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For Okamiden on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Plotholes?". Okay, I don't know if this could be considered a plothole, but the whole Shiranui - Amaterasu - Chibiterasu relationship gets End SPOILERS. The storyline takes place nine months after the ending of Okami. . Motohide Eshiro, wanted Okamiden to focus more on relationships and. Find out how to end a relationship and sort out things like money, children and your home.

This troper theorizes the localization just wasn't very gooddue to several glaring errors in the text. Of course, he's never played the Japanese version, so who knows I heard that they rushed the translation to get it out before the 3DS.

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Just a rumor, but it would explain it. I have seen nothing in the game that suggests Akuro and Yami are the same being. I also don't think it couldn't decide, I think it did completely retcon Shiranui and Ammy's relationship to father and daughter but both incarnations of "the Okami.

We never see or even hear of two different Okami from the same time, so it is possible that the powers of said Okami take on a new shape when the old Okami dies which means that Ammy has died while trying to purify the Celestial Plains Well, the other Brush Gods exist but have offspring at the same time.

I think we can Hand Wave both Ammy and Chibi existing with the same explanation: Ammy upset the Balance Between Good and Evilcausing a new generation of "little gods" to be born. Actually, it bugs me this was never adequately explained. Akuro really isn't some Ass Pull retcon that makes him the real source of evil? I mean, it just irritated me to think that they'd invalidate Ammy's grand finale, only to have it turn out that Yami was just another pawn. I mean, they did specifically say Yami was source of everything wicked not the exact words, but close enough.

Akuro and Yami are one and the same being, so Yami wasn't a pawn. In the computer room within the Underground it is stated that Yami broke up into five pieces: Akuro refers to himself as the successor of darkness and talks about Yami's new age, not Akuro's new age. In other words, Yami is indeed the origin of evil, with Akuro being his successor after Yami's demise. The 'Yami's age' part seems to show that Akuro has some respect towards Yami, so Yami could still be the origin of evil.

Akuro wanted to combine with the other parts of Yami to truly become the new Yami and continue from where Yami left off. I think the descriptions of Orochi and Yami being Akuro's pawns is incorrect.

After all, if Akuro once used Orochi as a vessel, why does he need to go back in time to collect Orochi's blood? Couldn't Akuro just pop out of Orochi's body and then retrieve the blood?

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This observation might have a few holes here and there, but I think one can assume from it that Akuro is not the true master behind Orochi and Yami, but rather a product of them after their death that wanted to continue where they left off. Alternatively, Akuro is the 'mind' of Yami. Either way, to drive the point home even further, Akuro speaks about how he himself had been broken up into five parts, despite the fact it was Yami who was split in five.

This truly shows that Akuro is Yami, or at least his mind. Now that I can accept. It just seemed really insulting to the ending of the original game to say "Well, turns out Ammy only killed a super mook, not the real master of evil.

Am I the only one who was a tad disappointed we didn't get to see Chibi reunite with his mother at the ending? I mean, come on! He and his grandfather Shiranui have a brief bonding moment, why not him and his mother who was the protagonist of the first game?

I mean, it's not a major complaint and doesn't take away from the game, but it could have been a nice Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. I don't know, I just think it could have been cute. Probably because they're saving that for the next game. I've not been able to play Okamiden yet and I may be totally off base here, only watching a walkthrough and all, but here's a question about Akuro and Yami.

So, apparently, because Yami was killed, the balance between good and evil is upset, leading to Akuro running free. Akuro needs a body and possesses different people throughout the course of the game. Won't that even further screw up the balance between good and evil? Haven't you seen Jackie Chan Adventures? A new evil will emerge, but they can kill that one too when it appears, wash rinse repeat, and eventually a replacement evil will emerge that can be safely sealed away harmlessly.

And if that evil is so strong, it wins, then a new hero will emerge to balance that evil out. Isn't anyone else bothered by how Otohime knew who Chibiterasu was, despite the fact the moment they met was nine months in the past, during the events of the first Okami game? You know, before Chibi was even born? Is Otohime telepathic now? I can't be the only one wondering why Kuni is on the box cover instead of Kurow. Out of all of the partners, Kuni has the least screen time while Kurow has the most.

I mean, I know that Kuni is the first kid you're teamed up with, but, after you reach Ryoshima for the first time, he's irrelevant to the plot until the very end. On top of that, if he really is Nagi since, according to Susano, only Nagi could use that armor for some reasonhow did he end up in the future, why is he still given one debatable cutscene from the first game cowardly as an adult, and why does he seem to be unable to see Shiranui's markings?

Did he lose some power and part of his memory as he grew up? Sure, he wouldn't know who Shiranui is, but he'd surely associate the markings, if he could see them, with Chibiterasu.

At least him being Nagi it explains why Akuro took interest in him out of anyone else in the world and gives Orochi a better reason to wanna form a pact with Susano in the first game aside from the fact that Nagi defeated him and Susano broke his seal. Whoa, no one mentioned most of what you're saying, let's not get into WMG territory. They probably just figured Kuni looked the best for the image they were going for.

Plus he was part of Chibi's whole character ark. Kagu says it herself that Chibi was looking for him through all of Nippon during the game, alongside his duties as the child of the sun. In the case of the former, this creates a bunch of inconsistencies and most of what I was saying were questions based on the former. Either way, it'd explain a lot about why Kuni was so important to Akuro despite having been missing for most of the game.

Otherwise, one would have to wonder just why a normal boy, out of everyone else in the world, would be significant to the main villain. As for the boxart, I know you're right, but I was seriously bugged by what happened in the game.

It's sorta like what happened in Mega Man X7, except nowhere near as bad, for obvious reasons. Looking back on it now, however, I should've separated that post into two different questions because I'm clearly talking about something else in the second part.

Despite Kurow being the party member you have the most, and being created to stop the Big BadKuni is the one who is Chibi's first friend, and the one Chibi is trying to find. Also, Kuni is instrumental to Akuro's plans. Although, it would have been nice to have all party members except Manpaku on the cover. Why shouldn't Manpuku be on the cover?

Sure he lived years before the rest of the party, but he still played an important role. Because that would spoil things that happen later in the game.

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Like how The Underground Ruins isn't the last dungeon. And that there's another party member. I like him and all, but it's still a spoiler. Furious, Akuro travels back years in time, when the swordsman Nagi and Shiranui, the wolf form that Amaterasu was later given, defeated Orochi. The team travel back in time to follow Akuro.

The pup, saddened at Kurow's sudden departure, heads on into the cave to fight Akuro. Chibi, however is unable to prevent Akuro from obtaining the blood this time, as Kurow, who has apparently turned evil and become Akuro's servant, stops Chibiterasu's efforts.

Chibiterasu and his other allies follow Akuro to the dark realms where they find the demon has taken up residence in the body of Kuni and that Kurow intends on fighting the pup. Chibiterasu is forced to fight his former partner, expelling Akuro's spirit and freeing Kuni, but evil Kurow willfully allows it to take his body.

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However, this has been Kurow's plan all the time; he reveals he is a living doll of Waka, with the goal to house Akuro's spirit, such that if he is killed with Akuro inside him, Akuro would be dispelled. Chibiterasu, fighting back tears, complies with Kurow's instructions, and Akuro is destroyed forever.

Kurow, just before his death, is sad about how he was nothing but a doll, however, the others reassure him that it was his adventures with Chibiterasu that made him who he really was. It was these adventures that made him more than just a doll.

Kurow dies happily, surrounded by friends.

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Afterwards, the remainder of Chibiterasu's partners return to their homes, more confident in their abilities; Kuni leaves home to seek out who he really is, much to Susano's regret. Samurai's Destiny and Ace Attorney Investigations: The team settled on the Nintendo DS due to its portability, allowing for players to pick it up and play wherever they wish, as well as the ability to use the stylus on the touch screen as a brush.

The staff involved with this game has a real clear understanding of what was fun about the original Okami. They have a good understanding of what was important about the visual style and what aspects they need when making this new version so it will transfer well.