Shingeki kyojin chuugakkou ending relationship

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shingeki kyojin chuugakkou ending relationship

Kyojin Chuugakkou follows Eren Jaeger and his friends Mikasa and It's a cute alternate universe for the SnK crew in chibi form . original (like Sasha's love for food, Ymir and Christa's relationship, I honestly wonder how they'll start it what with the titan in the wall being much later than where it ended. End Date. Jul 9, Average Score. 55%. Mean Score. 65%. Popularity. Favorites. 4. Genres Relations. Adaptation. Adaptation. Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou. TV · Finished. Parent. Parent. Shingeki no Kyojin. Manga · Releasing. I recommend watching the anime first as a good overview of the series. Then read the manga, to cover any: plot holes/extras/gags and to get.

Background dialogue between Ymir and Krista about Eren incorrectly putting his name on a makeshift stamp. The characters nicely timing a repeat joke about Annie going to a Titan-and-human-mixed cram school. Mikasa unfazed by nearly every ridiculous event that happens around her. And that is the extent of the anime. Chuugakkou does not go for worthwhile themes, and it does not have to. In its seventeen-minute episodes, the anime focuses purely on being a parodic, comedic experience.

An experience that does almost everything right. Actual animation remains surprisingly high throughout most of the season. The exaggerated nature of the anime allows for a lot of character movement in the form of three-dimensional maneuver gear, cooking food, and running Titans. Even when characters are not doing much, their eyes, limbs, and other attachments move with fluidity. Artistically, however, the anime is a toss-up.

On the one hand, the backgrounds and the places visited are bland.

shingeki kyojin chuugakkou ending relationship

The school grounds do not invite many opportunities for gritty details or impressive-looking locations. On the other hand, the comedy and the parody does not stop. Characters wear silly expressions to elicit laughter, and specific scenes will literally be identical to those in the main series — frame-for-frame, perspective, and orientation.

As for the character designs, they stay mostly true to their originals. Armin wears a futon wrapped around his head. The thick, black lines, the attire of the corps, and the realness is exchanged for a small pun intended difference: The designs are all in miniature form. The characters have heads pretty much as big as their bodies, giving them all a silly look that boosts the comedy once again.

Naturally, the big three — Mikasa, Eren, and Armin — are front and center. Mikasa still has her unwavering devotion to Eren and her impossibly impeccable skills.

They are the same characters that the majority of the anime community have come to know and love. Many of the other characters are the same way, sticking to well-known tropes. Sasha loves food more than anything. Connie is somewhat dimwitted. Jean vies for popularity with the ladies.

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Oluo bites his tongue whenever he talks. Levi is scarily intimidating yet helpful. Ymir fawns and protects Krista who in turn continues being the nicest person imaginable and a cutie to boot. Annie acts standoffish, Hange is slightly insane, and Hannah and Franz are madly in love. What gets lost in translation between the main series and Chuugakkou is the drama the cast experience.

Without the looming threat of Titans, the potential loss of loved ones, and the intense interactions of the cast, the characters become only their aforementioned superficial traits. Connie exists to say something slightly stupid sometimes. Oluo always bites his tongue whenever he appears. Now, the argument is that this repetitive behavior is yet another parodic element of Chuugakkou because the main series takes this route with its characters as well.

The argument does not work, however, for two reasons. One, only two characters are as repetitive here as they are in the main series: Two, the frequency of the characters here compared to the main series is wildly different. In the main series, some of these characters only appear just in the first half or just in the second half, and some of these and other characters are killed off, eliminating them from the anime entirely.


In Chuugakkou, nothing horrible ever happens to the characters and they are always around since they are in the same class and clubsso their traits are simply present more than usual. So while the lack of depth for the characters can be explained away by the extreme focus on parody and comedy, the repetition cannot.

The repetition causes Chuugakkou to lean on the same jokes with its cast time and again, reducing the efficacy of the parody and comedy it strives for.

shingeki kyojin chuugakkou ending relationship

In particular, the original soundtrack uses many of the same iconic pieces that the main series is known for. Perhaps obviously, the intense and melancholic tracks are nowhere near as impactful when compared to the main series, but they are just as awesome to hear.

Plus, they contrast with the everyday happenings and the exaggerated reactions. This contrast adds yet another layer to the comedy, making the show that much more focused.

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The voice-acting performances are nice in the sense that the actors and actresses who portray these characters in the main series return to portray these characters in this series.

Yui Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji, and Marina Inoue reprise their roles as Mikasa, Eren, and Armin respectively to make the main-series fans feel as if they are at the Walls once more. The voice-acting performances are not-so-nice in the sense that the characters do not have many chances to demonstrate their chops.

Not as much yelling, screaming, and emotion goes on. They obviously sound the same as when they speak in the main series, but the performances simply do not stand out as anything special. The opening theme as one should guess parodies the OP of the main series right down to the subtle glance Mikasa gives Eren. Per usual, this iteration of the OP is not as intense, choosing a much happier and optimistic tone.

As a parody song, it works. As a standalone song, it does not have the power and emotion to carry itself. Following the mood of the show, the piece is quite lighthearted, filled with guitars and drums that seem to erupt from a makeshift garage band. The track does not have any catchy or memorable sections, unfortunately.

Combined with its non-parody status, this ED ends up being subpar at best. Mikasa is still the stoic bodyguard. This time her protectiveness of Eren is amplified about ten times, but I find it adorable, hahaha, particularly because Eren remains pretty oblivious to it.

The biggest change to the trio has to be Armin. The return of Squad Levi: The best part about Chuugakkou for me is the inclusion of all of the side characters from the original series.

All of the other th trainees, the return of Squad Levi, and all of the veterans were simply delightful! The character designs are absolutely adorable! The palette is bright and wonderful, perfect for this cute chibi series. The grotesqueness of the titans are still pretty much there. It makes the funnier moments all the more comedic. The opening theme is a redone version of the first opening to SnK.

The new opening is slightly less dramatic than the original, making it sound more cheerful and hopeful than it was previously.

shingeki kyojin chuugakkou ending relationship

If this is the only way for my children to be happy, I'll take it. Was Chuugakkou a masterpiece? I like to think that it was a way to make up for the enormous gap between season one and two.