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the cave hillbilly ending a relationship

Oct 21, The Cave's cast of characters: from left to right, knight, hillbilly, time give your brain a workout while keeping you entertained for hours on end. Feb 5, How To Get The Bad Ending: Complete the Cave as normal. Funnier Than A Burning Carnival: Unlocked during the Hillbilly's segment. Jul 19, The pair traveled across Scotland and ended up in Ayrshire, where in the caves unnoticed by locals and incestuous relationships between.

To start this, you guys have to know who Ron Gilbert is. He's a writer and director. He worked on Monkey Island 1, and 2. But then, of course, life happened, and he never did it. The series continued on without the true revelation.

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And Ron kept making games One of those games in particular plays into this theory. Ina new Ron Gilbert game was released Naturally, it was a massive tourist attraction. Complete with gift shops and props. The premise of the Cave was as follows; You play as any three adventurers you choose, and enter The Cave. Inside the Cave, they are confronted with their 'sin,' something they had done or are willing to do.

It usually came at the cost of others' wellbeing. And it was usually motivated by selfishness, greed, ego, etc. Spoilers from now on, but you probably already expected some. At the end of the Cave, the adventurers are confronted with one of two choices. Either give up the thing they desire most to preserve the wellbeing of others, which results in thr happy ending Or keep whatever you desire most, and receive a bad ending.

Another thing to note is You cannot die in the Cave. Whenever you do, you are returned to another place or a different state. Now that the intro is out of the way, let me get to the meat of the theory. I think the real Secret of Monkey Island is that it's simply inside the Cave. They share tons and tons of themes, designs, and even actual brands. They both feel like theme park rides. The Cave IS a theme park in itself. But throughout the Monkey Island series, things definitely do not add up.

From the very first moment you set foot on Melee Island at the start of Monkey Island 1, you're treated like a passenger.

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Guybrush is constantly told to play along because, and I quote, "It's pirate lingo. A Fairly Odd Summer the third in the live action The Fairly Oddparents films, is pretty jovial and filled with the usual shenanigans of the series until the climax where Timmy falls into lava trying to stop Foop from taking the Abracadanium.

He only survives due to the artifact turning him into a fairy of his ten year old form for some reason and, due to this, he ultimately has to let go of Cosmo, Wanda and Poof as his godparents. The only good that comes from it is 1 His godparents become ones to two siblings they befriended and live close by and 2 This is an Alternate Universeso it's not canon.

A Day in the Country: Most of the film plays like a comic romp as a mother and daughter go on a day trip to the countryside and have sex with two randy farmhands. Then the last five minutes of the movie jump forward an undetermined number of years, to find Henriette the daughtertrapped in a seemingly unhappy marriage, having come back to the inn and met her randy farmhand, Henri.

She weeps as she tells him that she thinks about their passionate fling every night. Ant-Man and the Wasp is a lighthearted caper flick, a great mix of action and comedy and among the lighter of the MCU films. Mister Roberts is set far from the front lines of World War II with the zany antics of a manic ensign, a doctor who's Seen It Alland the Only Sane Man Lieutenant Roberts trying to keep a frustrated, bored crew from going crazy under the tyrannical captain of a cargo ship.

The climax of the film is Roberts hurling a palm tree over the side. He finally gets the transfer to a destroyer that he's been pining for the whole film, the hapless Pulver is promoted, and Roberts sends an epilogue letter.

Then Pulver opens a second letter, crumples it in shock, and announces: American Graffitia Coming of Age nostalgia drama about four young men graduating from high school inwas headed for Bittersweet Ending territory—one of the four friends is going off to college, another will probably soon be getting married, things won't be the same.

But the "Where Are They Now? Literature In the final chapters of Tottie: The Story of a Doll's House, one of the dolls is burned to death. Mostly Harmlessthe fifth book of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxyends with all but one of the protagonists dying horribly. The author, Douglas Adamsdid plan on writing a sixth book and ending the series on a happier note, but his own death prevented this.

A more upbeat sixth book was eventually written. Xinran's Miss Chopsticks is a fairly upbeat book about three sisters making their way in modern China and finally gaining their father's respect.

The Author's Note at the end reveals that of the three real-life girls the characters were based on, one was then forced into an unwanted marriage, one lost her job when her employer was shut down for distributing banned books, and the third disappeared.

Played with in the Captain Underpants series. At the end of the ninth book, Tippy Tinkletrousers accidentally creates a post-apocalyptic timeline and apparently gets crushed to death, and the book appears to end with a textless two-page spread of Scenery Gorn Doubly so when you realise that Tippy's disruption of George and Harold's arrest seen at the end of Book 8 and the beginning of Book 9 had yet to happen.

The novel Breathers is a horror-comedy about a world where the recently dead randomly reanimate but still retain their minds and have no civil rights, are used as lab animals and are even destroyed for fun in the streets.

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The protagonist Andy eventually becomes a celebrity who fights for zombie rights and really seems to be making a difference despite that fact that he and several other zombies secretly eat people, since human flesh reverses zombie decomposition, makes their hearts beat again and even makes them able to have children.

Then at the very end Andy, his pregnant zombie girlfriend Rita and his zombie best friend Jerry are attacked by fratboys who burn Rita and Jerry to re death. Knowing which fraternity is responsible, Andy then gathers their circle of zombie friends and attacks the frathouse in a Roaring Rampage of Revengeslaughtering everyone inside despite knowing full well that this will utterly destroy the zombie rights movement.

While some of their armed friends rescue them after their capture, they face a Bolivian Army Ending with the police closing in and nowhere to run. This all happens in the last twenty pages. Fortunately, despite the ending implying otherwise, Andy survives to a sequel, I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus, where he does get a happier ending. In its ending, James marries the beautiful Tracy Draco and drives off into the sunset, but their car breaks down. James steps out to inspect the damage, while Tracy is simultaneously killed by Irma Bunt and Ernst Stavro Blofeld in a drive-by shooting.

This ending has become one of the most memorable in the Bond franchise, and it isn't hard to see why. The Winter Queen has Lady Astair letting Fandorin escape from her suicide bomb after Fandorin promises not to hunt down the members of her Azazel secret society. But the Moscow police start hunting down Azazel members, with Fandorin being involved against his will.

the cave hillbilly ending a relationship

The book seems to be ending happily, with Fandorin having solved the mystery and getting married to his beloved Elizaveta. However, the remnants of the Azazel group get their revenge in the last two pages, via a bomb that fails to kill Fandorin but does kill his wife.

In Oscar Wilde 's short story, The Star Child, the eponymous star child finally learns An Aesop about humility and not judging others based on their physical appearance. He is rewarded for his troubles by being reunited with his royal birth parents, and eventually succeeding them as a King. Then the story ends with a sentence saying that the star child would die young, and that the ruler after him is a cruel tyrant.

Although the book sometimes discusses faith in more serious tones, it generally maintains its breezy air right up until about five pages from the end, when the protagonist's poor judgment in driving kills her adulterous lover. She then spends the remainder of the book musing about the relationship of love and faith and ultimately seems to decide that she is destined to die outside of the church, which she believes to be the path of salvation.

Turbo, being based on a parody sentaiwas written as light-hearted even compared to Power Rangers in general. However, the ending is downright depressing. The Rangers have to sacrifice all of their Zords and all of their weapons to defeat Goldgoyle.

Dimitria and Blue Senturion leave to help Zordon, who has been kidnapped. The Power Chamber is raided and destroyed. The Turbo Rangers lose their powers and can't stop Divatox from taking over the Earth.

The Inbred hillbilly cannibal family that inspired Hollywood!

The only reason she doesn't is because she is called away by Dark Specter, who has been behind all of the previous threats facing Earth. The four teen Rangers leave with Alpha 6, powerless, into space to find Zordon, with no idea if they can find him, or whether they can even rescue him if they do find him.

Justin stays behind to be with his dad. It is, so far, the only season to end on such a sour note.

the cave hillbilly ending a relationship

It's more of a new chapter. The ending of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers came close, but the start of Zeo reversed most of its more serious consequences back to the status quo, whereas the start of Power Rangers in Space took the Sudden Downer Ending and ran with it.

The finale of Blackadder Goes Forth gradually abandons the gallows comedy that the series displayed with the looming shadow of death over the main characters and tragically shows the inevitability of it. Made all the more sad because the same trope was played in two of the previous series for laughs.

Justified in that playing the result of the finale for laughs this time would not have produced the best reaction given the subject matter.

The criticism ends up much more effective by having audiences empathise with the characters. Also because for anyone with any emotional investment in WW1 read: Writer Ben Elton's uncle, an eminent historian specialising in the period, was outraged when he first saw Blackadder Goes Forth and practically disowned him for what he saw as trivialisation of the war.

After seeing the final episode, he wrote his nephew a letter apologizing and praising him for the way it was handled. And the ending was nearly an accident, being almost entirely fixed in post, as seen here.

The finale of the original Roseanne series, where it's revealed that the entire series was a book Roseanne had written after Dan died of a heart attack.

the cave hillbilly ending a relationship

When the series was revived, the death was retconned to be part of the book itself, with Dan possibly jokingly being annoyed about it. In the last episode of Alf our wise-cracking alien protagonist is captured by the Alien Task Force, presumably never to be seen again by the Tanners.

The producers were told they'd get a TV Movie to Wrap It Upbut it wasn't until years later that it actually happened, and the tone of it was distinctly darker than the series. At the end of season two, Maid Marian was brutally murdered at Guy of Gisborne's hands, changing an upbeat family show into something unimaginably bleak, and without any hope for a happy ending.

Bizarrely, season three tried to regain its reputation as a family show, but the fed-up actors left for greener pastures, ensuring that the show ended with the deaths of Robin Hood, Allan-a-Dale, Guy of Gisborne, and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Despite the gutted cast, there was an attempt to introduce a Legacy Character for Robin Hood, but the show was not commissioned for a fourth series.

The show ended with the remaining outlaws vowing to continue the fight against Prince John, but anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of English history knows how well that would have turned out. Publicity for the last ever episode of largely light-hearted series Lovejoy focused on the return of Will They or Won't They? Instead, the Villain of the Week kidnaps Lovejoy on the way to the wedding as revenge for foiling his plot and Charlotte refuses to believe itthinks she's been jiltedand takes a job away from the area.

The final scene of him packing his things into the back of his truck and driving off alone is actually quite depressing. Seinfeld 's two-part series finale. The show itself was about selfish people coasting through lifeand the finale showed them finally getting their comeuppance. Still, it divided fans of the show, some thought that it was a very dark and uncharacteristically serious way to send off a sitcom, especially one that had prided itself on being a "show about nothing".

It also didn't help that said comeuppance came at the hands of the minor and one-shot characters from the series, many of whom were even worse than the protagonists. Although Medium dealt with many bad things, its overall ethos was generally that the bad guys always got caught and everything turned out well in the end. The audience sees Nikki and Shawny, the second couple interviewed, fighting for the extent of the episode, thanks to Shawny flirting with girls behind his girlfriend's back, and eventually going to couple's therapy to see whether they should move in together.

Fast forward some months later, the show pans over to the new apartment the couple talked about renting, with their stuff inside. Problem is, shortly after they moved in together, Shawny suddenly died after complications from a hernia, and Nikki went through a period of overwhelming grief. For a show that usually goes no further than a Bittersweet Endingthis depressing conclusion came out of nowhere. The last episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun: Mary doesn't want to leave Earth, and she is given a Mind Wipe so she won't remember Dick.

An alternate ending has Mary being abducted by Dick after the Mind Wipebut it still ends on a depressing note. In Glee 's third season finale, Kurt was rejected from the prestigious performing arts college he spent the whole season trying to get into. The whole thing felt extremely out of the blue since his audition made him out to be a shoo-in several episodes prior, being praised by the recruiter and all.

Luckily in season 4 he gets in after another audition at the winter showcase. The final episode of Xena: Things looked dark, darker than usual, but there was a clear path to victory set up that was going to make everything better. Except right before reaching it, the protagonist suddenly decided that Redemption Equals Death despite the entire show up to that point being explicitly about redemption via living a better life and chose to just stay dead, leaving her soulmate alone.

It wasn't even a heroic sacrifice, as nothing was gained by it. This ending was quickly disavowed by the comic book continuation. That Mitchell and Webb Look had an interesting variant of this. The trope was discussed in the penultimate episode, with the duo deciding they wanted their last sketch to be this.

The sketch at the end of that episode was a spoof of the trope. Then the actual last episode came around, and it ended with one of the most depressing sketches ever made.

Titus did this for every season finale — but especially in the final three episodes of the series. In the first, Christopher's mother Juanita shows up suddenly in Christopher's house, apparently having broken out of the mental hospital she was in. And THEN, there is the two parter finale that continues the story, 'Insanity Genetic', in which the cast is on an airplane coming back from Juanita's funeral, Christopher has a mental breakdown, and they all cause a panic and get arrested under suspicion of being terrorists.

They are all thoroughly interviewed, the authorities become convinced Christopher is mentally ill, and the rest of the cast end up admitting him to a mental hospital, where he reassures Erin that he'll be okay as she tearfully says goodbye, and we're left with a last, lingering shot of Christopher sitting alone in his cell.

The final scene—of her husband and newborn daughter returning home alone—becomes even worse with the realization that her daughter is going eventually to meet the same fate as her motherand grandmother. The mother dies, Barney and Robin divorce, and the gang split apart and become shells of their former selves. For a show that was mostly lighthearted and fun the ending came as a shock to many fans, fortunately the season 9 DVD had a happier ending which many fans considered far superior.

The BBC 's Merlin suffers deeply of this — for all that the first 4 years were mostly light, and even for all the Darker and Edgier vibes on the 5th season, it reaches new heights by the series finale.

Considering the legends it comes from, though, it is a Foregone Conclusion. The infamous ending of Choujin Sentai Jetman.

The Vyram have been defeated and all is well. We flash forwards two years to Ryo and Kaori's wedding and then Gai gets murdered by a random street thug. Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger is a massively humorous Self-Parody of the franchise. First season still maintains its humorous tone, and the second season as well. But then, in the second season's finale, after spoofing the Heroic Sacrifice in the Delusional World, it turns out said sacrifice had the Akibarangers Killed Off for Real in the real world.

Adam Ruins Everything is an informational comedy about a know-it-all named Adam that goes around, barging into people's lives and bothering them with harsh truths.

The whole series is played for laughs and discusses a wide range of subjects, but the last episode of the first season, "Adam ruins Death", takes a pretty somber turn. It starts with Adam talking directly to the viewer, telling them the harsh truth that they, the person watching this, will die someday, and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

Shortly after that, Emily, a recurring character, gets hit by a truck and ends up in a coma, with her fiance overlooking her unconscious body.

Adam comes up and talks to Emily's spirit, before giving the harsh truths of the episode, revolving around the concept of death. At the end of the episode, Emily makes a miraculous recovery and comes out of her coma. Everything seems to leading towards a happy ending, until Hayley, Emily's friend and Adam's love interest, has a nasty fall while coming into the hospital room to check up on Emily, and dies.

the cave hillbilly ending a relationship

The episode ends with Adam having a breakdown at Hayley's funeral, telling Emily that despite his vast knowledge on the subject, he is still terrified of death. The two friends leave the church to go on a walk together, with Emily trying to cheer Adam up with random facts, like he used to do. For the most part, Ultraman Leo is a fairly standard Showa era entry in the Ultra Seriesthat is until Black Directive arrives, giving the series' end a definitive Big Bad. From this point until the show's conclusion, Leo must fight alone against Black Directive's ever-stronger subordinates, without his friends by his side.

One occurs in the iCarly episode "iGo Nuclear": As a result, Carly's grade reverts to a D- and she is forced to attend her class's "Root and Berry Retreat" for extra credit. Up until the last five minutes of the episode, everything seems to have ended happily: Suddenly, Friedkin shows up at the police station and gloats that he's been made head of the newly-reestablished Blackwing initiative and that he burned Farah's house down before brutally murdering Estevezall of the psychics and Ken are taken into CIA custody to be tortured and experimented on, and Todd learns that he's contracted pararibulitis.

Therefore the deaths of Adric in the storyline "Earthshock" and especially Clara Oswald in 's "Face the Raven" a tragedy that still happens, despite the show playing with the Timey-Wimey Ball afterwards have impact on viewers who have avoided spoilers. The endings of the David Tennant episodes "Doomsday" and "Journey's End" are likewise extreme downers for an otherwise upbeat series.

This happened with the episode "Second Chance" from Growing Pains. Carol's boyfriend Sandy played by a young Matthew Perry gets in a car accident due to him drinking and driving and winds up in the hospital. When Carol visits him, Sandy looks like he's okay and we're to believed that he'll be out in no time. Carol then comes home and Mike tells her that the hospital just called and said that Sandy had just died from internal bleeding.

The last shot shows Carol in tears as Mike and their parents try to comfort her. A song about a young man driving to a KISS concert and generally enjoying the hell out of life. Right up until he's killed in a head-on collision with a semi. Worse, it's Based on a True Story.

Then the end of the video reveals that Lilian is actually in a mental hospital and the boyfriend is actually her doctor.

It's about a sixteen-year-old girl who attempts suicide, survives and is so thankful that her faith in God is renewed After he gets to his lowest point, he starts building himself back up and rehabilitating himself.

By the end, he's so back on track that Real! Brendon is able to proudly perform for an adoring audience We then see his producer holding Muppet! Brendon up, basking in the applause before unceremoniously pulling him off and throwing him in a pile of discarded muppets. Puppet Shows In the final episode of Dinosaursthe main character accidentally triggers an ice-age by over-industrializing the world. He then has to explain why they're all going to die to his youngest child.

Cut to the outside of the house, where snow is piling over the entire house. In the final shot, a newscaster solemnly states that the snow is getting harsher, the days are getting darker, and there's no end in sight. He issues a formal "Good night". He reconsiders for a moment, then looks straight in to the camera with weary, uncertain eyes, and solidly states, "Goodbye.