The vampire diaries season 6 episode 7 ending relationship

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the vampire diaries season 6 episode 7 ending relationship

Ivy gets captured at the end by Tripp. Stefan and Damon reunite. , 6, "The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get", Garreth Stover. (Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not watched Friday's “The Vampire Diaries” series finale episode, entitled “I Was Feeling Epic.”). "Do You Remember the First Time?" is the 7th episode of the sixth season of the American The Vampire Diaries episode. Episode no. Season 6. Episode 7. Directed by and longing with the deliberate if piecemeal doling out of key plot points." since it stopped paying attention only to Damon and Elena's relationship.

Hurt and upset, Damon heads to the Whitmore Medical Center to take out his frustration on Alaric Matt Davis because he is no longer an enhanced Original vampire that can make Elena remember who Damon Salvatore is. Damon invited himself in order to see Elena but he was stunned to see that his girlfriend is now dating Liam Marco James.

At the event, Tyler Michael Trevino and Liv Penelope Mitchell continue to grow closer to each other after the witch made a huge sacrifice of killing the guy that Tyler hit at the corn maze so his werewolf curse will not be triggered. Damon finally meets Liam, then compels Elena's new boyfriend to get drinks from the bar and asks Elena to dance with him in an attempt to make her remember that she loves him.

the vampire diaries season 6 episode 7 ending relationship

Meanwhile, Enzo Michael MalarkeyMatt Zach Roerig and Stefan Paul Wesley captured Tripp Colin Ferguson and the Augustine vampire wants to know the vampire hunter's plan as well as his associates because he does not appear to be a one-man-vampire-busting-operation. Tripp reveals that his other connections are also tracking vampires like Caroline Forbes Candice Accola. Stefan warns Caroline about Tripp. Caroline initially shut off Stefan's warning and offer for help but a phone call from her mom, Sheriff Forbes Marguerite MacIntyrechanged her mind because the men that took the sheriff wants Tripp back or Caroline's mom will be dead.

Stefan told Enzo that he has two hours to torture Tripp for information and then he can kill the vampire hunter. Caroline is now in a rush to get to Enzo first before he kills Tripp.

While taking off the chains on Tripp, Enzo realizes why Caroline behaves differently with Stefan particularly with the hate attitude she exudes. She's got a thing for you mate," Enzo revealed. Caroline decides to put that topic aside and focus first on their mission of saving her mom.

At the Mystic Falls border, Tripp's connection agreed to hand over the sheriff if Stefan gives them Tripp back. The trade was successful until Tripp crossed the border and started to bleed.

The vampire hunter died in front of Matt and Stefan realized that Enzo turned Tripp into a vampire. Plot[ edit ] The episode starts with a couple camping outside the Mystic Falls when on their way to the car, they are attacked by a vampire. Caroline Candice Accola tries to find a way to break the spell that keeps them away from Mystic Falls while she believes Stefan Paul Wesley tries to find a way to bring Damon and Bonnie back when in reality he lives in Savannah where he works as a mechanic and he is in a relationship with a girl named Ivy Emily C.

Chang ignoring Caroline's phone calls and voice mails.

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When Elena calls him to ask him how the research for bringing Damon and Bonnie back is going, Stefan tells her that he gave up because there is no way to do it, he said his goodbye and moves on with his life. Sheriff Forbes Marguerite MacIntyre gets a phone call about two people submitted to the hospital with marks on their necks and tries to find the vampire who attacked them.

It is later revealed that the vampire who attacked them was Elena as a result of the herbs Luke has been giving her so she can see Damon and talk to him. In season 1, Caroline found Stefan attractive, but he had eyes only for Elena. Later, when Stefan saved Caroline from Damon, they did become friends.

In S2, after Damon turned Caroline, Stefan became her mentor and voice of decency, keeping her from becoming just a bloodsucking fiend. That bond would sustain them for several seasons, though after Elena moved on to Damon, Stefan found himself feeling more than buddy-thoughts about Caroline. As so often happens, though, problems got in the way of true love.

the vampire diaries season 6 episode 7 ending relationship

They did get together eventually, but then Valerie came along and Stefan wound up running from Rayna with her. In the end, Stefan returned to Caroline.

Of the three besties Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline, Bonnie had the least love-life activity over the run of the show. She spent far more of her time working to master magic, fighting off danger or using magic to save everyone else, frequently at the risk of her own life. Their second relationship ended when Bonnie perished, though of course she came back later.

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Eventually they just parted as Jeremy, having discovered he was a hunter, wanted to be off slaying vampires more than he wanted to make out. Perhaps their lackluster relationship is for the best. He survived eight seasons of Vampire Diaries staying flesh-and-blood the entire time. Mortal characters drop like flies in Mystic Falls, but he survived.

In between there was some romance, but it was sparse. At the end of season 4, Rebekah convinces Matt to join her on a summer in Europe, getting hedonistic and forgetting about duty or vampire hunting.

He jumps at the chance.