Until dawn wendigo ending a relationship

Character traits/relationships? : untildawn

until dawn wendigo ending a relationship

my understanding was that a character's traits and relationships reflect how I assumed that if she kept it she could have warded off the wendigo that bit rather than individual butterfly effects was Emily's interview at the end. I am yet to see someone create a perfect play-through of Until Dawn. If you give the gun to Em so she shoots the Wendigo, it means that Matt has . Emily to be nice to Matt in the end, even though that ruins his relationship. Joshua Washington, known to his friends as Josh, is one of the eight main Until Dawn .. Mike and Josh are ambushed by Hannah (now a Wendigo), who either kills him on the spot, . On Josh's end, his relationship with Matt is the lowest.

JackNief JackNief 3 years ago 1 The game changes dialogue depending on how you play the game, and how you choose to talk to other characters. For example, you could be sweet and protective toward Jessica as Matt and their dialogues in the cabin change accordingly.

Josh and Sam

Anyone know the dialogue options to get the best possible relationship outcomes and still keeping everyone alive? Then at the tower, you must give Matt the flare gun and he won't fire it because of the previous decision. Then when Emily is hanging on after the tower goes down, make sure to save her twice. You'll end up being attacked by the wendigo, but the flare gun will save you. Emily loves Matt and both survive When penguins have sex, the female lies on her belly and the male climbs on top with his feet and puts his rump around her rump.

It's called the cloacal kiss.

until dawn wendigo ending a relationship

Mike must be heroic, witty and sweet and be sure to save her by taking all the shortcuts when she's kidnapped. Josh replies to her by saying they lock it to "keep out strangers".

until dawn wendigo ending a relationship

When the masked man stops in his tracks, Sam, regaining her breath, walks over in disbelief as the man reveals himself to be none other than Chris, who happily declares that they "just got monked". After Sam asks him if he was in on it, he denies his involvement by complementing Chris, saying that it was "too good" and later playfully teases Sam for being frightened by the experience.

After Mike and Jess leave the lodge, Josh follows them and hands them the keys to the cabin before departing again. Chapter 3 Josh playing with the spirit board.

until dawn wendigo ending a relationship

A few hours later, Josh, along with Chris and Ashley, play with the spirit board. Chris chooses Ashley to start them off as she is a "recent convert".

After the board replies by needing help, A scared Ashley asks who they are, per Chris' request. The board responds with one answer that startles them all: Now visibly distressed, Josh initially wants to find out more about what the spirit is saying.

Chris becomes very skeptical, but Josh tells him to shut up and tells Ashley to ask which sister they're speaking to. She does so, and the cursor glides to 'yes'. Chris then says that if this truly was Hannah or Beth, they could finally tell them what happened the night they disappeared. When they ask the spirit, the cursor rapidly glides to different letters to make a plethora of words, such as 'killed', 'proof' and 'library'.

Just as the group was figuring out the board's clues, the cursor and the board suddenly flies off the table.

Until Dawn: All Cutscenes of Best Ending All Survived(PS4/1080p)

The group feels different emotions; Chris feels rather entertained while Ashley is shocked. However, Josh, riddled with disbelief, is emotionally upset and becomes annoyed with them. He doesn't understand the situation and wonders if it was a trick for him to deal with his grief.

Jessica and Matt

Ignoring their pleas, he ignores them, saying that they're full of it before storming off. Ashley then asks Chris if they should check up on him, to which he replies that he needs to left alone for a while.

Understanding his feelings concerning his sisters, Ashley states that she doesn't blame him for it. After some time, they follow the spirit's last words and head to the library, where they pick up a clue and wander around the house, looking for Josh. Not long after, Josh screams from the kitchen and Ashley tries to break through the doors, only to be suddenly pulled in.

until dawn wendigo ending a relationship

Chris shouts her name and breaks through the seemingly locked doors and looks around for them. He momentarily sees Ashley but a strange man comes out of nowhere and knocks him out. Chapter 4 After waking up, Chris is slightly dazed with a large bruise on the left side of his head.

Worried about his friends, he picks up a torch and follows down a pathway seemingly made for him. Along the way, his worries increase as he sees blood splatters on the walls and floorboards, Ashley's bloodied pouch and a pig head. He then approaches a shed and walks inside, shouting out Ashley's name. She then responds, frightened as to what's happening. He tries to reassure her before a light is suddenly turned on, revealing a contraption with Ashley and Josh, who is still unconscious, chained to the side of a board.

Sam can evade him, but if he captures her, he will knock her out with either gas or a needle. Chapter 7 If Sam had successfully escaped the Psycho, she will come across his workshop. Here, Sam will learn more about Josh and his mental health problems, and ultimately deduce that Josh is the Psycho. When Josh reveals his identity, Sam will be shocked, questioning his motives.

until dawn wendigo ending a relationship

If she found the workshop clues, she can say that his name was written all over the prank and that it was a cry for help. Chapter 10 Alongside MikeSam searches for Josh while down in the mines. Down here, Sam can find out the truth about what happened to Josh's sisters and urge Mike to hurry in finding Josh.

She and Mike will find Josh talking to himself in one of the caves.

Perfect Playthrough [SPOILER] : untildawn

Mike will snap him back into reality, and Sam will inform Josh about Hannah if the clue was found. Sam's knowledge will ultimately save Josh's life. She'll obtain the cable car key from him, and leaves the mines on her own, sending Mike and Josh back the other way.

When Mike meets back up with her in the lodge, Sam will ask Mike what happened to Josh. She will be saddened to hear that the Wendigo got him, saying it's an awful way to go. Credits In Sam's interview, regardless, she will always comment on Josh.

She will talk about how after his sisters disappeared he would confide in her, and how she thought they had a connection. It's evident she feels betrayed by what happened between them, but her tone pities him.