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Yohko Yamamoto is an active girl who loves playing space flight video games. Instead of making them greater opponents, this cements their relationship as rivals The girls try to destroy the source of the water, however they end up almost. Yohko Yamamoto is an active girl who loves playing space flight video games. While playing at an arcade however, she feels frustrated and. Yoko Yamamoto (山本 陽子 Yamamoto Yōko, born March 17, , in Nakano, Tokyo, . The syllable ko is not generally found at the end of masculine names. What is the secret relationship between Hotate and Zenjirou Yamamoto? Follow .

Realizing Yohko to be right, the Old Timer's Inheritance agrees with what she said. Characters[ edit ] Note that the personalities of the main characters of the series differ slightly between the TV series and the OVA. This is probably due to the more time allowed to flesh out the characters in the TV series. Please note that these character descriptions may pander more towards the TV series incarnations.

From AD[ edit ] The four main characters are high school girls. Yohko is an active, sporty but cocky girl. She is a hardcore gamer, preferring space fight simulations, and is occasionally bribed using games. She is usually seen eating Pocky. In the first episode of the TV series, it was revealed that she had lost her memories. However, by the end of the same episode, she regains her memory while participating in a space battle.

She was the first pilot to be recruited by Lawson, happening to be the first person he met after travelling to AD. Due to her obsession with games, she is required to put in a yen coin into an arcade-like coin slot to start her starship. She replaced Yohko while waiting for Yohko to regain her memories. A long-haired, somewhat masculine girl, she speaks in the kansai dialect. She's strong willed and a team player.

She works part-time at a mini-market. She has a crush on Lawson, and for a short period believed that Yohko was attracted to him. However, Yohko herself denied this, and later revealed indirectly that she was attracted to Fluger. A kind-hearted girl; also the third pilot. As Yohko's best friend, Yohko trusts her and believes that Ayano's abilities would outmatch her own in the right circumstances. She's generally quiet and she truly cares and admires Yohko since childhood.

Thus, Ayano seems to be his successor, and can be seen in several episodes practicing judo with her grandfather. She seems to lack confidence, but enjoys starship battles.

In later episodes, she strives to be independent of Yohko, making her go against Yohko in a starship battle. Pilots the Super Struggle TA, which mainly fires grapple hooks to latch onto an opponent and throw them—an extension of her judo abilities.

She is the main comic relief of the series. Her character is easily recognized due to her large, reflective forehead, which is often the object Yohko's insults. She considers herself Yohko's rival, and strives to beat Yohko in all aspects, such as in sports, studies, and even gaming. Her efforts can be observed when she aspires to become a starship pilot, and her diligence in overcoming vertigo.

However, she is the least competent of the pilots. She is very poised but kind of spoiled and happy-go-lucky. She also believes in making an impact, as shown by her choice of dressing as a zombie for a costume party. She also comes off as a slight anime otaku. She also falls head over heels for Yamamoto Yohsuke when he appears in the series.

Pilots the Super Sprint TA Its specialty is its powerful Vapour Shield. Reflecting her impatient personality, she uses the shield as a battering ram rather than as a defensive device. Ayano's Grandfather Although not involved directly in starship battles, he seems to understand that the girls have a more important role than what they seem to be and supports them, especially Ayano. Extremely intuitive about his surroundings, he is also somewhat eccentric.

Later, he accepts Yamamoto Yohsuke as his apprentice, and they begin training in the wild. School Council President A minor character, he is the successor to an udon shop. When Lawson visits the 20th century, Momiji goes to him to learn how to make udon after having doubts about Yohko. He is the first person in AD to realize that Yohsuke was female when he saw the shape of Yohsuke's body in the rain.

Although he has photographic evidence, he tries to force himself to believe that it was simply a delusion by making udon and then eating it. Masako Katsuki The highest-ranking officer on board the Estanatreich. She once fought in a battle with Fluger known as Little Big Horn. The TA is also equipped with an Everblack Cannon. It is indicated that they had had a relationship. Curtis Lawson Voiced by: Yasunori Matsumoto A genius engineer.

He worked on the time travel machine that is used as the gateway between AD and AD.

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He also designed the TA-series of ships which are used by the girls. It is later revealed that the reason he chose to go back years in time back to AD was because he discovered the Yamamoto Yohko novels, and was intrigued by them.

Following their premise, he created a gateway. When the gateway was completed, the first person he met was Yamamoto Yohko. He was surprised as he had thought of Yamamoto Yohko as only a fictional character in the novels. He is often represented riding on a white horse, which gives him the image of a knight.

He is a capable leader, admired by Rouge and Yohko. Like Admiral Leon, he was also a former starship pilot who had been elevated in rank. In the Zenga tournament, he pairs up Admiral Leon. They name their team after one of their most memorable battles—Little Bighorn.

Pilots the Torom 3 Skipjack. As a pilot, his skills are impressive, as shown in his ability to defeat Momiji in the Zenga tournament by directly attacking her control area, thus defeating her with minimal damage to her ship. Sakiko Tamagawa The oldest sister, and leader of the Red Snappers.

Blonde-haired, she is proud and strong. She and Yohko are rivals, both in starship battles and in love. Tokyoled by Misugi, draws 1—1 with Consadole Sapporoled by Matsuyama. Tsubasa ends the match with three goals and three assists and Barcelona wins 6—5. Go for [ edit ] This is the epilogue of Captain Tsubasa Road to and it is composed of five chapters. Kojiro Hyuga makes a hard training and he makes his debut scoring a hat-trick.

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Two futsal players, Kazami and Furukawa, who previously played for Japan national futsal teamjoin the national U football team and display great skills, scoring two goals in a training match. Meanwhile, Tsubasa's wife Sanae informs him that she is pregnant. In Japan, the match with Denmark ends 4—2 with the following scorers: In Germany, Hamburger SV plays a Bundesliga match and Genzo Wakabayashi is not in the line up because of the bad relationship with the coach Zeeman, starting rumors that Wakabayashi would leave Hamburger.

Meanwhile, Minato Gamo wants to convince Igawa, a player who can play in all the roles goalkeeperdefendermidfielder and forwardto join the national team. Also in Spain, Barcelona plays a league match against Real Betis and Tsubasa scores two goals and makes an assist for Rikaar.

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In Japan, Wakabayashi joins the national team. After some minutes from the beginning of the match, Nigeria has the first great opportunity to score the first goal in the match with a penalty kickbut the Japanese goalkeeper Genzo Wakabayashi saves in corner kick. Wakabayashi saves another shot and makes an assist for Ken Wakashimazu, who scores a goal with an overhead kick.

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However, Nigeria scores two goals with Bobang and Ochado. At the end of the first half, Nigeria is winning 2—1. Meanwhile, Minato Gamo convinces Gakuto Igawa to join the national team. The second half begins, the Japan attacks during the injury time Misaki scores the equalizing goal. The match ends 2—2. In Japan, the match between Japan and Paraguay ends 3—0 with the following scorers: Gakuto, Wakashimazu and Nitta.

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Japan scores the first goal of the match against Australia, thanks to Tachibana brothers. However, the Tachibana brothers get injured and are substituted by Wakashimazu and Nitta, who scores another goal. When he was invited by Grey and became the floor master of B4, he began building graves for those killed by the other floor masters, hardly ever killing anyone himself.

However, he took it upon himself to kill Ray and bury her in a beautiful grave after falling in love with her at first sight. Due to constantly building graves in the dark, Eddie got used to seeing in a dark environment, which gives him the advantage when he kills. He is killed by Zack when Ray turns on the lights, and buried in the grave originally meant for her. In the game prequel Episode. Eddie, which focus more on his past before becoming floor master, he becomes the main character.

Mariya Ise [13] The floor master of B3, who is known widely as the "Condemner" due to her past as a former jail guard, with Danny as her prisoners' counsellor. A sadomasochistic woman, Cathy delights in uncovering her criminals' crimes and delivering punishment to them through torture, often killing them.

Those who survive are then confined as her playthings. She is the most formidable of all the floor masters due to her wide range of death traps and torture instruments. Viewing Zack as an exemplary sinner, she attempts to punish him thoroughly to her amusement but is killed when Ray catches her off guard with a gun.