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I wasn't interested but she was the type of girl I'd jump at the chance of bedding if I was back in England! I bought us all a pitcher of beer and enjoyed chatting with them both. At one point their friend, a gay guy with spiky hair, came over and told me 'I love you'.

He was the second complete stranger who had declared their love to me today. It must be my new aftershave. After a long day of travel I felt tired, so went to bed. I had three nights in Phnom Penh and was aiming for six girls. After a leisurely breakfast I went for a wander around Phnom Penh. I enjoyed walking around a spectacular market called Phsar Thmei. It's a maze of alleyways surrounding a large domed building. One quarter is dedicated to food but I decided against the fried spiders, cockroaches and locusts.

It was a hot afternoon so I cooled down by visiting the air-conditioned Sorya Mall. I got served by a pretty young girl with a big smile. Sorya Mall has plenty of attractive shop attendants.

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If I was living in Phnom Penh I'd discretely slip a few my phone number and see what happens. Before the trip I researched Phnom Penh thoroughly and amongst the bars, clubs and massage parlours, one venue stood out. It's located on a quiet stretch of Street 49 near the junction with Street There were few signs of activity outside. The time was 7.

I was shown to a stool next to the bar and immediately six pretty young girls surrounded me and lavished me with attention. A few of the more confident ones bombarded me with questions where you from?

The standard of girls was quite impressive. It was a small bar with an upstairs balcony. There were 25 girls and those that weren't with a customer were sat near the entrance. When a customer entered, available girls would swarm around them like bees around honey. I spotted a very pretty girl sat opposite the bar who was exactly my type. She was young with straight, jet-black hair but as I was admiring her, another customer walked in and she went to sit alongside him.

bigcafe meet people chat and flirt

I had six girls surrounding me. I was tempted by a sweet girl with braces on her teeth who just stared shyly at me and didn't speak a word. But then I remembered that threesomes are available in Cyrcee.

The two girls stood to my right were both cute and seemed to be good friends given the way they huddled up to each other. I offered them each a drink and the other girls dispersed.

The girls had the kind of fresh-faced innocence I like. Panha had beautiful dark skin and mesmerizing eyes while her friend Ada had a curvy body and was Vietnamese.

Both girls were 21 years old and cute rather than sexy. In other words they were the type of girls I like. If I could organize a threesome with these young cuties, I'd be extremely happy. In previous trips to Asia I've had five threesomes but never with girls this young.

I bought them a cocktail each and we chatted. They were sweet girls and not at all commercial I'm not a fan of girls talking dirty or grabbing my crotch! I decided to try my luck. They laughed and accepted. The girls took a hand each and led me to a hotel over the road. We climbed to the fourth floor and a small, windowless room with two hard single beds. It wasn't luxurious but it did have air-con and a shower so was perfectly adequate.

Panha was dark-skinned with small tits while Ada was curvier with enticingly firm see-cup breasts. I dried myself and lay on the bed nearest the air-con with the girls either side of me.

I enjoyed leaning to my right and kissing Panha and then the other side and kissing Ada. Panha was shyer and kissed with her mouth closed but Ada was a great kisser and teased me by flicking her tongue in to my mouth.

Inevitably this got me hard. The girls seemed to find this fascinating. They studied my dick closely and were clearly having a conversation about it in Cambodian before they giggled to each other. Ada sucked me first, giving me a nice uncovered blowjob as Panha licked my nipples and kissed my chest. I lay back in ecstasy. I love the sense of anticipation that precedes a threesome. I was about to fuck two pretty young Cambodian girls. I wanted to fuck Panha first.

I put a condom on and slid in to her tight pussy. At first I grinded slowly in to her as Ada positioned herself behind me and tickled my balls, then I leaned upright and fucked Panha harder as kissed Ada over my shoulder.

Sometimes threesomes are just a case of fucking one girl after another but these girls made an effort. I lay on my back and it was a great sight seeing a pretty girl like Panha riding me.

She was the shyer of the two and closed her eyes tightly as she bounced up and down on me. Her nipples were erect. Ada leaned across me and let me suck her nipples before we resumed french-kissing. Ada was more experienced and had the kind of body I like.

I enjoyed giving her a good pounding in mish before lying back and inviting her to ride me. She was noisier than Panha, groaning loudly as she skilfully rocked her hips on mine and I grasped those lovely tits of hers. Panha lay next to me and stroked my chest as I shot my load. I pulled their warm bodies close as I got my breath back. Although it wasn't a proper porn-style threesome with the girls kissing or going down on each other, it was a really enjoyable threesome with two pretty young girls.

We showered together and I gave them a decent tip each which they were delighted with. They were lovely girls and eager to please, so deserved it. I waved them goodbye on the street and watched as they tottered on their high heels back towards the bar.

I was extremely impressed by Le Cyrcee. In other words, Cyrcee has plenty of great girls who are available for cheap prices. What more could you want? Later in the trip I'd be going to another place high on the list, Walking Street in Pattaya. I plan to go there for days. I have been reading through the forums but it is hard to decipher a lot of the information because I know absolutely nothing about the place. I was planning on going to Phnom Penh and doing my fair share of mongering.

I was hoping to get some tips or recommendations on the best places to go while I am there, looking for FS. The trip will be primarily made up of mongering so location and price is not an issue while there.

I will continue to read through the forums but any advice would greatly be appreciated and I will definitely return the favor if you ever head over to Korea. I planned to visit the massage parlour at Paris Hotel early evening and the hostess bars near the river at night. I spent most of the afternoon on the internet before grabbing an early dinner at my hotel.

bigcafe meet people chat and flirt

It took thirty minutes to find as the directions I had were poor. To get there go to Phsar Thmei market and take the busy Kampuchea Road which leads west. Online someone said that Hotel Paris is 'approximately meters' down this road but I couldn't find it.

bigcafe meet people chat and flirt

I asked several tuk-tuk drivers and eventually the oldest one pointed me in the right direction. Hotel Paris is actually about 1 kilometre from the market, located on the right shortly after the large junction with street It's a busy junction with large billboards. My first impressions of Hotel Paris weren't favourable.

It looked small and shabby from the outside and it was easy to see why most tuk-tuk drivers didn't know where it was. Inside a young man on reception was watching football on TV as I walked past and up the stairs. He didn't once look up. On the 1st floor is a snooker hall but it was the 2nd floor that I wanted.

At the top of the stairs I heard the chatter of girls that told me I was in the right place. I turned right and entered a room in which lots of girls were sitting on chairs. It couldn't be described as a fishbowl because there was no glass window but it was the same kind of setup.

I was ushered to sit on a chair in front and pick my girl. There were 22 girls, all of whom were wearing matching pink uniforms. All of the girls were young but the selection was average.

Although I didn't see any outstanding candidates, there were plenty of sweet girl-next-door types. I didn't intend wasting a journey so which girl would it be? Several caught my eye but I opted for a girl in the middle of the front row because she smiled warmly whenever I looked at her.

The girls either side had to elbow her to tell her she'd been picked. She looked shocked before standing up uncertainly and walking to my side. At Hotel Paris you get a massage and then extras are negotiated afterwards between you and your girl. I assumed I'd have to pay for the massage upfront at the small cashier desk but instead the girl was handed a ticket before taking my hand and leading me to the stairs.

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We passed a pretty girl sat on the steps. It's amazing how often you see a stunner shortly after you've already made your choice. We climbed two flights of stairs and walked down a corridor to a large double room. An air-con unit rumbled away in the corner without cooling the air very much. The girls name was Poy and she was She didn't speak much English but was a sweet girl with a warm nature. I showered and lay on the bed, a towel wrapped around my waist.

Poy remained in her pink dress as she massaged me. It wasn't the kind of token effort you sometimes get in places like this, she had skilled hands.

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After a while she asked me to turn over and continued her work. For 25 minutes I felt completely relaxed. Occasionally her hands accidentally brushed against my groin area and when she was massaging my thighs, I felt myself getting hard. She must have noticed the bulge that had magically appeared under the towel but she didn't say anything.

Normally when I visit a massage parlour, sex is very clearly on the menu, I don't often visit places where extras have to be negotiated afterwards. I wondered what was supposed to happen next. Would she instigate the main event or did I have to take the initiative? As I was pondering this, she said 'finish'. She sat up and looked at me for a few moments with a shy smile, as if she was inviting me to say something.

It occurred to me that maybe she was inexperienced and hadn't worked at Hotel Paris for long. Or perhaps she was shy because I was a foreigner?

I gestured for her to lie next to me and she snuggled her warm body against mine. I held her in my arms as she stroked my chest. Her hand worked its way lower and she loosened my towel before caressing my dick.

After a minute she leaned up and asked 'boom boom? When she returned she was naked. She had lovely smooth brown skin and although her tits were small, her nipples were large. She turned the bedroom light off and lay next to me. Whenever I visit a massage parlour I take my own condom as the ones in Asia can be small. She took it out of its wrapper and tried to roll it on to me but it didn't go on properly. She tried again without success.

It was dark so I stood up and walked to the bathroom and switched the light on. She'd tried to put it on the wrong way. There is nothing like a condom malfunction to make me lose wood. By the time I had rolled it on and lay back on the bed, I wasn't hard. We kissed and she caressed me but once a condom is on, I find it impossible to get hard again. I took it off and we continued kissing but frustratingly nothing was happening.

I fingered her pussy but still nothing. A few minutes earlier my dick was rock hard but now because of the condom mishap, I couldn't get it up. Sex must have been so much easier before condoms! We tried in vain for fifteen minutes before she apologetically told me 'the hour is up'. I couldn't go to a massage parlour and walk away without a fuck.

That's the equivalent of not being able to score in brothel! Poy looked guilty as if it was her fault so I gave her a hug. She had tried her best and the condom problems weren't her fault. Well, actually they were but I didn't blame her. I held her close and we chatted. She was very cute and giggly and suddenly, bizarrely, I felt myself getting hard. When I was trying to get hard nothing happened, but when I relaxed things magically came to life.

She noticed and kissed me on the lips while stroking me. Soon I was ready for action. As expected Hotel Paris's condom was very tight. She spread her legs and I eased in to her as she softly gasped. I fucked her slowly and we kissed. After a few minutes I leaned upright and she rested her ankles on my shoulders as I fucked her harder. Because of the poor air-con I soon got a sweat on, so I lay back and she rode me. She grinded her hips and locked her eyes on mine sexily.

I love being rode by cute Asian girls. She had small tits but her nipples were big, so I leaned up and gave them both a suck as she continued thrusting her hips at mine. The condom was uncomfortably tight so I took it off and she finished me with a hand-job. We got changed and I wondered how much to pay her. Poy had given an excellent massage and despite the condom problems, had given me I handed over four crisp notes and she seemed happy enough.

I ate at one of the small restaurants opposite Heart of Darkness. This area has lots of freelancers. In an hour I saw three great girls walk past from my kerb-side vantage point. Cambodians have curvier bodies than their Thai neighbours, great news for a boob lover like me. I felt happily buzzed after a few beers and seeing pretty girls walk past had got me in the mood for more action. Initially I planned to go to the hostess bars near the river but I wasn't in the mood. For example, if you want I can say you came from abroad to Helsinki for a medical conference.

A gala where you were going to give a speech and receive a prize? What do you say? Let me think for a second. Maybe you could just change my name and my city? We were both single, we had a good time. Write from your heart. Maybe I can proofread before you publish it? As well as… Write briefly about our night ending with talks about religion.

Now I know why I had such a great time with you!

bigcafe meet people chat and flirt

Anna emails him the previous chapter and he likes it. I told you he likes the spotlights. There, she meets his people. This is a very Turkish-South American kind of date. Ex-wife and her lover! Bring the kebab already. Empanadas de queso, por favor! Where will happiness come from? Does anything make sense?? What about this big void? What else is there? You are so privileged!

Everyone suffers in different ways sooner or later, sadly enough.