Zombie liu kang ending relationship

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zombie liu kang ending relationship

Liu Kang is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series from Midway Games, .. As a result of the film's style the relationship between Liu Kang and Kitana is more him an ideal pick" and how he is as good as zombie as when he was alive. . "Liu Kang Mortal Kombat: Deception Biography and Ending". Liu Kang retained his personality as a zombie, as he still had his trademark yells. of Mortal Kombat" in later games, and his ending in Mortal Kombat: .. These films created a romantic relationship between Kang and. Lui Kang Zombie Liu Kang, Mortal Kombat, Minions, Zombies, Horror, Geek lui kang Mortal Kombat, Online Dating, Flirting, Comic Art, Relationships, Geek His origin was unknown, however, his ending reveals he was actually a member .

Shang Tsung 's ending in the same game shows the sorcerer with newly increased but out-of-control magical power being trained by Bo' Rai Cho after absorbing Shao Kahn's life essence and sorcery in order to defeat Liu Kang, who had descended into madness by becoming a power-hungry tyrant after usurping Raiden's position as Protector of Earthrealm.

It is then revealed that Liu Kang's soul was used by Quan Chi to create an undead version of the former Mortal Kombat champion - and Liu Kang actually appreciates his newfound status as a Revenant due to the intense contempt he has for his former mentor Raiden.

zombie liu kang ending relationship

Although not shown directly, his fireball was shown shooting down two of the Special Forces' Chinook helicopters en route to stop Shinnok's forces from reaching Raiden's Sky Temple during the first chapter. He was seen again immediately after the sixth chapter. As they arrive at the fortress, a Special Forces team led by Jax ambush them, with Jax a former revenant turned to the side of good intending to capture Quan Chi and take him to Earthrealm; Jax and Sareena even lament that Quan Chi's magic has turned the fallen heroes into killing machines, with some of them Liu Kang, Kitana, Sindel, and to a smaller degree, Kung Lao actually liking their newfound status as revenants.

zombie liu kang ending relationship

Liu Kang himself expresses disdain for Jax, telling him that Raiden failed everybody yet Jax still follows the Thunder God. Jax replies that Raiden did everything he could to save his realm and minimize losses. Their arguments reaching an impasse, the two former comrade-in-arms fight, but the former Earthrealm champion is defeated and Quan Chi is captured. After arriving at the Sky Temple, Liu Kang taunts his former mentor, telling Raiden that it was his fault that he and Kung Lao ended up becoming revenants.

After Raiden defeats everyone including Kung Lao, Liu Kang recovers and proceeds to fight his former mentor.

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Before their fight, Raiden desperately tries to reach out to his former student by telling him that this is not his destiny. Liu Kang retorts by sarcastically asking Raiden if he still has visions of the future. He then reminds Raiden of his death at the latter's hands. Raiden claims it was an accident that continues to torment him, but Liu Kang thanks Raiden for "freeing" him and declares that he will help Shinnok overthrow the Elder Gods.

The two fight, and Liu Kang is defeated by his former mentor but not before badly injuring Thunder God in the duel.

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After Shinnok was defeated at the hands of Cassie Cage, it is shown that he and Kitana have become the Netherrealm's new rulers. Raiden, now bearing a menacing appearance after he purified the Jinsei and became corrupted as a resultdeclared that he will not sit by and watch Earthrealm get invaded, but will actively hunt down and destroy those who have threatened Earthrealm in the past.

To make his point, he tosses Shinnok's severed but still-alive head, warning that there will be "fates worth than death", leaving Liu Kang and Kitana to stare at the fallen Elder God's head.

His Mortal Kombat X ending indicates that without Shinnok 's controlling power, the Netherrealm had fallen into chaos.

Liu kang's and Kitana's Descendant (possibly)??

Though not a sorcerer or a god, Liu Kang's skills as a former Shaolin monk were more than enough to beat the Netherrealm's oni into submission. After this, he assumes control over the realm, and ponders on the thought of conquering other realms. In Mortal Kombat 3, his hair was considerably longer, with the only alteration to his outfit being thin black leg strips wrapped above his ankles in order to give him a "sleeker" look for the game.

DC Universe, he sported a slightly altered version of his third costume, in addition to a championship belt adorned with the Mortal Kombat dragon emblem. Although Liu Kang's design in Mortal Kombat: ScrewAttackindeemed the finisher "the most iconic Fatality of the entire game.

A different kind of his signature abilities is the "Dragon Fire": Unchained, the PlayStation Portable port of Deception, as they noted that unlocking him in Deception had proved difficult.

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Shaolin Monks, there were two versions; one where the victim explodes to pieces upon impact and the original, in which the opponent is torn to pieces upon falling to the ground. In another signature Fatality, he morphs into a large dragon, chomping the upper body of his opponent.

zombie liu kang ending relationship

The series' composer and co-designer John Vogel noted it to be his favorite Fatality due to how much Liu Kang's appearance changes. He enters the tenth Mortal Kombat tournament in order to protect Earthrealm from being destroyed after having lost the previous nine tournaments.

He defeats Grand Champion Goro and the tournament host, the nefarious sorcerer Shang Tsungand emerges as the new Mortal Kombat champion. At the tournament, Liu Kang fights Shao Kahn, eventually overpowering the emperor. He once again defeats Shao Kahn, causing him and his forces to retreat back to Outworld.

Liu Kang: All Endings - MK1 to MKX

Deadly Alliancein which the titular partnership of Shang Tsung and fellow sorcerer Quan Chi join forces to kill him in the game's introductory sequence. Deceptionan unknown party reanimates Liu Kang's corpse and sends it on a murderous rampage, causing Liu Kang's soul to attempt to control it. Though they successfully accomplish this task, [33] Liu Kang is still unable to fully regain control of his body in Mortal Kombat: Armageddonwhere he is playable along with the entire series roster and in which it is revealed that Raiden had revived Liu Kang's corpse in Deception.

Liu Kang (Alternate Timeline)

As a result, Liu Kang's spirit was forced to pass on into the afterlife. The game is a retelling of the storyline of the events leading up to Mortal Kombat II, and features the two Shaolin monks traveling to Outworld to find and defeat Shang Tsung, later ending in a fight with Shao Kahn and rescuing Kitana along the way.

In this game, Liu Kang appears as the protagonist of the first chapter of the Mortal Kombat story mode. When Shao Kahn is preparing to invade Earthrealm during the third game's events, all his allies are murdered by a soul-infused Sindel.

zombie liu kang ending relationship

This, coupled with Raiden's failed attempts in changing the future, causes Kang to engage Raiden in combat. In both timelines, Liu Kang meets the same fate. In the original timeline, he is killed by his nemesis, Shang Tsung, and his spirit lives as a force for good. In the alternate timeline, Liu Kang is killed by his mentor, Raiden in the aftermath. This tie continues canonically in the Injustice 2 fighting game where Raiden is a guest character, stating during one of his opening dialogue scenes that Liu Wang's death still haunts him to this day.

zombie liu kang ending relationship

Liu Kang returns in Mortal Kombat X. At the end of the story mode, he and Kitana become the new rulers of the Netherrealm due to Quan Chi's death and Shinnok's defeat.