Whack the burglars ending relationship

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whack the burglars ending relationship

Relationships .. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End; Uncontrollable Robot Man; Undertale (One of his most favorite games); Unfair Mario Welcome back, December; Welcome to the Game; Whack The Burglars; Whack The Creeps; Whack The Thief. Play whack your ex game and present your old boyfriend or girlfriend with sinister gifts that just show how much you value your past relationship with them. The end of Week 10 is nigh, and for many of us it's a chance to relax and with a clear conscience and a good relationship with local residents. as laptops/iPods /radios with you, and whack the burglar alarm on so that even.

Before he can do anything, the girlfriend will jump into the brand new card and ram your car on your ex-boyfriend. Use a Rocket Launcher You will see a brown chair, and a chair will be appearing on television and beer after clicking this icon.

The ex-boyfriend will take the advantage of the situation by taking a rocket launcher and destroy everything including ex-boyfriend to take revenge.

Boxing Gloves Give a present to your ex-boyfriend, and he will find a pair of boxing gloves. Use these gloves and beat the hell out of your ex. You can beat him to death and do a bloody pulp just like Rocky Balboa.

It will be an excellent revenge to take out your frustration. Run Away with the Dad of your Ex-boyfriend Your ex-boyfriend teased you a lot, and it is your turn to tease him.

Go out with the dad of your ex-boyfriend because some old guys look hot than this silly cartoon. Trap his dad and go out with his dad in his modern car. Shark Bait You can drop a huge shark on the head of your ex-boyfriend, and enjoy the bite because he will scream in anguish. This is the most painful way to dispose of your boyfriend.

whack the burglars ending relationship

Punch and Crap Punch in the face of your ex-boyfriend and let him fall to the ground. You will notice a telling blow on the head.

Whack Your Ex - Whack Your Ex Girlfriend / Boyfriend Online

You can make it more interesting by releasing a huge log onto his head. You will feel proud of after doing this with your ex-boyfriend.

These are just a few ways to whack your ex, but the game has lots of other interesting, funny and creative ways to take revenge. Some are disgusting, but you will get lots of options to give a punishment to your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend in your style. The game is just for fun, and save you from an actual crime. This same idea of multiples also applies to 6 5 — Another odd, not a chance 6 — See Point 4 7 — I actually got quite fond of 7 when I was at my worst.

The fear of miscounting only ever made me count more until a point that I knew I was at a safe number. Usually a multiple of 8 was safe as long as it had no association to So 48 was an absolute NO GO. As you can imagine, checking a door handle 32 times can do two things, knacker the handle itself but also my bedtime routine was beginning to get out of hand. I feel like everyone will reach a point with OCD where you realise how ridiculous the things that you are doing actually are.

The OCD Burglar

I was actively seeking out reasons to be scared. It changed overtime but here are the points I can remember that remained a constant throughout my OCD. Check the downstairs doors and windows Close my bedroom door but not fully, making sure that I could see the lock mechanism Turn my cupboard light on and off until I settled on a number and it was left on I had a cupboard under the stairs in my room which had a light in it, this was always on and is probably the reason my parents have never had an extension as It would have cost a bomb in electricity Check the cupboard for any burglars hiding in there Line up the crack of light from the cupboard to the right handle on my wardrobe.

Say goodnight to any people that were featured in any photos on the walls and also to any characters around the room ie. Check the drawers for any burglars Close my curtains, making sure there were absolutely no gaps for anyone to watch me while I was asleep In my eyes burglars would stop at nothing to have a peer in Then came the looking into the garden. This was the longest part of the routine and the scariest.

The idea was to peer out of the window and scan the garden for any intruders. I would do this multiple times and was probably the thing that I really had to restrain myself from repeating all night. Make sure that my pillow cases have the open ends facing the wall. This was because if the open ends faced my room that would mean that something was open and allowing for an intruder to enter, whereas if I pointed it to the wall, then the danger was next door. There had to be an end at some point, when I could stop the routine, but in my eyes the end would be a burglary so I had to keep going with it.

One particular thing that I had to do was blink at people a certain number of times. You can imagine on busy roads this would take a while. If that person then left my sight, then that would bring on anxiety and It would stay with me all day. You might have driven past this innocuous house, few of hundred metres from the police station, dozens of times.

I know I have.

whack the burglars ending relationship

He had worked on cars for footballers, movie stars and musicians. It was in this house that Gemballa was held for several days, his head covered in grey duct tape. His hands were tied behind his body with tape; his feet were bound together.

After three days his kidnappers attempted to secure a ransom from his wife, Christiane, in Germany. But he never called her back. The German was starved of oxygen, and died of suffocation.

They then wrapped his body in a black plastic bag and secured it with more duct tape. The men tossed him in the boot of a car and drove all the way to western Pretoria, where they buried the body in a shallow grave in an old cemetery in Lotus Gardens, near Atteridgeville. Gemballa lay undiscovered for months as the mystery about his disappearance lingered.

On February 6Gemballa left Germany and travelled via Dubai to South Africa, where he hoped to open a franchise of his company. Business had been slow and he was searching for opportunities to increase revenue.

whack the burglars ending relationship

Saphire assured Gemballa that he had financial backing for the project and the German was so excited by the prospect that he booked a flight to South Africa. Gemballa arrived in Johannesburg just after 9pm on an Emirates flight from Dubai on February 8 He only intended staying for two days and had booked a flight home.

CCTV footage in the international arrivals hall shows Gemballa walking into the passport control area at 9. Waiting for him on the other side was a man dressed in black pants and a black jacket and wearing a white-brimmed hat with a black band.

The man was holding a sign.