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This Walking Dead premiere line gives us a huge hint about the finale

Nov 24, Infinity War's ending was EVEN bleaker for Asgardians The Walking Dead s5, episode 7 recap: Preparations for war . for war, providing us with another opportunity to reflect on each character's relationship with violence. Emily Kinney as Beth Greene in The Walking Dead S05E 'Slabtown&. "Slabtown" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is the fifty-fifth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 2, Jul 21, The Eisner award-winning comic series The Walking Dead finally has an expiration date. Series creator Robert Kirkman admitted as much at.

But my knowing was irrelevant since, as you said, the whole thing was brilliantly executed. Is he going to do anything this season besides spend his time earning five bucks an hour babysitting someone?

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Anyway, what about dat Grimes? Holy shit, if you wanted a darker, more decisive Rick, you certainly got it in the church.

That whole scene was brutal. Nothing he said was going to save his life, and everyone knew it. I have to admit, I thought Rick was just going to shoot him, and I was stunned when Rick brutally slaughtered Gareth.

She has a lot of good qualities, but she always burns you in the end. Did you notice in the disagreement between Ford and Rick over leaving Carol and Daryl behind that Glenn seems to have stepped into the role of Old Rick? The way he tried to mediate between the two was just like Old Rick would have done in the past. Glenn was the only person in the room who could mediate that because he has history with both, and I really do think Ford has a lot of respect for Glenn thus the reason for demanding he and Maggie join him on the trip to DC.

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It's not quite enough to kill him, though. Negan fights Rick to the ground, then passes out. Rick insists that Negan's life be saved, despite the objections of Carl, Andrea, and pretty much everyone around him. They instead put him in a makeshift prison, intending to keep him there for life.

This appears to be the moment displayed on the show, when Rick echoes Siddiq's words earlier in the premiere, whispering, "My mercy prevails over my wrath. Image Comics Taking Rick's red-rimmed eyes and shakiness at face value, if that flash-forward does follow on from Rick taking down Negan, the show version of Rick seems to grapple with this choice a little more than his comic counterpart does — but that's in line with what the show's been doing.

Book Rick tends to be just a little more level-headed at times, while Andrew Lincoln's version of the character can be a little more emotional. Steven Edwards supposedly saved Beth from a walker. They then took her back to their sanctuary -- a hospital -- to treat her fractured wrist and other injuries. When Beth finally woke up, the new group of survivors were quick to introduce her to their motto: As if she needed saving in the first place!

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The rest of the episode focused on revealing the strange dynamics of the hospital survivors. The standout, by far, was a police officer named Gorman who successfully managed to make me cringe every time he appeared on screen. All his interactions with Beth were deeply uncomfortable, especially the scene with the lollipop. While I was sufficiently disturbed by this unpleasant scene, I have to give props to Emily Kinney, who plays Beth, for managing to express everything I was feeling in that moment: