprightliness, vacity, liveliness. Ride, drive, walk, prom- ness. Analysis by mzeans of let2. Exposure to air, admission of air. Vent, spiracle, blow-hole, ions.

Affectation, pretension, Alias, it. Estranged, differing, remote, unAir-tight, a. Unsubstantial, aerial, ethe- Alienate, v. Abalienate, transfer, real, aeriform, thin, rare. Sprightly, buoyant, vivacious, 2. Estrange, disaffect, wean, withwanton, volatile, jocund, jolly, jovial, draw the affections of, make unfriendlively, gay, blithe, light, light-hearted, ly. Lane, SLUM, narrow street. Estrangement, disaffection, vari- All-hallow, n.

All-saints day, the ance, division, rupture, breach. All-hallows, j first of November. Alienation of mind, Insanity, de- All-hollow, [Colloquial. Connection, relation, Alight, v. Stop or rest after relationship, affinity, family connlecflight.

Dismount, descend, get down. Union, combination, coalition, fedAlight from, Get off. Similar, like, resembling, league, compact, federal compact. Related, alike, similar, Alike, ad. Equally, in the same manner, analogous, cognate, akin, kindred, of form, or degree.

United, confederated, co-operatfood, sustenance, subsistence, provision, ing, in league, in co-operation. Omniscient, all-wise, viands, cheer, pabulum, rations, FEED, all-seeing. All manner of ways, 1.

In many Alimentary, a. In all directions, hither and Alimentation, s. Independent, freehold, not Aliped, a. Wing-footed, swift of foot.

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Living, breathing, live, not Allodium, n. Indifferent, equal, just the 2. Sensitive, susceptible, with keen same, quite the same, the same. Pass, thrust, lunge, longe, 3. Active, in force, in existence.

Cheerful, sprightly, lively, joyous. Pass, lunge, make a pass All, a. The whole of, every one of, every or thrust. Altogether, entirely, com- Allopathy, it.

Distribute, divide, All, is. Whole, total, totality, aggregate, measure, apportion, deal, dispense, every thing. Assign, appoint, grant, give. Repress, restrain, check, Allotment, n. Apportionment, dissubdue, lay, silence, appease, pacify, tribution, partition, dole. Assignment, appointment, grant, lize, smooth. Assuage, alleviate, soothe, soften, 3.

Share, part, portion, lot, quota, mitigate, solace, moderate, mollify, contingent. Admit, acknowledge, ify, relieve, ease, dull, blunt, palli- confess, own, concede, take for granted. Permit, let, authorize, grant leave All-devouring, a. Suffer, tolerate, endure, bear, put tion, averment.

Grant, give, yield, relinquish, Allege, v. Declare, affirm, assert, spare.

English Vocabulary Word List - Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary Compiled From 3 Small ESL Dictionaries

Remit, abate, bate, deduct. Adduce, assign, advance, plead, Allow, v. Make allowance or proproduce, cite, quote, bring forward, lay vision. Permissible, admissible, Allegiance, ns. Permission, leave, Allegory, ii.

Admission, acknowledgment, conAlleviate, v. Lighten, mitigate, as- cession, assent.

court | Definition of court in English by Oxford Dictionaries

Qualification, modification, extenAlleviation, n. Mitigation, palliation, uation, limitation, exception. Ration, stated quantity of food or Alley, I. Put upon allowance, Along,prep. By the side Alloy, n. Combination of metals by of, side by side. Loudly, at the top of one's 2. Baser metal mixed with finer. Baser element or ingredient.

Almighty, omnipo- Already, ad. All-hallow, the first Also, ad. Likewise, too, besides, fuitof November. All-knowing, omniscient, like manner. Pimento, Jamaica pep- 2.

Shrine, sacred place, place of worper. Change partiallyvary, All the better, So much the better. Vary, change, be changeAllure, v. Entice, tempt, seduce, able. Change, variation, mubring over, win over. Enticement, temp- tion, variance, turn. Reconstruction An ancestral form of a sound or word posited by comparison with similar forms in related languages. The repetition of all or part of a base, commonly but not always indicating repeated or continuing action or state.

Some reduplications are diminutives. A type of verb that is rarely passivized and that generally marks condition or state, as maika? Stress A system that marks one syllable as more prominent thant those around it also called accent. Stress unit A stretch of speech with one accent: Hawaiian has the following types: For such short words, the stress is predictable: Transitivizers The suffixes ka?

Verb A base that may follow certain markers, especially ua, usually marking an action or state. See intransitive verb, stative verb, and transitive verb.

flirt hindi meaning of procure

Arrangement of the Hawaiian-English Dictionary Alphabetization: A hyphen after an entry indicates that the entry occurs only with a following element. A hyphen before an entry indicates that the entry does not occur initially. In determining alphabetical order, entries with following hyphens precede entries with preceding hyphens. Short vowels precede long vowels. The glottal stop is ignored in determination of alphabetical order except that, for example, a precedes? Singleword entries precede entries consisting of more than one word?

Hawaiian words in English definitions or translations are italicized, except heiau, hula, lei, pi, and? Periods, used in entry words only, set off stress units.

Initial letters are capitalized in names of people, places, institutions, winds, stars, rains, months, lua fighting holds, days of the week, and months of the year. If an entry is not capitalized, later numbered homonyms within the entry that require initial capital letters are preceded by the note Cap. Conversely, if an entry is capitalized, later numbered homonyms witin the entry that do not require an initial capital letter are preceded by the note Not cap.

To designate genus and species of flora and fauna, the scientific system without hyphens is used: The same for sociological terms, as for types of gatherings: Components of long personal names are spearated by hyphens, as are parts of names of winds, rains stars, lua fighting holds, and tapa and mat designs.

Many long names are poetic and are unwieldy in colloquial conversation. The hyphens make them more intelligible. The following types of variant spellings may follow the entry: Abbreviations of parts of speech follow entries but are not given for ho? A definition is generally entered only once.