Simgirls full version ending a relationship

Walkthrough Simgirls VN: Tomoko’s Story – Simgirls VN

simgirls full version ending a relationship

Simgirls (full version), the most popular online dating sim game. scenes and these other scenes when you raise your relationship with someone. get one ending with the run I'm doing now then take a break from this game. Sim Girls DNA is a free online dating simulator. The player The objective is get your relationship status with one girl to the maximum by the end of the allotted time. When starting up the game, enter your name as "Testbug. If you want to see the "Mega-Playboy" ending, than you REALLY should say Save at the start of every new day, because you'll have to load the game if- on the first date, THUS MEANING THAT you CAN'T get on a "girlfriend" relationship with her. . Repeat for this entire session, EXCEPT FOR KOTOMI.

I am new to Simgirls.

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What should I do? Ask Ami at school to learn the basics. She can tell you almost everything you need to know about the game. There are also in-game tutorials for all mini-games.

I have problems with the save feature. To avoid these problems, you can also download a copy and play it on your own computer as well. Read more on saving here I downloaded the game file but I can't open it. It is a swf file. You can use your web browser to open it.

We recommend using Google Chrome.

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How to get Ms. Fukoma in two weeks for version 5. See the guide posted by our member Robin.

simgirls full version ending a relationship

How come I can't choose the "follow Tomoko" option in her birthday event? You have to be exactly at "close friend" status with Tomoko in order to choose that option.

simgirls full version ending a relationship

Any status higher or lower is not going to work. How to get Karin to become Lover or Partner status? You can simply wait till the Firework Festival and Karin will become either your Lover or Partner according to your choices during the event.

For Lover status, you will also need to get Lover status with Tomoko before entering the event. During the event, you will also need to choose the appropriate action to gain lover status with Karin. A scene will happen later in the game automatically.

Walkthrough Simgirls VN: Tomoko’s Story

However you must keep Karin healthy at the basement otherwise the necklace is simply useless. She is a moody girl and she's not always ready for it. Pretty girls require high maintenance. After that she will be happy again and you get the rewards. How can I stop Kotomi from her gas problem? Her problem will be cured in some endings however.

Sim Girl Walkthrough

Is there any modeling portfolio for Ami and Karin? It also will give you extra personality points in your relationships with Tomoko and Kotomi, advancing your progress with them in the game. When starting up the game, enter your name as "Testbug.

Get Free Relationship Points This glitch can vastly improve your relationship points, boosting you by each time you use it.

Simgirls VN – Tomoko's Story

Relationship points will allow you to take the girls on more adventurous dates and allow you to become more amorous with her and eventually sleep with her. This can be done by heading to the pub and clicking the button marked "Easy" on the screen.

Click the second option, which should be blank. This will enter you into a fight with two of your love rivals. Defeat them, and you will gain the relationship points. Repeat this as many times as necessary to reach your goal. Infinite Cash and Relationship Points Cash in the Sim Girls world allows you to take the girls on expensive dates and buy them more precious gifts. The better the date and the gift, the more relationship points you gain with the girl.

simgirls full version ending a relationship