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Top Bandung Factory Outlets: See reviews and photos of factory outlets in Bandung, Indonesia on TripAdvisor. Mar 11, It took three weeks but a strike at a Chinese clothing factory in The company set up the Yangon factory three years ago to try to take . 4. There are many ways to flirt with the opposite sex if you put your mind to US$ billion high- speed railway between Jakarta and Bandung – and other plans –. Home to Indonesia's many textile factories, the city of Bandung offers a large number of factory outlets where Jakarta shoppers regularly flock to, to find the latest.

As you probably deduce, the interior design doesn't deviate much from a typical department store, albeit less the opulence and more the need to stack as much stock as possible to accommodate the different sizes for the attire. Walk further in to a sheltered courtyard where uninterested family members and friends could sit to wait for their shopaholics mates to finish their shopping. I could identify one such person from my family; my dad who literally doesn't shop for his clothes.

Fret not if you feel bad for those waiting for you to try out the gazillion pieces of clothes; there's a kiosk where desserts and snacks can be purchased. To free up more time to reduce your guilt for letting them wait, opt for the massage services!

At the back of Secret was the kids' section; i couldn't quite grasp the size of the Jovyn and Jerald as they have grown quite a bit over the years and i had to leave the shopping to the good hands of their mother. Not being brand conscious and fashionable; i am quite boring in my selection and focused only on tee shirts and maybe polo t-shirt. Unlike the ladies, i browsed really quickly although i spent a lot more time trying the clothes.

flirt bandung factory

My haul at Secret and according to my credit card statement, my bill including two pieces for my mom not in the above picture was 1. Map of Secret As above.

The two words were missing but according to google, it is the same one. Scale was much smaller the Secret and nothing attracted my attention except for a wide range of hard rock cafe tees. My mum and sisters were inside quite long though so i figured there must be quite a bit of design and styles.

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Now, people have asked me whether branded factory outlets equate to fake goods; answer is they came from legitimate factories contracted by the brands to manufacture the products and the ones sold in factory outlets are the rejected goods. By rejected, it could mean the factory has either manufactured too many pieces production overruns or that the products didn't pass the quality control checks.

Maybe it also helped that there was a food court right beside the outlet. As both Joyce and i have mobile roaming, our plan was to give each other two missed calls once either party was done and then to meet at the entrance.

Surprise, surprise; Joyce was the one who missed called me as i was too overwhelmed with what i found on the second floor which was decked out in menswear! There was this "third day" brand of tee shirts that i really like and i kept trying all the available designs. However, you may wish to double check on your products before payment in case it falls under the category of not meeting quality checks. My damage at Heritage, paid out in cash.

Connected to Heritage factory outlet is Cascade; whatever you want to buy at Heritage should be paid before you venture to Cascade and vice versa.

flirt bandung factory

At Cascade, i immersed myself in the brands like Svperbia and Reclays with an eventual damage ofrupiah mainly because the size i needed wasn't available in the patterns i liked. Map of Heritage As above. Cascade is right next door, connected to Heritage. Merdeka Arcade Factory Outlet Located within a few minutes' walk from Best Western Premier La Grande hotelthis particular factory outlet was well visited by my mom for its convenience!

Tell you a secret - she was ever the last customer in the building and there were over twenty staff waiting for her to make payment so that they can finally close shop! Mum would have happily taken her time, if not for the ceiling lights that were progressively switched off.

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Anyway, designs appeared to from a lower end as seen on the ground floor even though i could be wrong as i didn't venture to the upper floors. I was amused by the branded paper bags on sale and recollected a period of time in Singapore when brand conscious individuals would carry such bags out when they go to upmarket places like Orchard road. It was therefore a bit of a surprise that the Indonesians, in their infancy as a sovereign state, should select the city to showcase the rise of the new breed of country carved out of the empire.

The Asia Africa Conference, hosted in this West Javan city, was supposed to point the way forward for the new nation states that had just rid themselves of their unwanted overlords and their paternalism.

If Bandung can be said to have a centre then it is probably where the Grand Preanger Hotel now stands on Jl.

flirt bandung factory

This is the original Groote Post Weg. Just a few steps from the Preanger is a KM 0 marker which marks the start of the road that was to reach the length of Java.

flirt bandung factory

When the beautiful people came to stay they stayed in the Savoy Homann, among them Charlie Chaplin. The planters and civil servants who called Bandung home would chat at the bar while the ladies and their beau would flirt in the large ballroom making the Concordia THE place to be. A generation, a war and an independence later it was the likes of Sukarno, Jawarhal Neru, Nassar and Zhou En-Lai who came together for the Conference that gave this road its name.

Today this proud building stands in silent homage to a different era. Its curved walls have seen much change down the years but for now, named Gedung Merdeka, it is a humble museum detailing the events and the characters of that conference when, momentarily, the eyes of the world were on Bandung.

Just a short walk west is the alun alun public square found in traditional Javanese cities like Cirebon, Solo and Yogyakarta. After the colonial styles earlier we now fall headlong into something truly indigenous yet vital. For it was here that the Bandung chief at the time, R.

On the north side is the Great Post Office, a throwback to the early days of the Groote Postweg while a road heading north, Jl. Banceuy also hints at a historical postal connection. Banceuy is a Sundanese word meaning post horses and they were probably stabled in the vicinity though as you stand gazing at the traffic you wonder how any four legged animal would last five minutes, let alone a horse.

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Take the next turning right along Jl. Otto Iskander and you enter Pasar Baru. A panther made the mistake of coming here back in only to be gunned down for its troubles. This road and the side streets leading off it has some interesting old buildings that survive into the modern age.

Before the Dutch started coming here in numbers there was little in the way of a Chinese population but that changed during the 19th century as large profits were made in the nearby hills and the railway which arrived in promised to deliver products to Jakarta in about three hours.


Even back in those far off days, railway tracks divided towns. South of the tracks was where people played; the cafes and bakeries on Jl. Braga, the Concordia, the Savoy. North, as the road gently rose, was where people lived, defended and ran the growing town and its environs.