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If The Bureau: XCOM Declassified were to become the subject of this game, the to fight on your side occurs, but only as an end-of-mission boss. . nods to the politics of the time - Agent Weaver dealing with doubts about her . whose relationship with alcohol could at best be described as problematic. Even other characters, as they're introduced and faux relationships are formed, are Agent Weaver, the Chief, and others come and go throughout the but instead end up feeling like too many ingredients added to one pot of stew. By hour 16 though, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified goes full Fonzi and. For The Bureau: XCOM Declassified on the Xbox , a GameFAQs Then went for Weaver and her ending was "KILL ALL ALIENS".

Faulke specifically excludes her from the mission to take down Axis, on the grounds that her personal feelings will lead her to shoot Axis before they can obtain the necessary tech. She disobeys his orders and hijacks a Skyranger to get to Oregon before Carter.

In Oregon, after Carter meets up with Weaver, they discover that her brother is still there, technically alive, but really a hollow shell without a mind. Weaver turns off the life-support to kill her own brother, although the player can have Carter volunteer to do it instead.

She does, in fact, shoot Axis, but not until after Carter has taken the necessary tech from his suit. Upon her return to the base her insubordination is overlooked and she returns to her original role.

Appearances Angela Weaver appears in the game The Bureau: Agent Weaver briefly becomes a playable character during the final mission of the campaign, should Asaru chooses to merge with her.

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If she is not the chosen character, then at one point the player will be presented with a choice: Weir or Director Faulke ; William Carter will go to the unchosen party's aid. If the player saves Angela, then the other character will die eventually and vice versa.

Ending Edit Agent Weaver's ending is somewhat dark and unforgiving. Once the agent merges with Mosaic, she commands all Outsider forces to infight and slaughter each other out of personal hatred and vengeance for her deceased brother. Angela and Agent Carter at a briefing. Angela talks with Agent Carter. Because of the way the game saves data I couldn't make a save to try out all the different possibilities.

Youtube doesn't have all the cutscene videos, at least not all the different versions of them. I'd say that I am pretty impressed at the amount of work that went into the story and how many choices there are. I actually wanted to let Carter activate the bomb during his face-off with the Ethereal but I didn't want to wait 35 seconds. Just watched Weir's and apparently, his is "steal all alien equipment and let the aliens go". No idea what Faulke's is.

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Am I the only one who got pissed at Carter when he made Asaru pull off a sadistic choice to save either one or the other, or the part where Faulke says "yeah go ahead, implant that transmitter that you had to take out from the Infiltrator, oh wait you mean the base is under attack? Can't find it on YT, hope someone will clue me in eventually. I was curious to know if calling his bluff would do anything The bomb explodes and then the credits play. I picked Weir because he seemed the safest choice, and the one most likely to actually try and benefit the most from having Asaru with him.

Faulke seemed entirely too paranoid for me to be comfortable based on what everyone else was sayingand Weaver was a senior agent, but not really important.

I've gotta say, though, I don't like that Carter does a of sorts. All the way through, he was all for coexistence in my playthrough; obviously, YMMV and the like, and even when Asaru and [Insert other Ethereal's name here] talked, Asaru convinced her not to completely wipe humanity off the planet And then Carter says no?

It just didn't fit very well. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Took me by surprise that we were playing as an alien all along.

Apparently, someone did Faulke's. WiseTyefighter WiseTyefighter 5 years ago 6 Faulks ending is that the Aliens stay as indentured servants until they repair everything, then they're sent on their merry way.