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Dec 22, Although Mutta loves space, frequenting JAXA as much as possible, to the . a strained relationship with his older brother, not speaking to him for two years. . Players start off as a female who met with a car accident at the age of 5. . your choice, you're welcome to skip below this to the ending sequence. Mar 23, Uchuu Kyoudai ended the way it spend the best weeks of its run After having spent so much of his life defining himself in terms of his relationship to his brother , it seems While I'd certainly admit that the second year of Uchuu Kyoudai .. Option 5: $ USD - monthly, Option 6: $ USD - monthly. Jun 30, Space Brothers isn't as widely known as some of the flashier sci-fi anime series, Twenty years later, Hibito joins the ranks at NASA, while Mutta gives up his childish Americans Brian and Eddie Jay, and their relationship is put up as a the crap out of him with a never-ending series of foolhardy stunts.

Mutta is inevitably chosen to undergo the initial exam, and his quest to catch up to his little brother begins. A relatable main character Mutta's lucky enough to experience things the average person will never get to see, but he's so self-deprecating and dorky that it's hard to get angry with his incredibly steady journey from office salaryman to potential astronaut candidate. He constantly can't believe his own luck, although he's got the obvious smarts to earn a spot in an astronaut training class.

His interactions with other people are incredibly awkward, and each episode is peppered with his internal thoughts as he berates himself for his social ineptness. The guy overthinks everything, from what sort of groceries he should get on his first trip to an American grocery store to how he should address his new American neighbors. This is the kind of guy who wears a Stetson and aviator sunglasses to fit in with the rest of Texas.

Although Mutta's the main focus, he's far from the best candidate in his class. He's older than most of the other prospective astronauts, but what he lacks in relative youthfulness he more than makes up for with experience and ingenuity. He's not the strongest, but he's a pro at problem solving. A decade of working in the automotive industry taught him to keep a cool head under pressure and push himself for creative solutions to difficult problems.

Mutta Nanba proves that you're never too old to pursue your lifelong dream. A motley crew of endearing misfits Mutta can't carry the entire show alone, and it's his rivalry with younger brother Hibito that drives him to work even harder. Mutta is serious-minded, while Hibito is much more playful.

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In fact, it might have been Hibito's willingness to take chances that allowed him to go in for astronaut training first, even as his older brother gives up that dream to go into a more reliable, Earth-bound career. Mutta's constantly second-guessing his behavior around his younger brother, and he still wants to act the role as older brother and mentor.

The two brothers' parents stray very far from the expected role of retired parents. They don't spend their golden years sitting around the house, letting their grown sons do whatever they wish, because they can't be bothered. Nanba can often be found yelling at Mutta on the telephone and encouraging him to get his butt in gear so that he can join his brother. Nanba doesn't say very much, but he dons a dazzling array of retiree gear.

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It seems he has a T-shirt for every single occasion. I guess when you have time to shop for clothes, you can eventually collect a wardrobe that matches your every mood Not all of them make it past the initial exam to the next stage, and what's surprising is that these characters aren't berated as failures just because they didn't make the cut.

Becoming an astronaut is an astonishingly difficult task, and the show doesn't shy away from showing how difficult it is to join NASA. And even for those who are skilled enough to make it through to the astronaut training program, only a select few of those are actually picked to go on a mission. When Serika Itou was a child, her father, a respected genetic researcher, suddenly fell ill with a mysterious disease, which was later diagnosed as ALS.

As her father weakened from the disease, he continued to investigate it in the hopes of finding a cure. Eventually, he passes away, and Serika has made it her life's goal to continue her father's research and develop a cure for the terrible disease. Mutta adores her tenacity and her love of food and of Star Wars.

An isolation exercise brings them both closer together, but for all of Serika's investigative prowess and her extraordinary empathy, she's the last person of their group to figure out that Mutta's sweet on her.

Kenji Makabe is a classically handsome see the Superman-like spit curl on his forehead? A family man with a young child to support, he joins the training program for the simplest goal of them all. Weary of his researching job in a photochemistry lab, he wanted to experience something other than monotony.

His goal is probably one of the more fanciful dreams among Mutta's fellow trainees, but, again, Kenji is so good-hearted that it's hard not to root for him as well.

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Initially, Mutta's jealous because Kenji seemed to have it all, and he seemed so willing to throw it all away for a shot at going into space. Mutta soon discovers that Kenji's incredibly passionate about space travel, and since Kenji's affable nature allows him to get along with other people with ease, he's essential for a mission to a possible space colony.

Nanba Hibito and Mutta The story focuses on our main brothers, both born on very different days in history. Hibito is lucky, and Mutta is unlucky, although that is more according to Mutta.

Mutta, the older brother, always wanted to stay ahead of Hibito. Hibito would play the guitar, and Mutta would play a trumpet as it was the hardest to play. They had the same dream, and both supported each others dreams.

As kids, they met an astronaut named Mohri, who took a picture with them and put his hands on their back, almost as if he was encouraging their dream.

Hibito, who was always seen as a little lazy by his brother, not being good at English, and using hiragana over kanji for convenience, soon surpassed his older brother. Hibito got better grades then Mutta, was more popular, and even played in his high school baseball championship. I really enjoy Mutta as a character, he is smart, and at time serious, but quickly can become humorous as he fawns over Itou Serika and has amazing inner dialogue.

Nevertheless, Mutta is highly observant, remembering people and things, that others would never notice. When getting off the bus, Mutta is the only one to notice the time on the clock, later being able to figure out the correct current time from that observation. Also, Mutta is able to remember all the other people in the restaurant in Houston before being robbed by one of the customers, who is basically taken out by Apo and Mutta teamwork.

The most impressive use of his observation skills, is when he remembers Vincent Bold, from the party after becoming astronaut candidates. Although he didn't talk to anyone and was sitting by himself, Mutta remembered where he was sitting and what he was drinking. I was really surprised at this, even Itou didn't notice him.

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Mutta, although being a genius, is always overshadowed by his talented younger brother. Mutta later realises when talking to Vincent Bold, that his biggest enemy is himself, as he is the reason his journey to become an astronaut was delayed. Mutta visits him in Houston multiple times, but he really gets to shine once he lands on the moon.

Its pitch black, with no light from the sun coming through. All he could see was the beauty of the bright stars above him. He is able to find the other astronaut who fell in with him and acts as a hero in that dangerous moment. Hibito tries to insulate the damaged spacesuit, as he is freezing to death, and decides to save both of them, rather than just himself.

Hibito ends up in more danger in the process, falling and damaging his own space suit, puncturing his oxygen supply. He goes to investigate a flash and is reminded of Brian. The experiences astronaut who chose him for this mission and metored Hibito before dying on one of his missions due to a parachute failure.

It was a doll of an astronaut that said Brian on it, and Hibito begins to suffocate before seeing Brian slowly walking towards him. This figure of Brian walks towards him, at a very slow pace while Hibito is literally suffocating on no oxygen left and is dying. That figure of Brian turns out to be an oxygen unit rover called Brian 3 named after him. Hibito was saved by Brian, helped one last time. Brian and Eddie Jay The Jay brothers grew up with the same dream as Nanba and Hibito, they wanted to become astronauts.

As children, they bought astronaut statues labeled for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, however, as the names eventually faded they wrote their own names on it. Both brothers became experienced astronauts, Eddie still had his astronaut figure on the ISS with him, while Brian left his on the moon. Brian is an important role model to many throughout the series. We first see Brian, during the 2 weeks Mutta spends inside the training module for the 3rd exam.

They show all the candidates the video of Brian and crews death while returning home from a mission from space. When the astronauts were crashing towards Earth, Brian stayed calm and never seemed as he feared death. Brian wanted to make sure NASA got as much data about the accident so they could learn and prevent it in the future with younger astronauts. Brian always seemed cheerful. Hibito was Brian's back-up astronaut in case something happened to him before the mission.

During training, Brian Jay, the experienced veteran, would always come everyday to help him, even though he never admitted it. Brian also was the one who recommended Hibito to go on the mission to become the first Japanese person on the moon, this is because he understood Azuma.

Azuma, another Japanese astronaut with the most hours logged in space than any other japanese astronaut in history, was expected to go on the mission, however, Azuma, loved his family, but hated the media.