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Akama stayed to fend off the attackers while the laborers were escorted to Elodor, where Akama caught up. As Akama believed that the orcs would not be foolish enough to attack fortified cities, Maraad explained that the orcish threat was not to be taken lightly and asked to speak with the Exarch Council. Exarch Othaar agreed with hearing the Alliance's plea concerning the Iron Horde but the meeting needed all the members. Naielle and Hataaru were found and brought by the commander while Exarch Maladaar and Akama were brought by Maraad.

However, as soon as they got together, Hataaru was killed and a traitor was among them.

Vindicator Maraad

Maraad stayed by them until the betrayal of Exarch Othaar was revealed and the draenei promised to help the Alliance. Afterwards, the vindicator started dealing with the attack on the Shadowmoon clan. He apparently battled Ner'zhul who gravely wounded him.

After Velen's purified Ner'zhul's Dark Star back into naaru K'ara and his subsequent death, the Iron Horde attacked Karabor and destroyed its defence crystal. Maraad flew to Yrel and told her about the attack and suggested to flee but she was eager to defend the temple. Vindicator thus suggested the commander to use the troops of the Garrison while they will lead them from above. Riding the fey dragons, they fend off the orcs and eventually Karabor was secured.

Victorious, Yrel and Maraad returned to Embaari and announced success. Four days after arrival onsite, Maraad visited Admiral Taylor's Garrison and suggested that Taylor send laborers to Elodor to acquire food. Taylor turned him down.

He becomes gradually driven by anger and vengeance as the campaign progresses through Gorgrond. With Thaelin Darkanvil they established an outpost - Highpass. From there Maraad sent Rangari Erdanii to deal with the threat of the Breakers on the north. Not long after, he sent the commander to assist her. Erdanii told the commander that she sees a danger fire in Maraad's eyes. Erdanii was successful in her mission and with the help of Draenor she retrieved the artifact Heart of Magnaron.

In the meantime, Yrel and her group of Rangari managed to get [Will of the Genesaur] and both were sent to Maraad.

When the artifacts were secured, the vindicator sent the Alliane and their allies to the north in order to attack a camp near the Iron Dock, which was a successful attempt. The commander on his journey stumbled upon savage beasts which he killed. Their trophies were brought to Maraad. Talador Maraad facing Blackhand.

Warlords of Draenor: Dungeons and Raids

Some time later ships of the Iron Horde arrived to Talador. Agent Bodrick Grey sent Maraad a message and the vindicator sent the commander back to Garrison. From there the commander was sent to an Alliance camp stationed by Yrel, Maraad and Thaelin.

Maraad was distrustful of Thaelin's inventions but those spotted an army led by Orgrim Doomhammer. The vindicator said that draenei should have wiped the orcs when they landed on Draenor. On his orders were the numbers of orcs reduced and he had their cannon, Dreadpistondestroyed.

When the orcish army in Tuurem was annihilated, Maraad joined Khadgar before Shattrath and began planning their counter-attack.

Maraad claimed that nothing will stop him from saving Shattrath. Soon after the attack beganMaraad was among the defenders. In the harbor he joined the attack on Warlord Blackhand who eventually mortally wounded him. He ultimately meets his demise, defending Yrel with the last remnants of his powers and with the words "In the light, we are one".

Maraad died saving the city he failed to save before. Orc and draenei lived alongside each other for years.

Warlords of Draenor Ending Cinematic (Extended Edition) - MAJOR SPOILERS

However, without demons to fight, the draenei became fixated upon the Light. The naaru then compelled them to spread their influence among the orcs, and they formed an army known as the Lightbound. A few orcs were converted willingly, while others had the Light forced upon them. Ogres also joined the Lightbound. While only Gorgrond is seen, it is considerably less forested than it was before, the sky is clouded over, and there is a green tint in the air.

The Lightbound accuse the Mag'har orcs of causing this, while the Mag'har in turn accuse the Lightbound of causing it.

Eitrigg and the old Commander arrived on Draenor in the middle of the war between the Lightbound and Mag'har, led by Yrel and Grommash respectively. Having been unaware of this and of the years that had passed from Draenor's perspective, the forces from Azeroth had intended on recruiting the Mag'har to the Horde.

Finally, the adventurers arrive at Blackhand's crucible and slay him. Next, Gul'dan confronts Grommash and the remnants of the Iron Horde. He again offers Grommash the blood of Mannoroth; Grommash not only refuses but also attacks Gul'dan but he is subdued by him.

With Gul'dan's offer of ultimate power, Kilrogg Deadeye, the Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow Clan, ignores Grommash's warnings and drinks the demon blood. The fel blood corrupts Kilrogg, turning him into a monstrous fel orc. Gul'dan assumes control of the Iron Horde and Grommash is imprisoned.

It is at this time that the adventurers, with the help of Khadgar, construct a naval fleet to invade Tanaan Jungle and take the fight to Hellfire Citadel to stop Gul'dan and his Iron Horde. Throughout all this, Khadgar works alongside his bodyguard, the Night Elven Warden Cordana Felsong, to grant the Commander a powerful boon by helping them create a magical ring that will give them the edge they need to face Gul'Dan. Catching wind of their plan, Gul'Dan reveals that he has brainwashed the alternate version of Garona Halforcen and sends her to assassinate Khadgar and the Commander, but Garona is defeated and the spell over her is broken, allowing Khadgar and the Commander to not only gain her as a valuable ally, but also allow them to finish the ring.

However, when the ring is finally completed, it is revealed that Cordana's doubts and frustrations with Khadgar's leadership, as well as corruption from a Shadow Orb she had recovered earlier, has allowed Gul'Dan to corrupt and brainwash her just as he did Garona, and the fallen Warden attempts to steal the ring on Gul'Dan's orders. The Commander defeats Cordana, but she escapes. When confronted, Gul'dan resurrects Mannoroth only for the adventurers to kill him and free Grommash, who actually joins them.

Gul'dan then summons Archimonde to invade Draneor and, with Yrel and Grommash's help, the adventurers kill him too. At the end of the battle, Archimonde in his final moment flings Gul'dan through a portal to Azeroth of the main timeline in order to fulfill his pact with the Legion, setting the stage for the next expansion.