Yunge from the desert ending relationship

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yunge from the desert ending relationship

May 25, But in the end, I like to think that everyone would have all made the same choices .. The sun had completely set and the moon had risen like a young .. Did Yun Ge ever find out that the boy she once saved in the desert and. May 16, Even if you are not reading Yun Zhong Ge along with me, I recommend reading this one post and feeling the love wash over you. It's the ending. Love Yunge from the Desert (Chinese: 大汉情缘之云中歌) is a Chinese television series . Green Skirt (绿罗裙), Angelababy, Ending theme song .. Leng Xie and Li Mo initially did not get along, but their relationship slowly grows and.

yunge from the desert ending relationship

Overall Is Da Mo Yao really the hit c-drama of ? Some think it is; to each his own. But overall, I think DMY was an average c-drama with an above-average cast. I highly doubt it. Somewhere around episode 25ish, I felt my interest in the story starting to wane.

Eventually I felt like I was only watching the drama so that I could finish it, not because I was really interested in the story. The pacing slowed down towards the end and a lot of the scenes felt extraneous. IMO DMY started out with substantial chemistry between the leads, but that alone was not enough to carry the whole drama.

Do I recommend DMY?

yunge from the desert ending relationship

Let me know what you think of the ending! Liu Xun stood in the distance and calmly looked at him.

Yun Zhong Ge Chapter 58: A Fool Can Have No Regrets (Final Chapter)

He also calmly looked at Liu Xun. In the silence, their eyes locked with each other. They wordlessly placed the final piece in this Go match. His body swayed and he could no longer stand. A person in green walked towards him and a smile curved on his lips. He could see the wide expanse of the blue sky, outside of this dirty world.

In the distance with the white clouds, did she manage to forget it all? Did she find the solitude she was looking for?

Did she really forget me completely? Was her illness better? This life, this lifetime, it could no longer be. Then he could only pray for next life, next lifetime……. His figure fell backwards into the raging river. He Xiao Qi softly gave an order and all the archers disappeared, leaving no trace. He was about to say something but Chang Shi An grabbed him and pulled him to kneel.

Chang He is very familiar with the river ways in Chang An, why not let him lead a group to search. He then got up and lead soldiers towards the river. Please punish me for coming late to the rescue. There were tears in his eyes and he stared directly at the Emperor but made no move to come greet him.

After some time, he suddenly turned and quickly ran off. But he felt this incredible exhaustion and only wanted to find a comfortable place to rest for awhile. Even though it was empty, he still felt this sense of loathing and he turned away.

Without realizing it, he slowly walked out of Wei Yang Palace. There was a throng of people walking on the street, the businesses bustling and everyone had money in their pockets and were smiling.

A boy riding a water buffalo and playing a flute gestured for Liu Xun to move aside and he did to allow the boy to pass. A woman fed her chickens in the yard and craned her neck to see if her husband was coming down the road.

She saw Liu Xun staring at her and was about to chastise him when she noticed the way he was looking at her. His eyes were filled with desolation. She thought he was a traveler missing home so she turned around and hurried inside. Liu Xun walked past home after home until finally he was standing before two homes that were adjacent to each other. Liu Xun tugged and the lock opened and he walked towards the kitchen.

He touched the icy cold stove, then walked into the dining room and picked up a few bamboo baskets on the ground. He saw cobwebs at the corner of the room and he went to the kitchen to grab a broom and swept the cobwebs away. As he cleaned and cleaned, he swept the rafter beams and the window panes, then moved on to the floor. In the end he grabbed a pail of water and a rag and cleaned the entire room inside and out. It was like yesterday or the day before that he helped his wife do such chores.

yunge from the desert ending relationship

He looked at the chests in the room and opened them all up wanting to organize it. Most of the chests were empty but one chest contained some old clothes.

yunge from the desert ending relationship

She wanted to bring everything from home and he only laughed at her and told her to unpack everything and leave it here. When they got to the packed clothes, Ping Jun refused to leave any behind so he managed to unpack a few robes and tossed it in this very chest before they left.

Even if you gave it to the servants in the Ducal residence no one would take it. Why are you bringing it? Is it for me to wear? Liu Xun reached inside and took out a robe and saw that it was an old overcoat made for him by Ping Jun.

The sleeves were all patched and Ping Jun used thread to sew a bird design on both sleeves to cover up the patch.

Using his untrained eye he could make out at least four different embroidery styles, which goes to show how much effort and detail she put into it. She used the cheapest thread and with each stitch made the most intricate and detailed design to transform a patch into a decorative style.

When He Xiao Qi arrived at the house he could still hear sounds inside, but now it was eerily quiet. He accompanied Liu Xun for many years and learned to speak less and not be curious.

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After some time even he got worried especially when the sky turned dark. He got up his courage and stepped into the yard and looked inside. He gasped when he saw Liu Xun, in the hot Summer night, wearing a winter coat and sitting inside.

Also…the house next door. He saw the fields and forest, the trees and the homes with their candles lit warmly. But in his eyes Liu Xun could see a never before seen peaceful happiness. Liu Fu Ling saw Yun Ge and in his eyes there was no one else anymore. And its so pretty.

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Rather then having random people enjoy it, we can enjoy it ourselves. She opened the window so the snow flew in and the white landed on the red plum blossoms. Liu Fu Ling silently enjoyed the view and then nodded his head with a smile. Yun Ge closed the window. Yun Ge pointed to the flower, and then pointed to herself. Liu Fu Ling smiled and shook his head.

He looked at it for a moment before smiling and then tapping her on the head. Yun Ge smiled brilliantly and swanned happily out of the room. The two of them said not a word, but it was clear in their every gesture. One person was not despondent in the face of impending death, the other was not inconsolable in the face of impending loss. In the time that was remaining, they enjoyed the beauty of their world together. If he was picking a friend, he would pick Liu He, but as his successor, Liu Xun is ruthless enough to oppose Huo Guang and fight for the people.

Today your servant I want to ask Your majesty the same question back. Liu Xun felt comforted that Liu Fu Ling was like him, unable to answer this question. But then slowly, Liu Fu Ling smiled. Liu Xun walked out and saw Yun Ge making snowmen outside. Two monkeys were accompanying her, helping her collect snow, pulling her hat to get the snow off, and sometimes even accidentally toppling the snow she collected.

But Yun Ge was not angry or upset, only smiling and continuing to do her thing as the two monkeys kept her company. When Yun Ge saw Liu Xun leave the room, she raised her head with a smile and rushed into the room, shaking the snow off her as she ran.

yunge from the desert ending relationship

The two monkeys got excited as well and raced behind her, shaking off their snow and joining her in entering the room. When Liu Xun asked, he was told Yun Ge saved the two monkey last year and released them into the wild. She is only fifteen and he wants her to leave the Palace and live her life as she wishes.

Xiao Mei asks to stay and take care of him but he tells her to treat the past fifteen years of her life as a dream and move on.

Sound of the Desert (Da Mo Yao): Eps Final Review – My Drama Tea

One time it came down for ten days straight, sealing all the mountain roads and turning Wen Quan Palace into a secluded paradise. Liu Fu Ling no longer handled anything from the outside, only quietly spending his days with Yun Ge.

His attacks grew less frequent, but each time it was more severe than the last, and he was unconscious for much longer period of time. When they were sleeping, Yun Ge would wake up in the middle of the night and press her face against his chest. When she heard his heartbeat, she would smile like a doofus and peacefully go back to sleep. In truth the Heavens could be so cruel.

Even when quietly staring at her sleeping face it felt like a rare gift. The love was so deep, so deep. But time was so short, so short. She told him about the world outside, describing everything vividly. He could only stay inside the room, but from her eyes and her voice, the world outside entered his heart. Despite the four walls of their room, their world felt infinitely big.

Their laughter would ring out constantly. At night, she curled into his arms and told him stories, read him books, and even picked up his flute and played him songs. He could no longer play an entire tune, and her skill at playing the flute improved by leaps and bounds. She played the tunes he often played. In the rise and fall of the musical notes, his eyes revealed his longing, and her eyes revealed unshed tears.

When he reached for her in apology, her smile immediately appeared. In her smile he realized that feeling sorry was meaningless between them. One quiet late night, Yun Ge read to him from a travel journal exploring new lands. The two of them traveled with that traveler and saw new sights.