Sometimes a great notion ending relationship

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sometimes a great notion ending relationship

Sometimes a Great Notion Summary & Study Guide includes detailed Throughout the novel, tension-filled relationships within the family are echoed by the relationship the This returns the action to the point at which the first chapter ended. Complete summary of Ken Kesey's Sometimes a Great Notion. The novel chronicles humankind's relationship with the river—with its beauty and resources, . Sometimes a Great Notion has ratings and reviews. The crux of this novel, to me, was the complicated relationships that we have with one fathers, but I'm not a man and I was completely caught up from the middle to the end.

Kesey keenly contrasts the pair. He paints Viv slim and pale Draeger is abrupt, demanding an answer as to why Hank has changed his mind Kesey makes sure that Draeger notes, not only her wry smile and that she is somehow quite sweet, but that she is also completely exhausted The author suddenly interjects a brutally chauvinistic air when Draeger concludes that Viv is a giddy bitch Kesey made sure that Viv possessed a certain air of authority as she slowly unfolded the photo album and provided the inside track on the Stamper family history and their fierce struggle for freedom I surmise that it was because she was quite unlike the other women in town with whom Viv had differences of opinions with from time to time.

Kesey made it clear that he gave Viv a mind of her own.

Sometimes a Great Notion Summary & Study Guide

He also made sure that she refused to be bullied in her relationships—even with other women. Kesey created Viv extraordinarily powerful and well-defined. Though she was orphaned when she was in second grade, there is no mention of self-pity or sad sob stories.

Without a doubt, Viv was a very sexual character, but Kesey never forced sexual relationships on her; the sexual encounters were always initiated on her terms.

Viv never exhibited melodramatic self-absorption, but was an astonishingly strong presence. She had a quiet center of balance and seemed deeply contented. After that the old man stopped teasing her, and she went on a number of hunts. Union organizer, Draeger, arrives at the Stamper family home to confront Hank Stamper, who seems to have gone back on a deal he made with the union.

Sometimes a Great Notion Quotes by Ken Kesey

After being confronted with a powerful symbol of the Stamper family's contempt, Draeger seeks out Hank's wife, Viv. He finds her in a local bar studying a family photo album. Her comments on some of the photographs it contains trigger a transition into an extended flashback. This makes up the action of most of the novel's remaining chapters.

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The story of the Stampers begins with recollections of how the male members of the family have always been restless, moving ever further west until settled in Oregon. Being on the west coast, there was no further they could go. They stayed there and worked their way into the lumber business.

sometimes a great notion ending relationship

Henry Stamper moves into the position of head of the family following his father's return to a family farm in Kansas, takes a young bride, and fathers Henry Junior Hank. Hank's mother dies; Henry takes another bride, and then fathers Leland Lee.

Tensions between Hank and Lee emerge during their childhood and increase into their adolescence.

sometimes a great notion ending relationship

It culminates in Lee's discovery that Hank is having a sexual relationship with his Lee's mother. She takes Lee back east to attend school and never returns home. Lee doesn't see his family for over a dozen years, and his mother commits suicide. A few months after his mother's death, Lee receives a postcard insisting that he come home and help the family in a time of need.

There's a strike in the lumber industry, but the Stampers are scabbing filling the contracts of the striking workers. They need all the help they can get. Lee returns home with the intention of taking revenge on Hank for what he did to his Lee's mother.

sometimes a great notion ending relationship