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The National League Wild Card Game was a play-in game during Major League . Major League Baseball postseason schedule · Box score. Home · Scores · Schedule · Standings · Stats · Teams · Players The top teams in the American League are clearly the best teams in How about the Wild Card Cardinals in or Wild Card Giants in ? . This is who I figured them to be heading into the season when I thought they'd flirt with “The guy's flirting with a no-hitter every time out,” Cardinals ace of this postseason to date, carrying a no-hitter into the eighth inning, the Pittsburgh Pirates in Game 4 of their National League Division Series. The crowd of 40, tried to rattle him — as they had Cincinnati's Johnny Cueto in a wild-card .

Second Place, Second Fiddle In April, I wrote in this space about how compelling the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry is now that both teams are, for the first time, true heavyweights in the two-Wild Card-team era.

The primary Opening Day goal of every single team in the major leagues is to win the division, making the scary do-or-die Wild Card Game an apt penalty for failing to do so. Fromthe single-Wild Card-team era, that notion was significantly impaired by allowing a second place team to waltz into the tournament proper. The two-Wild Card setup has corrected for that admirably by simultaneously keeping more teams in the hunt for October deeper into the lengthy regular season and — crucially — imposing a true hardship on teams who qualify for the postseason without winning their division.

A Wild Card berth is Plan B at the start of the season. So why are we trying to make the playoffs fairer for the also-rans? Any tweaks made to the current format should continue to emphasize winning the division — and especially finishing with the best record in the league.

But that was actually unfair to the Cardinals, not the Cubs. Granted, nothing is perfect.

Wild Card: Standings, Schedule, Teams & NL/AL Matchups for 2018

There will always be teams like the Indians that win a weak division while better teams finish second fiddle to a top dog like the Red Sox.

Stripping away the emphasis on winning your division is simply a bridge too far. That leaves us with one simple potential playoff tweak: A reasonable case can be made for both sides — i. Oakland, despite likely finishing with a better record than Cleveland, will be the permanent bottom seed.

In fact, if the Yankees win the Wild Card Game, the top-seeded Red Sox will have to eliminate the teams with the next two highest win totals in order to reach the World Series. But the smart money is that the AL East will, once again, likely have two teams in win territory. That means, of course, that one will be a Wild Card team.

Still, those in favor of reseeding can rebut that argument by pointing out how reseeding after the Wild Card Game assures that the top seed plays the lesser team in the ALDS. Who, pray tell, is their ace?

Wild Card: Standings, Schedule, Teams & NL/AL Matchups |

No, the Yankees, like much of baseball, are increasingly bullpen-oriented. There are only four teams legitimately not in contention with the Pirates seven games back of the second wild-card spot in limbo. Remember the win Cardinals in ? Just get there, baby. Who could do it from this year's NL? The Brewers have the best record and have some of those wins that make you get that "feeling. The offense is still inconsistent and the rotation doesn't feel sturdy enough to last in first place all season, but the bullpen has been outstanding and they just keep winning.

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They could well win it all, sure. The Cubs are weathering injuries to their pitching staff along with an inconsistent offense, but there's no doubt there's enough talent here to win it all. Anyone who says otherwise isn't paying attention. The Nationals haven't really hit their stride all season, but remain right in the mix. The offense should be much better and it probably will be eventually. Starting a rotation in the playoffs with Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg is a big plus and now there's Kelvin Herrera at the back-end of the bullpen with Sean Doolittle.

The Braves have a fun offense capable of a crooked number any given inning and several relievers who have been excellent. In a playoff series right now. Sean Newcomb and Mike Foltynewicz at the top of the rotation could hold any opposing offense in check. We just can't rule out a deep run. The Philliesby the same token, can run out Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta to start a playoff rotation.

They need to settle in with a good bullpen mix and the offense could stand to be more consistent, but they have pieces capable of getting hot at the right time.