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vlr clover ending relationship

CLOVER: What did you choose, Sigma? CLOVER; END Edit . I guess there had to be some kind of connection between us being kidnapped and the terrorist . I'll also post a TL;DR at the end First of all, VLR Clover is not. .. He has his straightforward flirty relationship with June and is really good at. A page for describing Headscratchers: Virtue's Last Reward. is suggested by Phi in Tenmyouji's ending, Tenmyouji in Clover's ending and several other times.

Bodies began to pile up in the millions and then billions as people mass suicided by any means, creating an extremely nauseating stench from all of the mountains of rotting corpses. The humans who were immune to the disease were locked in underground shelters. Millions of graves for the deceased unleashed by Brother's anger and hatred of humanity, full of millions of mountains of dead, rotting corpses everywhere.

Some people would take a dive off a building or shoot themselves in the head. You know, the classics. But for some it was poison, or fire, or asphyxiation, or the noose Plenty of people jumped in front of trains or cars. One pilot on a passenger airline drove his plane into the ground.

Most forms of transportation ground to a halt pretty fast. That meant food couldn't get distributed, and thousands of people who weren't even infected died from starvation. Everywhere you went there were just I don't know what Hell's like, but I imagine it's a lot like that.

On April 13,humanity planned to eradicate the virus by blowing up 18 antimatter plants simultaneously, an event known as the Antimatter Plant Explosions. The explosion was abouttimes as powerful as the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. However, in doing so, the dust fallout blotted out the sun, killing millions of lives including plants and animals. The human population on Earth severely decreased, ending the Radical-6 pandemic. Eventually, life on Earth recovered aroundwith plants growing back and livestock, which weren't already killed repopulating once again.

There are still visible after effects though, such as the Earth appearing red from space, due to the ash preventing blue and green light from escaping, since their wavelengths are too short, allowing only red light to pass through. This makes Earth look red from outer space.

The Earth also became a wasteland. After the pandemic and plant explosions, 6 billion died from the total disaster. Well, that's basically what we got. The explosion threw a ton of crap up into the stratosphere, where it joined up with smoke and ash from all the fires. It blotted out the sun for seven years. Plants withered, and animals died by the millions. The few humans who were left banded together to survive.

vlr clover ending relationship

They were rough times. Sigma leads everyone to the B. Gardenwhere he unlocks the grave after remember the key tied to his ankle and seeing "tu fui, ego eris" on it. A treatment pod appears, presumably holding Akane. However, it must defrost for a while before it can be opened. While they wait, K explains about everyone's importance in the Nonary Game. When K finishes, the pod opens, revealing a Sigma clone.

Everyone is confused who he is, saying that they've never seen anyone like him before. Sigma tries to get everyone to stop playing around, but no one seems to be joking. Panicking, Sigma finds a small pond in the garden and looks at his reflection. Shocked, Sigma discovers his year old mind in an older version of himself. Akane strips K's armor in the B.

A timeline between and Suddenly, K sheds his armor showing that, in this timeline, K was actually Akane. Akane explains that this was all a part of the AB Plan and that his current young mind switched places with his older mind. Akane explains that Sigma was there to develop his time jumping abilities along with Phi.

From this, it is revealed: Sigma is actually in the body of Zero Sr. K, whose true name is Kyle Klim, is Sigma's cloned son, who Sigma can jump into if his body is destroyed, but Akane has been borrowing his armor and posing as him during the Nonary Game during the cyan door routes the armor was used to prevent his bones from developing weakly, due to him growing up on the Moon and the weak gravity, where the game actually takes place.

Phi about to be stabbed by Akane. With his training complete, Akane tells Sigma that it is his time to return to his past body. Akane then proceeds to attack Phi with the knife she recovered earlier from Dio. Sigma throws himself in front of Phi to protect her and is seemingly stabbed, but Akane merely hits him with the handle of the blade. Regardless, Sigma's and Phi's minds return to the past to April 13th,the day of the antimatter plant explosions.

A news reporter kills herself with a handgun to her head on TV on April 13, Sigma arrives in the past in Akane's headquarters on April 13, The building also contains three treatment pods, containing the frozen bodies of Clover, Alice, and Phi. Outside, Sigma hears terrified screaming and the wailing of sirens.

A TV turns on, a news report is running on it. A distressed and suicidal news reporter talks about the destruction caused by Radical-6, hopes for a day when the virus will disappear from Earth, and shoots herself in the head with a gun.

A year-old Akane walks in, wearing her Zero mask and a Free the Soul robe. She tells Sigma that they are in her headquarters on April 13,and are about to leave to go to Rhizome 9 tomorrow and that a Moon shuttle has already been prepared for him, Alice, Clover, and Phi. Akane talking to Sigma during the apocalypse. Akane tells Sigma that the Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition is about to be set up, and that she attacked him in order to stress him out and cause him to time jump; she knows this because her own esper powers allow her to see the future.

She also explains the purpose of the game and how Sigma has to spend the next 45 years mastering genetic engineering and AI programming to make the AB Project work.

Ambidex Edition in order to succeed. After that, his consciousness would go back to December 25,so he and Phi can help her investigate the Mars Mission Test Site and stop Radical-6 from ever spreading out. She says that it is up to Sigma and Phi to prevent the outbreak of Radical-6, which originated at the Mars Mission Test Site, and save humanity. She likes being called "Clover-chan" and being thought as "hella moe ", but can become extremely violent when prompted, going as far as to kill four others to avenge her brother's death, as seen in the Axe Ending of Clover tends to not speak a lot in a large group, and talks a lot more in a smaller group.

Clover does have moments of intelligence. She seems very proficient at performing computations, as seen in both the Captain's Quarters and Operating Room the latter when discussing the weight of Lucy's parts. Clover can be compassionate and cares about the welfare of those she believes deserve empathy. She expresses genuine concern for Sigma when he risks allying with Dio. Furthermore, she cares deeply about her brother and her friend Alice. Clover does everything to try to stay with Light, unless he goes against her intentions.

She also has a sense of justice and feels bad about unfairness, saying "It just As seen in the laboratoryClover seems to care about animal welfare and becomes upset and sad when a frog's corpse is dissected by Dio, showing empathy and compassion. She gives the frog a name Lord Hoppingtonsuggests reviving the frog through CPR, and even offers to kiss the frog in case the frog is a prince.

At another time, she gives an artificial jellyfish the name "Ellen". Clover can also be very moody and emotional, mostly when it involves her brother Light or her friend Alice. Clover is very close to her brother, and when the corpse in the shower room that everyone believes is Light's is found, she becomes very quiet and depressed.

vlr clover ending relationship

She isn't afraid to say what she thinks, yelling at Junpei and June to leave her alone and is not afraid to anger Seven, even using profanity. During the time when her brother is thought to be dead, she became very violent when she was around those who she suspected killed her brother. For the most part, Clover doesn't trust others and is very secretive about any information that she might have.

When Light dies, Clover wonders if every other player is behind it. When Alice is found dead, she thinks that everyone except Quark, who was unconscious at that time, worked together to kill Alice and threatens to kill them all. This indicates that Clover can be somewhat paranoid and pessimistic. She believes in revenge and kills those she believes is responsible for her brother's death in the Axe Ending, and even Junpei, who is innocent. Phi once noted that getting through to Clover when she is upset is extremely difficult.

I'd have about as much luck talking to a potato right now. This is noticeable in Virtue's Last Reward. While she does not seem to be suffering from major post traumatic stress disorder, it is evident that the Second Nonary Game took a toll on her and has given her a lot to think about. However, she sometimes has immature moments in VLR, and seems to be ageist. She has a tendency to be a bit of a ditzy airhead at times and is rather naive.

She misreads the pantry door as "panty", thinking the room contains underwear instead of food. In the laboratory, she offers to do CPR for Sigma if he becomes poisoned. In the laboratory, she nesciently says Brazilians speak Brazilian, to which Sigma corrects her with Portuguese. She wonders "ice cream by the gallon". Sigma call her one "idiotic girl". Clover replies "Oooooh good one! She is upset and offended by Dio betraying Luna and having her BP be negative 1, despite that she is already dead as if her BP somehow actually still matters, prompting Dio to reply, "What?

So she's going to die again? Its character traits revolves around worrying, fear, doubt, finding faith, courage, and bravery. Its basic desire is to have support and guidance. This relates to Clover's role in the game and how she worries when Light disappears. Clover wants and needs reassurance, from Light, Junpei, and the other players as there is evidence in the game that she has intense connections with the people she trusts.

This also applies to her relationship with Alice and Sigma and even Tenmyouji when he reveals his identity. Background Clover in the First Nonary Game.

Clover was born in November While she was little, she became very close to her older brother Light. At some point, her brother was injured in a car crash, blinding him and severely injuring his arm to the point where he received an arm amputation. It is unknown if Clover was also involved in this crash. Clover helped Light cope with his blindness, and she acted as Light's eyes. They essentially became inseparable. When she was 9 inClover, along with eight other children, were kidnapped and placed inside of a building known as Building Q located in Nevadabasically meant to be a carbon copy of the Gigantic interior, to play the First Nonary Game.

She was placed there because she, along with Ennea Kashiwabara and the 7 other children with her, had a close sibling and she passed a Ganzfeld Experiment test at one of Cradle Pharmaceutical 's hospitals. Cradle thought that Clover could excel at transmitting messages through the morphogenetic field.

A bit disappointed about the ending... (HUGE spoilers)

Her brother Light was on the Gigantic, along with a sibling of each of the children, the lone exceptions being two children on the Gigantic, Aoi and Akane Kurashiki. It is unknown how Clover's group was rescued from Building Q, since it is never said in game how this occured. Much of Clover's life between is unknown, other than that byshe had recently graduated from high school.

In November9 years after the First Nonary Game, she and her brother, along with seven other people by Zerowere kidnapped for the Second Nonary Game. She woke up in a room on D Deck with her brother and quickly escaped from it. Clover eventually met the other players on the central staircase. Zero's voice appeared on a loudspeaker and told them the basic rules of the Nonary Game: When the players were deciding on what their codename would be, she decided to choose her own name as a codename, since it matched her bracelet number and no one would know it was her real name.

It is unknown why she did this, although it's possible Clover wanted to surprise everyone by revealing her real name is Clover as a joke later on, since this was before she realized the seriousness of the Nonary Game. Teruaki Kubota holds Clover at knifepoint and threatens to slit her throat if the other players don't comply with his demands to open Door 5. When the group realized that one of the players Teruaki Kubota didn't give a codename, she approached him and asked him what he wanted his codename to be.

Kubota told her he didn't need one since he had a plan and to demonstrate what his plan was, he quickly took her hostage with a knife and began ordering everyone around, saying that he would slice Clover's throat open if they did not do what he asked. She was let go, although Kubota sadly met his death when he went into Door 5 alone to investigate what was beyond it. A few minutes after Kubota's death, the players decide to split into teams.

If Junpei chooses Door 4 She had decided to go to Door 5, mainly because Light was going to go through the door. She, along with Ace, Light, and Seven went into Door 5. They explored the 1st class cabin and casino and wandered around, examining the numerous hospital rooms.

If Junpei chooses Door 5 Junpei insists on Door 5. As a result, Clover is annoyed that she is separated from her brother, but agrees to enter Door 4 with June, Santa, Lotusand Ace. She explores the 2nd class cabin and kitchen. Just go AWAY and leave me alone! Just looking at you guys is pissing me off!

vlr clover ending relationship

Everyone meets back in the room, excluding Light, which causes Clover to start to worry about him. Despite Santa's protests, the players split up to try to find him. If Junpei attempts to talk to her, she lashes out at Junpei and June, telling them to get lost. After aimlessly searching and a lack of results, Lotus has a proposal that will allow the group to move on. She suggests that they split into two groups of 3 and leave one person behind.

vlr clover ending relationship

After a little bit of arguing between June and Lotus, Lotus decides to ask the other players on their opinions. She walks up to Clover, who was sitting on one of the beds and convinces her to agree with her plan by introducing the possibility of finding Light behind one of the numbered doors. Ace volunteers to be the one to stay behind, creating protest from June. Lotus urges them to move on, and June tries to convince them to stay put.

June rushes up to Ace to try to get him to come with the group. Ace slumps and falls on the floor. June lifts him up to reveal that he has injected himself with Soporil.

Ace falls asleep and June reluctantly leaves him to rest on the bed.

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A remorseless Lotus mentions that they can't let his sacrifice go to waste and Santa reminds them that they still have to pick teams. Clover states that she must find Snake.

If Junpei chooses Door 3 Should Junpei choose Door 3Santa will say that that is impossible, as it would leave yet another person behind and asks him to choose again. If Junpei insists on Door 3 a decision which, according to later dialogue, is motivated by the desire not to leave Junehe will then trick Seven and June into authenticating, and finally scans it himself.

It didn't work for everyone, but enough folks picked up on these where developer intent seems clear. They wanted us to think Snake was in the K suit, thinking we were smarter than the game and figured the twist out, patting ourselves on the back. That's what they wanted us to think so the ending was all the more sweet when we saw something more shocking inside the suit. Janthran Janthran 5 years ago 6 Most people decided earlier that K couldn't be snake, though.

There was kinda the deal with Snake being blind and K not being able to feel. Fun reference that I just caught: Nine planets, nine players. Each player could actually match up to a planet, but I'm not sure whether we're including Pluto or Sol. I'm just throwing things out there again- Could Aoi and Sigma be the same person? I mean, we've seen the fake memories thing before, right?

You can't pull that off in a third person game, but this is first person. Is Clover working for FzS? She could be a mole sent in to misdirect Alice. Go read Alice's backstory with that mindset. It's pretty scary, actually. There are heavy implications that FzS have someone in the government, too.

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There's no other way they could just hijack a government test facility like that. It seems to me as though you are nitpicking. I would know, because I'm kind of an expert. Given that she's the character we actually see the most and was the only one to be in all 3 nonary games as an active participant Well except Akane, technicallyI'm definitely not writing off her role as being over, especially since the answers clearly tell us that ZE3 will tell us more about Snake and Santaand having him without her just feels wrong.

Also, that same ending suggested the same with Alice, which I find more suspicious because, much like Lotus, her role and connection seemed the least significant. Her most significant role was to decrypt the code through integer factorization, a task that takes a long time for modern computers and requires a quantum computer There has to be more about her, like her father's connection with clones and the obvious ALLICE plot that was always in the background for two games.

I've read the link you posted and I really enjoyed it, definitely has some interesting bits, so first of all, thank you.

Second of all, here's something I thought about Snake: Ace did the nonary game because he wanted to access the morphogenetic field to bypass his prosopagnosia. What if Snake has done something similar to bypass his blindness?

If he can "see" through the field, he could get information out of it, which would account to his incredible knowledge, and provide the same link as "Brother gets his information from the morphogenetic field".

Seems like a natural progression of his powers as a receiver, the parallel of Akane's development from a transmitter to something beyond Symbolized by her wardrobe change in from pink to purple-ish. Unless there's something in the games that suggests otherwise - you seem to have done your homework. Janthran 5 years ago 8 Maybe Clover is Snake's eyes.? Like she sends what she's seeing to him directly, so as long as they're near each other he can see fine? Alice Her "father" was a biotechnician.

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And that's why I use "father" with quotes. Same relationship as Kyle and Sigma, right? Alice is the first living quantum computer. Someone prove me wrong. HomerHedgehog HomerHedgehog 5 years ago 9 Obviously most of these theories and speculation have strong evidence, but I feel it's important to at least bring up that everything should be taken with a grain of salt. Stopping Radical-6 is a different plan entirely. He was also the one who ordered Phi not to reveal any information to?

This could have story implications, but it could just as easily be as simple as "Sigma and Phi fail cause the player wasn't there to help them. It's implied that there is more to Akane's plans which would allow them to return to their time, but there's no guarantee they themselves will be directly involved in anything, even if it's very likely. For all we know, that's merely what he told the Myrmidons and Brother's true goal is to create the world's greatest ice cream sundae.

As such, it's unlikely that Akane's plans are merely "Stop Radical-6, everybody super happy now," but expecting that in a series like this would be silly. Now everyone carry on with your theories. Just remember that any one of these bits of logic could be the next "Seven's memories" mystery. There's a whole world of answers out there that might never be answered in the games.

This should go without saying.