Trilby notes ending a relationship

Trilby by George du Maurier

trilby notes ending a relationship

Trilby has ratings and reviews. Petra Eggs said: I've finished the book now, and so expanded the SC note to include something of a review, below. For more videos with Gabe after LDO has ended feel free to check out /r/ keepetclassy as well! . To my knowledge T never had a male-male relationship that And, from Trilby's Notes onward, it's shown he no longer handles. Let's Play The Chzo Mythos by Quovak - Part Trilby's Notes, Part 4: Equal Opportunity. with a being of pure evil, and ending the event with some good old domestic violence. This sort of relationship shows up throughout the series.

The hotel's ruined, there's blood everywhere I saw this horrible man! The idea is that she became horribly depressed due to realizing the abusive nature of their relationship. She doesn't seem to hold it against him, though, and is more than ready to run back to him for some perpetuation of domestic strife. Tall, thin, long black coat?

Enough to know you're lucky to be alive. I remember those times he look ominously at me but otherwise didn't bother me, as well as that time I kicked him and suddenly felt good enough to not consider him a threat anymore.

I also remember all those times people dispatched him by getting on their knees for a second. Then I remember him killing off a whole tribe because somebody carved a crate. He's a bit unpredictable. He didn't notice me, so I ran up here to hide. How did you get past the doll? Trilby, what the hell is going on? I think Yahtzee was trying to go for a Silent Hill "They look like monsters to you" kind of self-doubting horror. It might work if this were ever brought up again or if the alternate realm weren't explicitly stated to be an objectively real place not yet; there will be the obligatory info dump next update I told you what would happen if you followed me into the shadows.

It's your fault for liking a racial minority and letting me kick you in the face.

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Take these tranquilizer pills. When you calm down, the hotel will go back to normal. I don't need to run away anymore.

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Where are you going? Dialogue has been replaced with the taglines to really bad B-movies, spoken as the lead-up to Trilby putting on sunglasses while walking away from an explosion. This is why you should have compared notes before abruptly splitting up for no reason.

Notice the immediate whiplash from "It's time to end this" to "I have no idea how to end this" a full ten seconds later. Wait a second, I never got around to reading the letter I took from under that rock.

Trilby, I am very close to ending this. Meet me in the hotel basement, I must show you my discovery. I still say that this game at its worst still tends to be miles ahead of 5 and 7 at their best, but I'm not sure it's possible for Yahtzee to foreshadow this "plot twist" any less obviously. The first of those against whom the Prince sought vengeance was the Woodcutter, he who had held the axe that first felled the Tree.

The Prince came to him and his son, and he struck the Woodcutter down, and the Woodcutter knew the name of the King. And the Prince turned to the Woodcutter's son, and he said "You I shall let live, for you are young and are of the innocent, and that you may go among your people and tell them of what I will wrought. And the Woodcutter's son fled, and told all of what he had seen, but the Men of Technology are arrogant and his words were unheeded.

Friend to children everywhere.

trilby notes ending a relationship

In case you can't tell from the final victim page and lack of any remotely useful items, we're almost done with the game. As always, we get to travel back to the farthest possible area from where we were, where there's suddenly a three-inch hole we can crawl through. This can be quite easy to miss. Around here, reality shifts happen every few seconds. Quite convenient that we happened to investigate a hotel containing soul wood and five different items relating to all the major events in the history of the soul wood on the day that magically affects the soul wood.

Equally convenient that wood doesn't decay the Tall Man mercilessly slaughters worms and harvests fungi, I guess? This was it, I was certain. The remains of the tree that Boyle and his father cut down, its wood being later used to construct an inn, a harpsichord, a shipping crate, and an idol. I could feel that same scrabbling in my mind that I had felt just before all of my visions. This time it was the stump itself that seemed to be beckoning closer.

Cabadath, a Celtic druid, awaits the return of his friend and colleague Galdn, who brings news of the invasion of Anglesey by the Roman Suetonius Paullinus. Having fallen out of favor with his fellows for certain radical beliefs and activities, Cabadath lives in solitude in this remote forest clearing, and prefers not to travel himself.

trilby notes ending a relationship

Yahtzee claims to have made a point of getting his history at least fairly accurate, and the thread has pointed out that his "politically correct history" was actually more accurate than my complaints about it were.

In this case, Yahtzee does describe something that actually happened, except for the fact that Paul l inus attacked in 61 AD, about a century after this.

So close, Yahtzee, so close. Also, July 28th means absolutely nothing when you factor in an isolated area from two centuries ago, nor does it mean anything in a more objective sense due to the length of Earth's orbit around the sun averaging slightly more than an even number of days that is, there's only a rough correlation between how long it takes the Earth to rotate and how long it takes to revolve around the sun, so trying to attribute this date's consistency to anything besides cosmic calender-watching is equally meaningless.

But I eventually digress. They could not be deterred by our sorcery. Even you, out here, will be brought down within days. Remember my discussion of geography?

This site is right where the soul tree will grow, which is all of feet from the ocean. The imagery and descriptions like this being a clearing in a forest utterly fail to reflect this. And the great druids of Anglesey bow so easily to this brash foreign power? Perhaps the activities for which I was ostracized could yet spell an answer. You know of my dealings with the Ethereal Realm? I know what you claim. Come inside, and I shall explain. The Ethereal Realm, also known as the Realm of Magick when Yahtzee wants to be a bad fantasy writer or the Realm of Magic when I transcribe text and omit extraneous Ks, is the "dark world" that you shift into when you get sad or walk around for a minute.

In my dealings with the Ethereal Realm, I have learned of many powerful demons and elementals. But there is one spoken of only reluctantly, a beast possessing of awesome power [sic].

The Chzo Mythos Part #23 - Trilby's Notes, Part 6: Strict Screening Processes

You plan to summon a demon? Indeed, the ONLY pain elemental, ruler of a desolate wasteland where none venture.

And today is his day, the day when the boundaries between our realms weaken, and he glimpses our world. Again, this will be textdumped next time, but the basic idea is that July 28 is when the realm of magic and realm of technology us can interact with each other. Once again, a date is a pretty horrible thing to use as a constant as though it's a law of the universe sbut consider this the first in a long line of "magic" as a cop-out explanation.

This scene was a late addition. Originally Siobhan was just going to seduce him, but having this game's female characters fulfill the roles of slut, service industry worker, raped trophy wife, and victim of childbirth wasn't being progressive enough.

He compromised by turning "slut" into "raging idiot", possibly in a misguided attempt to make people think he was John Steinbeck. W-well, he has an interest in the occult, and there's some nonsense story going around about it.

I don't remember hearing about that in any of the reports. No, you wouldn't have, it wasn't widely I could feel cold sweat dripping down my spine. Every fiber of my being was concentrating on not giving any outward signs of alarm as Siobhan spoke of my secret name with wide-eyed enthusiasm.

In other words, Lenkmann was completely right about all of his concerns and Trilby is cocky without being able to back it up by anything. I would say that Lenkmann is actually somewhat competent, but this will be proven spectacularly incorrect a few updates from now. I came here to talk about Have you EVER been an antique dealer?

The outfit, the hat, Terry Railby You were in DeFoe Manor, and now you've come here to finish off the ghost! So not only was Trilby's "disguise" entirely nonexistent, it still managed to somehow fool Siobhan, who as of five minutes ago had a huge fascination with the character.

She's like a two-year-old who just figured out the trick behind Peek-A-Boo, and this was the more female-friendly version. I always knew there was something Will you take me with you? The Prince is a simple man whose hobbies include murder, hanging around blocks of wood, and making absolutely sure he doesn't forget what day it is.

Trilby manages to trip over the hole in the floor and decides that getting back up is for wimps and sensible people. Instead, he reverts to the popular "Back self against wall for protection" strategy. Meanwhile, Yahtzee continues to move the feminist movement forward by having her seduce Trilby anyway, disguising it as an entirely heterosexual lapdance with a being of pure evil, and ending the event with some good old domestic violence.

Siobhan was out cold, but uninjured. She would probably be safe on her bed while I continued my investigation. Which he immediately uses to justify rifling through her possessions. Keep in mind that this is supposed to be our protagonist. We're supposed to like him. There were a few textbooks, a half-empty water bottle, and a large folder marked "Omalley Family History". This, I decided, was my quarry.

I flipped through the pages until I reached the information relevant to the 18th century and read my discoveries out loud. The owner at that time, Jacob Omalley, placed the blame somewhat irrationally on a shipping crate which family alleged to be haunted and that had been on the ship at the time.

Yahtzee's love of lineage always conveniently allows names to stay the same over long stretches of time, like the year stretch in which Abed's descendants continue to have the name Chahal. There are all sorts of reasons this "research" shouldn't work, like Siobhan not taking her family history to a hotel or more than one Omalley having written his name on a box, but coincidences are easy to write. It goes that a strange young man came to a carpenter's at the Liverpool dockyards with a very expensive-looking harpsichord, which he insisted be smashed up and the wood used for whatever purpose the carpenter desired.

He refused to leave until the instrument had been utterly broken into its component parts in front of his eyes, and the wood sent to be made into crates for Omalley shipping. When pressed for his name, the man identified himself as one Jack Frehorn. I'm pretty sure this harpsichord is haunted and evil. I want you to take steps to ensure it gets split up and spread around as many different parts of the world by as many different handlers as possible. So, what trifle have you been wasting your father's money on now, Jack?

It looks like a virginal. A harpsichord, actually, in the Flemish style. Well, I suppose I should be grateful that something is distracting you from the occult for once.

Trilby (novel) - Wikipedia

I should have known. So, what devilry inhabits this magnificent instrument? The harpsichord is made of evil Prince soul wood and someone is about to die. Let's foreshadow that in a novella. I'm going to get a better looping version of this up when I get around to doing things I say I will. That night, Jack was stirred from his bed by the sound of music emanating from his new instrument. His first thought was anger, because the harpsichord was an antique, never intended to be played.

But then he listened to the haunting melancholy tune, and felt his stomach roll inexplicably with fear. Wilbur, is that you? Wilbur, in case you haven't noticed, is Jack's entirely heterosexual friend who happens to platonically share a bed with him.

This sort of relationship shows up throughout the series. The sparsely-furnished room below Jack's bedroom was dominated now by his new harpsichord. The same instrument was now being tormented at the spindly hands of the emaciated intruder. The tall man was playing a haunting melody on the harpsichord. Except for his hands, his body was completely still. Jack could not take a step further, because he realized with a lurch that he recognized the dark figure that sat at the keys.

He had read of this strange entity that recurred frequently in stories surrounding the Unicorn Inn and the objects that were later constructed from its wood, and he knew with absolute certainty that the Tall Man would destroy him were he not destroyed first.

trilby notes ending a relationship

Just felt I'd give you an idea of the kind of text I've been cutting out, lest you think I'm not doing you all a favor. Jack took the gun with him, to confront the intruder. As opposed to providing moral support.

I could have sworn I am a worthless, craven fool, not worth a second of your precious time! I beg you, spare me! I will redeem myself for my offense. I will be yours forever, my body, mind, and soul. Thank you, my lord. In the commentary, Yahtzee feebly tries to explain why this happens, besides "I needed a plot", of course.