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x men days of future past soundtrack ending relationship

X-Men: Days of Future Past is a sci-fi superhero movie in the X-Men Film Series, adapting the Marvel Comics story of the same name. The seventh . A page for describing Headscratchers: X-Men: Days of Future Past. New entries on the bottom. Mutants in the Ending .. Connection with The Wolverine. X-Men: Days of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg is riding wrongs of 's X-Men: The Last Stand -- with the ending finding One of the things I got most excited about was inverting the Logan/Charles relationship.

In its original form, it would be short even for an episode of an animated series. Everything in this movie which was not mentioned in that short premise is something new. A supplementary website, 25 Moments, still refers to him as Pietro and so does the Italian dub. There's also the fact that Quicksilver appears in Avengers: Age of Ultron as Pietro Maximoff.

Colossus is more complicated. Originally he was Piotr Rasputin and the film changed this to Peter Rasputin. Then again, he's called Peter in the comics by most people anyway.

Peter Maximoff is portrayed more positively and more negatively in comparison to the original source. In the comics, he is often an outright jerk often intentionallybut in this film, he's more of a merry mischief-maker. He can easily flee on his own once the breakout goes bust, but instead, he goes out of his way to save Logan, Charles and Erik, even though he had already freed the latter from prison by technicality.

Quicksilver is also clearly not impressed if amused by the idea that he helped free the person suspected of killing JFK once he finds out, and is shown to be stunned and horrified by Magneto's "demonstration" in the climax. Here, he's just a bored teenager with a kleptomaniac streak who doesn't really care about being a productive member of society, and who has to have the breakout sold to him as an opportunity to raise hell, as it's clear that he wouldn't have done it of his own volition otherwise.

While they added a lot of characters in the original story, only Magneto, Storm, Colossus, Kitty, and Wolverine survived while Beast and Magneto's younger self were uninvolved in the storyat the same time a lot of characters were removed from the original story.

Rachel and Franklin Richards are not present in the bad future likely because Rachel's parents were dead and Franklin is tied to the Fantastic Four and thus would require too much explanation to include themwhile the film has Wolverine work with Beast and Xavier rather than the group of X-Men who did so in the past the above mentioned from the future minus Magneto and along with Angel and Nightcrawlerand Mystique had her own Brotherhood of mutants helping her carry out the assassination, none of whom who appear in the film.

At least one of these, Pyro, is justified by being tied into the original films' timeline and so isn't born at this point, as was the X-Men team involved. The Sentinels in the Bad Future have the ability to adapt their structure, powers and strategy to counter the mutants, allowing them to win in almost any scenario.

They got the ability from 50 years of research on Mystique's DNA. The only way to survive their attacks is by using time travel to ensure they never happened.

Past Charles is so far gone with his alcoholism and self-medication that he can't function without Hank's help. The changing speed in the scene where Quicksilver rushes with Erik across the Pentagon hallway, sending the security guards flying through the air in slow mo and then back to normal speed. Anna Paquin takes the cake as Rogue, as she got a magazine spread and her own poster. She only has about three seconds of screen time.

Her scenes were later restored in an extended cut. Fan Bingbing only appears in a minor role with one line. But it's a common practice to heavily advertise a foreign star to attract viewers from their country. Inverted with Famke Janssen and James Marsden whose cameos were kept under wraps. In Wolverine's own words, the Sentinels were created to kill mutants, but then moved on to anyone with the potential to breed more mutants, then anyone who tried to aid the mutants insert WWII analogy here.

The " very worst of humanity " are all that remain, ruling over the Sentinels.

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Zigzagged with the Sentinels. Magneto laces the prototypes with iron so he can control their movements and use them as weapons, but he can't really affect their programming. One Sentinel tries to kill Erik when it gets the chance. Magneto is kept at a high-security, all-concrete prison right in the center of the Pentagon.

Considering he was arrested shortly after the JFK assassinationthis jail has successfully restrained one of the most powerful mutants in the world for ten whole years. The younger Charles has been a drunk for the past decade by the time Logan meets him.

Because Quicksilver experiences time much more slowly than everyone else, he gets bored very easily, so he treats life like it's one big game. He gets his thrills by stealing whatever catches his fancy, and Xavier observes that Peter is a kleptomaniac. All Part of the Show: During the Sentinels show, the Sentinel prototypes suddenly start floating under Erik's control.

The audience takes it as part of the show and cheers until the Sentinels start shooting. All There in the Manual: The significance of the mutant seen in the The Stinger as well as the four riders appearing on the background can only be understood if you know him from the comics.

Taken even further than First Class. For starters, technology has advanced somewhat faster than the real world: The bit where Magneto drops a baseball stadium around Richard Nixon's head in front of international television, or the little number where the mutants get into a full on brawl during the Paris Peace Conference, which drastically changes world events by bringing mutants to public attention. Mystique ends up getting hit with a Taser in both the original and altered events ofa year before Jack Cover invented the device.

Hank has created a serum capable of both restoring Charles' mobility and specifically silencing a gene; both feats are still being researched today, and this film takes place inwhen genomics was just starting to grow as a field. There are some technologies that are far more developed than they had been in our world see Alternate History or could have been by technical standards of that time.

So this could be just other cases of an Alternate History. Unlike other characters obsessed in exterminating the mutants, he does so not out of hatred, but a desire to see humanity united against a common threat, and casually admits to admiration towards mutants for helping him accomplish that goal.

Pity he has no empathy When Erik confronts Charles about his withdrawal from the world and abandonment of his former friends.

We were supposed to protect them! Where were you, Charles?! Where were you when your own people needed you?! You and Hank, hiding, pretending to be something you're not! You abandoned us all! The Pentagon is not in Washington, DC. It's across the Potomac in Arlington, VA. RFK Stadium is shown with a baseball diamond, when in real life the Washington Senators baseball team had moved to Texas intwo years before this film is set.

Magneto was involved in the JFK assassination, because why else would the bullet curve? While a popular conspiracy theory for some time, modern analysis has shown that due to the positions JFK and Governor Connaly were sitting in, the bullet would not have to curve to give them the injuries they received.

A Sentinel with a different design to the Mark 1 of or Mark X of in this film very briefly appeared as part of a holographic Danger Room exercise during X-Men: The Last Stand but only its decapitated head courtesy of Wolverine was seen clearly. Here, Sentinels are the horrifying main adversaries that the X-Men face and the earlier versions also form part of the opposition that the cast have to confront as well. Similar to First Class, Mystique has a major role in the story compared to being primarily a henchwoman in the original films.

Being played by Jennifer Lawrence helps there. There are no explicit contradictions, it's only that the two different portrayals are hard to reconcile Rebecca Romijn's Mystique was silent and coldly loyal to Magneto, Lawrence's Mystique is much more emotional and independent. Then again, being captured and experimented on in the original timeline as well as years of killing most likely lead her to become much colder.

The Sentinel prototypes exercise this skill during the Disastrous Demonstration as none of their bullets seem to hit anybody. Part of the family-friendly Bloodless Carnage pervading the entire movie. Ian McKellen invokes this while discussing his character in the "Double Take: He's come through a great deal, and isn't taking on single-handedly, or even with the help of his Brotherhood, society as a whole.

He's joined up again with his old friend, Professor X, and together, they're going to try to move things forward. Shawn Ashmore has said in interviews that it signifies his character's maturity. Bishop's thick facial hair makes him look formidable. Inverted with the younger Xavier; he has a beard and somewhat longer hair, but they signify how much he has let himself go.

Past Charles is plagued by these, which is why he informs Erik that he takes the serum so that he can sleep at night.

The premise of the movie is preventing a horrific dystopian future ruled by monsters and dominated by Sentinels by changing past events. Bad Guys Do the Dirty Work: A Sentinel tries to kill Erik during the climax. It's hopelessly one-sided in Magneto's favor, but the fight distracts Erik long enough for Mystique to shoot him. This is the premise of the film.

Unlike the original comic book storythe " Bad Future " is actually the present day timeline and Wolverine is sent into the past to avert it. The final scene sets you up to believe that it's a Call-Forward tying in to previous, chronologically later movies, but switches gears at the last second. Wolverine's past self has been recovered by William Stryker, apparently setting up his involvement with Weapon X. Then we find out Stryker is actually Mystique in disguise.

Mystique has this kind of outfit when she's disguised as a blond woman. Bolivar Trask is a male example. His murder by Mystique will generate a Crapsack World where mutants and humans who are carriers of the X-gene are slaughtered en masse, leaving only the worst of humanity in charge.

Hank essentially fulfills this role for Charles. In addition to looking after his ex-mentor's needs and maintaining the mansion, McCoy also serves as Xavier's bodyguard. He gets into a scuffle with Logan at the start. Wolverine goes inside the mansion to seek the professor and moves upstairs, ignoring the protests of Hank McCoy. So McCoy turns into the Beast, chases after Wolverine, and the camera changes view back to the empty stairs just before Wolverine is heard screaming and sent flying across them from off-camera.

The '70s Xavier tries this on a couple of guards in the Pentagon, but lacks the somber gravitas of his future self. Logan listens with exasperation as Charles rambles in an unconvincing fashion, eventually losing patience and knocking out the guards. Young Charles has one when Wolverine first visits him in He finds a man broken by despair. It's played with, as he keeps it for the entire movie, even after he has moved beyond his personal pain.

If he killed Kennedy, he would have immediately answered Charles with a speech as to why he had to die for the good of all mutants. It's not like he would gain anything from lying to Charles at this point. No, the only reason he might not tell the truth would be if he did kill Kennedy, but later somehow changed his mind and was ashamed of making the wrong choice. JFK having some form of super endurance would be plausible, considering his heroics after PT was sunk. It's pretty heavily implied to be a lie so that Xavier would be more open to accepting him and bringing him along.

He claims to have been trying to deflect the bullet but was stopped but this doesn't make any sense since the bullet is known to have curved mid flight but also still hit its target how could Erik both deflect the bullet but fail to change it's course?. And to make the point of this, when he goes after Mystique he does the exact thing he claimed he didn't do, curve a bullet to hit his target.

Writing wise it's nearly outright admitting that he lied about trying to help earlier. Nothing Metallic For some reason, there are mechanisms like elevator and electrical lightings in 's that can work without ANY metallic part. Well, they have semi-intelligent armed mechas without any metallic part. An elevator must be an easy thing. And how did the lights work again? You need electricity for such a things to work. I don't really see non-metallic conductor in 's and also, Magneto controls electromagnetism, so he can control electricity too.

Movies forgot about this! The movies have simply changed Erik's powers. He controls ferromagnetism, not all magnetism like in the comics.

x men days of future past soundtrack ending relationship

Furthermore, I'd need to look it up to be certain, but I'm pretty sure there all metals that conduct electricity without being magnetic. I know for a fact that ferromagnetism doesn't affect all metal; I think it's only iron, nickel and cobalt, as well as, obviously, any alloy consisting of them.

Quicksilver and Bullets How is Quicksilver able to move bullets around with his bare hands? His power is super speed, not stopping time altogether.

The bullets should have the same kinetic energy that they always have and bore through his hands just like they would in normal speed, only subjectively slower. It would have made more sense for him to block them with the various kitchen utensils laying around, rather than rearranging them like he was in The Matrix. Bullet's can go through many things, as proven by Mythbustersso using various kitchen utensils wouldn't have done anything.

Handgun bullets can't go through cast iron frying pans, and even lesser impact can be used to direct a bullet away from its path. Peter is moving so fast that time for him stands still. He's moving way faster with more energy than a bullet in fact he has to "slow down" to move them. You also have to consider that he's not so much moving the bullets as matching their speed and redirecting them. He pushed all of them from their sides, and that requires far less energy that trying to stop them.

In any case, grabbing bullets "in the air" and taking them out of people's way is a long standing tradition of comic book speedsters, in both Marvel and DC. This falls under Required Secondary Powers territory. Moving that fast would kill Quicksilver just from friction and inertia. The required secondary power is some form of super durability at least while he is in super speed mode.

These being plastic bullets fired from plastic guns, they're probably lighter and at least somewhat slower than conventional bullets anyway. Perhaps the sheer number of guards was to compensate for any reduction in lethality.

There's also the possibility that he was simply weaker and less skilled at the time. So he wasn't able to stop it like he could in the present, only re-direct it. If you pay close attention in the scene you see that the bullets actually do keep moving, albeit very slowly. They're notably closer to the team by the time Quicksilver redirects them than at the start. And as said above, he's moving so fast that he's got a lot more kinetic energy than the bullets.

Even so, just turning them slightly is extremely easy in his super-speed mode, while completely stopping them would take a lot of effort. Plus, as can easily be seen in the scene itself, he's a showoff. It's a heck of a coincidence that all the bullets are in the air simultaneously, and only inches apart. They would all have had to have been fired within a span of microseconds.

They more or less are — there's six bullets in the air and six guards. They just all fired at the same time. You could argue that they didn't know he would be out of commission from then until after the turning point, but Xavier clearly reacted to him beginning his fit, with implied recognition.

They could have completely avoided the final battle just waking him up then and there! It looked to me that while they knew something was clearly wrong, they weren't sure what it was. Xavier probably had Kitty keep Logan under on the basis that he might still be able to do some good.

And in each initial timeline, Kitty never breaks contact on her own. She seems to only wait until they can't wait any longer. The Ending What was up with the ending the s part? Why is Xavier completely absent during the extraction of Logan?

If it wasn't him who found Logan via his powers, then how did they find him at all? I highly doubt anybody would notice him plunging into the river amidst all the chaos. Why is she even there? Where's the real Stryker at that? Why are the cops just What the hell does she want with him? A person who was a mutant present for an attempt on the President's life. Even if he's innocent, the government would want him for questioning and the cops would easily swallow that. I suspect the whole rescuing Logan thing was done by Charles and Mystique together.

Basically to save the man that saved them all, both from what happened to him in the fight and from what Stryker would have done to him. And, remember, Stryker was working with Trask, very knowingly, including being there to assist him in selling the tech to the Vietnamese.

Real Stryker, in this timeline, is in deep shit. Stryker could, of course, turn evidence on Trask rather than go down with the ship. It's also possible his father was able to exert influence via the CIA to get him off the hook I seem to be finding mixed information over whether Stryker, Sr.

Is it just a scam to discredit him? But what's the point — the Sentinel program was cancelled, anyways. Otherwise what secrets, to whom, why would he? This one makes sense, there was the scene where he pitches the Sentinel Program to the Vietnamese after being rejected by the Senate But Trask is a businessman, he doesn't work for the government. Why would it be illegal for him to seek funding where he sees fit, if the Senat rejected him?

Trask may have been involved with the Government a bit more than we have seen. He was present during the whole "off the record" bit in the Oval Office. The war was over, so they couldn't even claim he was helping the enemy of his country. Selling weapons technology to Communist governments was a big no-no to any and all American corporations at the time, and could have led into charges of treason.

The Cold War was still very much a thing at the time. Trask selling weapons at a peace conference is a stupid move in the first place because it'd be a diplomatic scandal if either side shows interest in his ware at the conference site.

It's surprising he is even allowed in there. Though it'd be more satisfying if Trask were convicted for unethical experimentation and attempt to kidnap American soldiers who serve in the war. The fact that he made the deal at the peace conference i. Why is Charles letting Magneto go? Magneto is a criminal — he attempted an assassination and a coup, committed mass murder ratings or not, there's no way Sentinels' barrage didn't kill all those peopleand is guilty of massive property damage. The same goes for Mystique — I don't think refusing to carry out the assassination absolves you from responsibility, does it?

She did save Nixon's life and that of his cabinet despite having every reason to let Magneto kill them Charles has always been an idealist at heart who likes giving his enemies second chances. That just paid off for him, given that he trusted Mystique to do the right thing. Plus, the film repeatedly states the importance of keeping hope.

Giving hated enemies second chances is pretty damn hopeful. Call it what you want, but it's perfectly consistent with Charles' character and the themes of the film.

He has also seen and heard about his and Magneto's reconciliation in the Bad Future. With Charles' naturally optimistic personality and recent events taking a turn for the good, it shouldn't be surprising that he'd allow Erik to leave especially if there's a threat to his life with the hope that they could also reconcile or at least come to a truce in the near or slightly distant future.

And the same probably applies to Raven as well, perhaps even moreso because of her recent actions and Charles' desperation to protect his younger sister in any way he can. Mutants in the Ending Are we once again expected to believe that after mutants committed all those violent and destructive crimes, all the tensions are just going to disappear after some other mutants sweet-talked them out of it, but not apprehended the criminals?

There's absolutely no way the Sentinel program wasn't carried on, in secret, with Trask's arrest as a cover up story. Trask had tried to sell secrets to foreign enemies, and the spectacular, caught on live television, failure of his Sentinels makes him indirectly responsible for an attempt on the President's life and probably a couple other deaths.

While they probably did start up some clandestine solution to future threats, it's perfectly feasible for them to be wary of any solution Trask had to offer.

The government could have put more money into alternate anti-mutant programs, like say Weapon X. Who knows how different that program might be in the altered timeline. A Mutant Registration Act at the very least would be entirely believable - it wouldn't necessarily have to be sinister though you could see why Magneto would think sobut all the X-movies have shown that mutants are potentially dangerous and that the only ones capable of dealing with them are other mutants, so keeping an eye on them seems like a damn good idea.

Yet no only did the Mutant Registration Act not come to pass, but most people apparently forgot mutants existed!

X-Men: Days of Future Past - Wikipedia

There's no reason yet to automatically conclude that the Mutant Registration Act never came up in the new timeline, especially if we work from the assumption that the events of X-Men still occur in Broad Strokesfor which the Registration Act was the catalyst.

There's still about 30 years between the ending of Days and the timing of the original film for something say, Apocalypse to happen that leads to the drafting of the Registration Act. Another thing to consider is that mutants came out earlier in the new timeline. Even with all the acts of violence in previous Xmen films, things weren't horrible for mutant society, and actually seemed to be improving by Last Stand.

On the other hand, we still don't know how Apocalypse's appearance will be affecting the timeline. Given that it's, y'know, Apocalypse, it's entirely plausible his actions will significantly ratchet up tensions between mutants and normal humans in the aftermath. The important thing is that the Sentinels never got created. In that very public battle, it looks as if Trask's Sentinels were attacking the innocent people he had no idea Erik had put metal into them so he could control them. So that discredits him and has his research shut down.

So while the new future probably isn't a utopia, mutants are thankfully not being hunted to extinction by Sentinels anymore. Mutant Detectors Why aren't Trask's mutant detectors mass-produced and widespread?

Or at least why aren't some crucial institutions like the Magneto's prison, or President's security equipped with them? The detectors were apparently part of the Sentinel package. They wouldn't get them until after he'd gotten the proper funding. Which is profoundly stupid for someone as apparently brilliant as Trask. You'd think that mutant detectors would've been much easier to push through, then giant killer robots.

Besides that, most of the world powers don't believe mutants to be a problem like Trask does. And yet Trask himself doesn't have them installed in his own facilities or on the train that transports his mutant-hunting robots, and he almost never uses the one he carries with him, even after it had already identified a mutant infiltrator once, and he's aching to get his hands on said infiltrator, and he's supposed to be an anti-mutant paranoic. Trask says that the detectors can pick up a mutant from half a mile away right?

x men days of future past soundtrack ending relationship

So how come it only reacts to Mystique when she is in disguise and doesn't seem to pick up the other 4 mutants Charles,Erik,Hank and Logan heading their way until they're in the room? I think he only turned it on right then. If the detector occasionally spits out false positives perhaps the "identifies latent mutant genes as well as active ones" problem was already showing uprunning it all the time in front of people he needs to persuade would risk discrediting the detector tech — and the Sentinels concept that depends on it.

He'd leave it turned off unless he felt he needed to take that risk. It appears to be a prototype. What he seems to be asking for is funding from the government so he can mass produce these things. Plastic Guns They already have plastic guns.

They don't arm people outside his prison with them, or at least order the rearming once they know that Magneto escaped. Because they can't be certain when Magneto's going to show up next, and a rearming like that is going to take a lot of time anyway.

Also, someone had to have been re-armed with plastic guns, because Mystique takes one to shoot Magneto with and she was nowhere near his prison. That someone was Stryker, the one person who would be prepared for such an eventuality. At this time they probably don't have any more than the few his guards have at the Pentagon and they are probably prototypes.

It takes them over 30 years before they have the capablility to field armies armed entirely with plastic in The Last Stand.

Hearing the fight In the Vietnam episode, while Mystique is trouncing the officers inside the tent, did nobody at all hear them fighting from outside? How is that possible?

It's a big tent supposedly for quarantine and they right next to an active airfield with helicopters constantly flying around. The noise from outside is going to be incredibly loud and easily drown out the fight.

X-Men: Days of Future Past / Headscratchers - TV Tropes

This might be some sort of special secret base but the other troops are probably used to seeing and hearing weird stuff from the mutant team. With the extra secrecy, outside noise and the end of the war they either don't care or know not to ask too many questions.

It is quite telling that the mutant soldiers are moved to the plane without much reaction from the other soldiers. There's also helicopters taking off and landing, which would probably mute the noise somewhat. There were a few scenes of people reacting to the floating stadium, like the kids on the playground and the police chasing it. What you're probably thinking of is why no one at the demonstration reacted, and that's because they were distracted by the killer robots.

Considering the speed of the floating stadium, there was plenty of time for the military to see it, freak out, and warn the president. They should have been watching for something like this too, since they knew a metal-controlling mutant had recently busted out of a Pentagon prison.

That thing was making a beeline for the White House; they should have evacuated. The only way the Sentinels could have distracted them would be the scenes were out of order, and they actually started shooting people earlier than it seemed.

How do they warn him exactly? No cell phones or internet to rapidly spread the information. Once people saw it flying through the air, it would take at least half an hour for a news crew to get assembled and report on it.

By which time, Magneto will have already dropped it on the White House. Xavier alive Why is Xavier alive in the original timeline if he died in Last Stand Because the braindead person he moved his consciousness to was none other than his very convenient identical twin brother, who has been in coma since birth because Xavier basically accidentally Mind Raped him in the womb.

And he was also paraplegic? Of course he was paraplegic, he was comatose all his life. In Real Lifemuscles atrophy. We should be surprised his hands worked.

But he had at least a decade to build the muscle back up It's strange they didn't go with a simpler explanation: Or that his paraplegia is a combination of muscle memory and a psychosomatic reaction amplified by his powers.

Which would have then made the events in the past more plausibleif his spine had been healed in the interim Advanced medical science in a world that had DNA scanners by the '70s? Magneto claims that he was trying to bend the bullet away from JFK to save his life. If Magneto is telling the truth, then wouldn't the bullet have missed JFK if he hadn't intervened?

And if he started curving the bullet too late, unable to move it far enough to miss JFK, then how would anyone else know that the bullet curved? There wouldn't have been enough evidence to support a curving bullet in that range. Spur of the moment decisions. There's no way for Magneto to have known what the outcome would have been until it had happened, so he couldn't have known if it was going to hit or miss.

Chances are it probably would have missed if he hadn't intervened. Magneto is probably lying. Why would he try to derail the bullet from its path, when he can easily make it stop in midairor even send it back to the sniper?

Deflecting a bullet is easier than stopping or reversing it redirecting energy slightly is always easier than anything elseand we don't know the precise situation. It could have been that a dozen CIA agents were tackling him while he was struggling to stop it, which would have messed up his concentration. There's no way to know for sure, as the only witnesses are him and the CIA, who probably wouldn't have the full story.

Maybe Magneto deflected the first bullet but couldn't stop the others either from it exceeding his abilities or people intervening and breaking his concentration. In real life, the first bullet missed. The so-called "magic bullet" or "curving bullet" was the second bullet, but it didn't kill JFK. It was the third bullet that hit his head and killed him. Given that Magneto has a tendency to jump to the fatalistic approach, it's possible that he grabbed hold of the bullet too late out of surpriseimmediately tried to turn it back on the shooter as is his natureand was grabbed while he was turning it.

That would be some fairly improbable timing on all sides, however. IRL the so-called "Magic Bullet" is a myth anyway. The term is used sarcastically by conspiracy theorists who claim that the official reports have a bullet making two or three impossible ninety degree turns mid-flight, thus proving the official report is a lie. This is an erroneous claim, however, because it assumes Connally was sitting directly in front of Kennedy, requiring the bullet to curve to hit them both.

Connally, however, was sitting in a 'jumper seat' unique to the presidential limo, and was thus sitting in the middle of the car, diagonal to the president. When taking that into account, the bullet is shown to have travelled in a perfectly normal straight line through the two men. What this means for Magneto taking credit for the bullet curving is unknown. Likely the movie just ignores the reality in favor of continuing to perpetuate the well-known 'magic bullet' myth.

In the X-Men movie timeline, the bullet did curve. Quicksilver's father Was this film trying to imply that Magneto was Quicksilver's father? Because I don't know that Magneto is old enough for that. And Magneto is probably around 40 already. Inhe was what? So in the 70s, yeah.

Early to mid forties at least. The questionable one is Peter's younger sister, who is shown in a scene with her brother. While Peter could have easily been born several years before First Class, his sister appears to be no older than seven or eight-years-old at the most, which places Magneto firmly in jail at the Pentagon at least a few years before her birth.

So, probably a half-sister through their mother while Erik is only the father of Peter, who could've been born in Erik's late teens or early twenties. There's a deleted scene where a second sister is mentioned; presumably the younger sister is Polaris, and the unseen sister is Peter's twin.

It seems unlikely that the younger sister would be Polaris. In the comics, Polaris and Quicksilver are half-siblings through their father, Magneto with whom Polaris shares a power setand, as explained above, Magneto was imprisoned at the time younger sis would have been conceived.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past - Time's Up (Film Version) [Soundtrack HD]

If the little girl is Quicksilver's half-sister, it must be on mom's side. While Mom could be a mutant herself we see no evidence of that, but it's possibleit would be a ludicrous coincidence that she should pass on to her child the same mutant powers as were possessed by her lover of some years before the child was born. Not sure about the comic books, but movie canon as explained in X2 states that the mutant gene is passed through the X-chromosome, so yes, powers come from Mom.

The actual quote you're thinking of. This is all my fault. They discovered that males are the one who carry the X-gene and pass it on. So actually it's [your husband]'s fault.

Mutant powers aren't necessarily passed on by blood. It all depends on what the X-gene grants in terms of powers. Why is Pietro a super-fast mutant and his twin a Reality Warper when their father simply has control over magnetism? Sure, in some cases you get similar powers from father to son like Havok and Cyclops or Wolverine and Dakenbut you can also get instances of mutants fathering or mothering children with wildly different powers my earlier example of Magneto's children, for example.

As for the original point, Apocalypse confirms that Magnetos is Quicksilver's father. He's already invented giant killer robots; maybe he invented Concord earlier as well.

The only plausible explanation is that he took a flight immediately after the event happened, and got to the White House as soon as he landed. This would give American broadcasters just enough time for themselves to get the video footage for local news channels to report upon. Back then, they didn't have the internet or high speed communications back then, so many stories still didn't get reported until hours after it happened More time is actually passing than we realise, because the film cuts to the important events.

For example Raven checks herself into a hospital, gets stitched up and recovers. I can't remember the exact order of things, but the peace summit happens in the mid-morning. Raven is in the hospital by the night.

And Trask is at the White House the next day. It's the same amount of time it takes for Logan, Hank and Charles to get back to the manor roughly - so it's a little tight but still plausible. Sabretooth Where is Sabretooth in the original ? This was back at a time when Wolverine and he were brothers who spent every waking moment together.

He didn't think it was a bit odd that Logan vanished without a trace? Also, whilst we are on the subject why not recruit Sabretooth's help? Again, he was a good-ish guy at the time and probably would have helped if asked and, from a story point of view, it would have made a nice link to X1 where he was Magneto's henchman.

Creed was already beginning to show the violent tendencies that ultimately drove him and Logan apart at this time, though it is a bit tough to reconcile the beginning of Origins with the setting of this film, considering Creed and Logan were both clearly shown to have fought in Vietnam and were recruited there by Stryker.

The whole point of having Beast's serum let Xavier walk was to clear up that continuity error of Xavier walking in the 80s. In the original timeline he obviously kept taking it until at least when he recruited Jean, whereas in the new timeline thanks to Logan he stops in Logan fighting in WW2 Europe has not been retconned at all.

Replying to the above, what makes you think Singer cares about those continuity errors when he rather blatantly disregarded the X-Men films he didn't work on and used this movie to basically undo everything about X-Men: It's far more probable that Singer just does not care about the plots of the two movies he wasn't involved in and used the serum to create some character development for Xavier and stop the plot from being over in five minutes, rather than a half-assed effort to explain why Xavier was walking around in two movies he had nothing to do with and no reason to care about, while also doing nothing about the fact that Emma Frost was introduced in Wolverine Origins as a young girl, yet was killed and cut open in the backstory of Days of Future Past.

Or that Wolverine has never met Stryker up until Paris after the war in Vietnam ended, yet Stryker recruited him during the conflict in Origins. Even if we accepted that explanation, it falls flat right away as it's explicitly mentioned that the drug instantly starts blocking his powers, so for him to be able to use them to read Jean's mind he would have to be taking them in low dosages, but Days establishes that even at the bare minimum, Xavier can barely move when his powers start to kick in.

He wrote all five movies out of continuity, including the two that he directed. This movie explicitly settles numerous continuity errors with previous films. Emma in Origins is never once said to be Emma Frost. And again, as shown in this movie, Emma Frost was long dead by then, anyways another example of fixing continuity errors.

As for why he would care about cleaning up the plot lines of movies he was not involved in Also, let's not forget that the "Xavier walking in the 80s" continuity error was actually created by First Class, which Singer was the producer of.

There's no reason to think that Logan and Victor were joined at the hip or inseparable during their century together. When Logan had his '48 Panhead motorcycle fresh off the line for instance, there's no reason to think Victor also had one. To answer the original question: Then Wolverine immediately drives to X-Mansion and spends several following days flying all over the world with X-Men.

Maybe Victor went looking for him but never managed to catch up. As for why not recruiting him, remember that Logan lost his memories about him and nobody else knew that "he was a good-ish guy at the time" in the first place. The only conceivable way to shove Origins into the original continuity that I can come up with though, is by moving the brothers' recruitment to later date and some other conflict that US troops participated in.

US troops were in Vietnam till A recruitment in Vetnam gives Logan and Victor 4 years with Team X before Logan leaves in6 years later in Logan gets his adamantium and loses his memory he then lives for 15 years as an amnesiac drifter till when X1 happens. How is any of that "shoving" Origins into the timeline?

It all lines up and since we know that things like Gambit's timeline placement in the '80s are going to be kept for the next movie, we have to assume this is how it went. As far as Emma in Origins, maybe she was Emma Frost's daughter, which would explain their both having a diamond form.

Quicksilver's Headphones Aside from cinematic entertainment, what would be the point in Quicksilver putting headphones on and listening to music? The whole "Time in a Bottle" scene was great for the audience, but the whole scene happened in less than a fraction of a second — not long enough for his music player to even mechanically connect and begin playing music.

It's shown that Peter can accelerate other people if he's touching them, so maybe however his powers work also extend their influence to his cassette player when he uses them?

Perhaps, but he can move other people because he's using his speed to move external objects that are not part of his being. It's more likely that he would have to directly speed up the player through his own physical input for that to work out. Not only that, it's a cassette, it's analog you can physically speed it up what would stop him from just fast forwarding thus making it normal to him sped up? The boy hacked a Pong cabinet to play at his speed.

A tape player wouldn't be much harder. Cassette players are mechanical devices with moving parts and friction to worry about. Accelerating it to the kind of speed he was at for long enough to play that little snippet of song would likely cause it to burst into flames, or at the very least the tape would snap from the strain.

A lot depends on how his powers work. The kitchen scene shows Quicksilver moving normally while everything slows down around him. Also, the fact that he's able to move Magneto at such accelerated speeds without him tearing every ligament and muscle in his legs as Quicksilver is moving at speeds beyond what would be remotely possible for a normal human's body and only needing a supporting hand to the back of his neck to protect him from the sudden acceleration suggests it's far more complex than Quicksilver just moving extremely fast, perhaps even some sort of local Time Dilation.

Were portable cassette players even available in ? And if so, what about those tiny earbuds? Yes, earbuds were available then and going back into the 60s. The Walkman, however, was not. Sentinel Program a Secret for Fifty Years How is it that, besides a brief cameo at the beginning of The Last Stand, the characters had never heard of or at least mentioned the Sentinel program before the ending of The Wolverine, when the danger was already imminent?