The sea inside ending a relationship

The Sea Inside Movie Review

the sea inside ending a relationship

euthanasia:the act or practice of ending the life of an individual evidenced by a sensitive and deeply felt new film from Spain, The Sea Inside. Each of these relationships is different from the others and each of the women. In the end, Ramon gets his wish, despite losing the case, for the petition, was the interpersonal relationships, between Ramon, and his family. As "The Sea Inside" opens, Ramon demands the right to die. in his senior year; a few years ago I got news of his romance and marriage.

The different characters that appear in the film represent a human universe of attitudes when faced by the onset of an unexpected disability, with their different reactions, feelings, behaviours and processes of adaptation, while at the same time weaving a natural support network to cope with daily life. The supporting characters are also brilliant. In this respect she comments: Am I not a slave too? How do you think I felt when I had to leave the sea to come here, to get some kind of money out of this crappy piece of land, to be with you: All of us your slaves!

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So, all right, and I understand that other quadriplegics might take offence when I say that life like this is not worth it, but I am not judging anyone, am I? His stubbornness against attachment to life is obsessive, and his desire to die becomes pathological.

His rejection of resources that might improve the quality of life of people with quadriplegia technical means, suitable environmental means, etc. The judges are portrayed as lacking humanity, with gloomy features and solid arguments that refuse to see his point of view: What are 2 metres?

An insignificant distance for any human being. Well, for me those 2 metres that I need to reach you, to touch you even, are an impossible journey, a chimaera, a dream.

This position contrasts with what his brother says: I want the best for him; everybody in the household wants the best for him. So, why should he want to die? The result is a sensationalist film focused only on its marketability. In spite of this, it does not succeed in completely reaching the viewer, possibly due to the mediocrity of its stylistic resources and its dull and superficial plot: The concept of happiness portrayed is materialist and individualist.

The film establishes a parallelism between quadriplegia and euthanasia. There are no counterarguments provided by complementary stories of other people who live cheerfully despite being quadriplegic; testimonies that, by providing a broader view of the issue, would enrich the development of the line of thought defended by the scriptwriters and the director in the plot. It is not that I or Ramon don't appreciative the love and compassion my family and friends have for me, but love alone is not enough, to take away the physical and emotional pain that comes along with having to live such a limiting, unnatural way of life.

Ramon's family was deeply invested and involved in Ramon's overall health, and well being. He had many interested, caring friends. I too have an abundance of love, and support. I am blessed with a strong network, of family, friends, and medical staff, to support me, and provide me with the best possible care, given my condition, and my limitations. I am grateful for the love, and interest my loved ones take in helping me, and being there for me.

Unfortunately, love alone, is not enough, to counter balance the physical suffering, emotional trauma, loss of indepedemce, and losing the life I once had. Neither is very probable, or likely to occur, within the near future or realistically speaking, even within the next decade. I understand Ramon's wish to die, and respect his decision. Its not to say I think all quadriplegics should die, or that their lives aren't worth living.

I can only talk for myself, as did Ramon. He was not satisfied with having to endure the indignities that we're forced to face every day, every second.

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We don't get a break, and all the love in the world doesn't heal this type of injury. It doesn't take away the fevers, the cold sweats, the lack of privacy, or independence. After all, only Ramon knew what it was like to live in his shoes, and the personal hell that he had to endure, for almost thirty years, against his will. For me, and Ramon, paralysis is worse that being a prisoner.

Life; Paralyzed: "The Sea Inside"

We are being punished, by being forced to live through unnatural means, against our will. That isn't fair, nor is it humane. I can't speak for other quadriplegics, I can only speak for myself, about my struggles and the physical, and emotional impacts that paralysis has had on my life. I don't judge people who want to live this way, by calling them crazy, for giving in, for settling, for enduring, despite all the pain.

the sea inside ending a relationship

I only know what I lost, what memories haunt me, what standards I hold myself to, and what brings me joy and fulfillment. It's easy to judge, when you don't have to deal with a fraction, of what I or Ramon went through, and in my case, continue to endure.

No one has to sit every day, battling my inner deamons, frustration, disappointment and disgust, over the way I'm forced to live, but me. I think everyone should have the right to determine their own level of worth, and value, in terms of living, versus suffering.

Let me worry about my own soul. Unlike Ramon who cleverly had a chain of people prepare him a glass of water, mixed with poison, which he ingested, through a straw, on cameramy conscious would never allow me to jeopardize someone else's freedom by making them criminally liableor share the burden of the responsibility, for my death, by asking friends, or loved ones, to carry out, my wish to die. Ramon Sampedro was someone who had come to terms with dying and was mentally stable enough to make this decision, and this scared many people throughout the world.

This movie put Ramon in the public spotlight and hence aroused many political debates about the topic. So, how does this play into our talk about euthanasia? The one theme from this film that I believe should be tied into the discussion of euthanasia has to do with the value one persons life to another person.

In the movie the filmmakers, believe it or not, do not spend a lot of time initially setting the scenario as to why Ramon wants to die so badly. Of course it is addressed constantly throughout the film but there is not a time in the movie where Ramon has a monologue or a narrator describes why he wants to die.

He does mention that it is not life at all to be trapped in a body he resents and a mind that is not capable of loving. I truly believe that it is impossible to be in the head of someone that is suicidal or has come to terms with taking their life. Whether it be my young age or experiences with the subject I just find it very difficult to think in that mindset.

However, I do believe that the filmmakers realized their audience might feel the same way. For this reason they instead approached the topic through the eyes of multiple other characters. Personally, I was able to relate to these supporting characters far better than I could Ramon. This is until Ramon finally leaves to go to the beach and kill himself at the end of the movie.

The film makers do an outstanding job of showing how these two women change Ramon while he simultaneously changes them and their outlooks.

the sea inside ending a relationship

The most important thing about these two characters in my opinion is that both of them, at one point or another, realize that true love for Ramon is someone that is willing to help him die. Julia is initially associated with the legal team that wants to take on the challenge of helping Ramon die.

Also, by writing a book about Ramon she is helping him and all those in his situation by publicizing his story. However, over the course of the film, as she falls in love with Ramon, learns more about him, and her own condition deteriorates, it becomes apparent to her that she does not really want to help Ramon die because she values his life too much.