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Corine Myers | Her Interactive Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Nancy Drew: Danger by Design - PC: Video Games. Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy - PC Nancy Drew: The Final Scene - PC. Complete Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy Walkthrough beginning to end, we're pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for. Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy. See Izzy and Leela's room on the left, Paige's room at end of the hall and .. Learn about Rita Hallowell, one of 4 founders of the Waverly Academy and her relationship with Edgar Allan Poe.

You will hear a scream during the night and Paige the RA will tell everyone to stay inside their rooms. After finishing the conversation, take the old newspaper clipping about the Odyssey Championship trophy.

Go downstairs and to the snack shop to serve the other students; that is your daily duty in this academy. Academic Trophy Exit the snack shop and go right. You will then see the trophy showcase on the right side.

Open the showcase, and take a picture of the trophy in the middle of the screen. Wood Inlaid School Emblem Turn around at the hall. Go outside to take a picture. Take a picture of the entry arch to Waverly.

Use the zoom and pan buttons to get a medium close shot of it. Take a picture of the wood inlaid school emblem. Oak Tree Turn left right when looking out from the schooland walk the path to the enclosed oak tree on the left side.

Take a picture of the oak tree. Look up and see that there is squirrel on the tree. Look around the outside of the academy. Cellar Go to the path next to the oak tree to find the cellar. Open the door with one of the keys from your inventory. Go downstairs and turn on the light on the left side.

Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy Walkthrough

There are cardboard boxes on the left side. Take a look at the books inside those boxes. Exit the cellar and go back inside the building. Searching Book Go to the library to use the computer. Open the Library Catalog by the computer. Click on the Library Catalog button. You will see a book, The Story of Four, in the special collections. Find the glass bookcase in the back of the library, opposite the main door, and realize that the case is locked. She will make a deal with you to get the key.

Take the drafting folder on the table. Open your inventory and read the example. Click on the central example to start the puzzle.

Refer to the image for the solution. When you finish the orthographic views, talk to Corine again. She will give you the cabinet key. Take the key and exit the room. The Story of Four Go to back to the library and the special collections shelf.

Open the shelf with the key from Corine. Take the book of The Story of Four and read it. Click on the picture in the second page to zoom in and find the strange plaque on the side of the school. Journal of Rita Hallowell Go outside and turn right to check the cornerstone plaque in the corner of the building. Arrange the stones to make a perfect square.

The cornerstone-plaque will then open and the white squirrel will take the star on the top of the book. Take the Journal of Rita Hallowell. Read the journal completely. Piano Lamps Go back inside and find two piano lamps in the left side of the entrance hall. Click on each piano lamp for closer looks. After zooming into the lamps, click again to see the codes.

Write down the codes because you will use them later. Piano Book Go to the library and use the computer. She will ask you to get milk and cookies from the snack shop. Go to the snack shop and set up the milk and cookie for Mel.

You do this like filling a normal order while you work on other orders. You will get the book of musical notation for the piano. Read the book completely. Go downstairs and move close to the piano in the entrance hall. Open the piano book from Mel in your inventory to check the codes. Compare codes from the book and lampshades. Middle C in the book is positioned with a star mark in the piano Play the right lampshade keys, D2, A2, B2, D3, F3, A2, and C2 on the left side of the piano low bass first.

Exit from the piano screen and come back. The secret compartment will then open. Take the cat sunburst token. Victorian Dinner Check the journal from your inventory. Find the sentences, With a Celebratory Dinner, an elegant nine course meal serf with perfect etiquette. I bid the last of them farewell. You will then receive a picture of Izzy and Corine on your cell phone.

Go to the display case across from the door of the library. See that the menu card is checked out by Leela. Go to the recreation room to talk to Leela. She will give you the menu if you beat her in a game of air hockey or darts. Take the menu from the play table. Go to the library to talk to Izzy about the picture with Corine. Go to the computer and search menu by catalog search. The formal Victorian dining: She will ask you to get the math notebook from Mel.

She will say it is in the library. Take a look at the book, Numbers, Numbers, Numbers on the check-in counter.

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Go behind the check-in counter. Find the lost and found shelf in the book case. Zoom in the lock of the shelf. Enter the number to open the shelf. Take the calculus notebook. Take the Formal Victorian Dining: The Right Fork for the Menu book. Read the book and take the student ID card on page 41 of the book. Go back to the display case downstairs. Open the display case using the key from the snack shop. Look at the Menu from Leela.

Follow the screenshot to click on the flatware in the correct order. After clicking all the flatware, the gorilla sunburst token will appear in the bottom right corner.

In the middle of the night, Nancy will be awoken by a tapping noise. You will see the white squirrel on the window frame. Open the window and climb out to follow Casper. Click the hands in the correct order. Look at the sampler on the wall above the bed. To find what is hidden. Read much followed by Moore. Nancy comments on the spelling of Moore. Learn that Megan's family has Waverly legacy. At the hallway, use the cell phone and scroll to Megan's phone number given by Mel.

Press the call button. Talk completely with Megan. She got 2 Black Cat notes. Her cell phone camera is broken. Megan says that Leela might have a picture of hers.

Enter your room at left before the stairs and talk to Corine. Exit the room and turn left to go down the stairs. Enter the first door at right and be at the library.

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Turn right and forward to Izzy. Talk to her completely about the other students, Black Cat and Miss Hollowell. Turn around from Izzy and go to the reception desk. See the name plate states that Corine is the library assistant. Pan right and go to the computer. Look close at the computer. Click on Waverly icon. It asks for a password. Click on 'forgot password'. It says to see student body president for assistance. Talk to Izzy at other side of the room about password.

She blatantly drops a hint she needs help with a DNA model. Take the DNA model. Open the DNA model in inventory. Yellow adenine should be joined with black thymine. Red cytosine should be paired with blue guanine. The ends should be connected to white sugar which in turns is attached to a brown phosphate.

There are several variations on this puzzle but only one is accepted by the game. They need to be placed at the right location. Interchange them if the solution below does not work. Double check that all sugar-phosphates are connected.

Right click to rotate the chemicals. When done talk to Izzy. She gives the password. It is written in the journal under Observations. Go to the computer. Click on the USB box in front of the monitor. The camera is attached automatically.

Click on monitor and Waverly icon. Using your own keyboard, enter the password given by Izzy. It is found in the journal's observation: See that Becca is in charge of the Snack shop. This duty has to be done at least once a day. Failure will result in 3 demerits. Read about Waverly Academy.

Click on the Valedictorian Race frame at right. Now that the camera is attached on the USB port, click on a download button. Click download at right to download pictures. Scroll pictures and download Izzy, Mel and Corine's pictures. Read about Casper the squirrel 2 pages and the security blotter. See a Double Take frame at top right. It is a memory test and getting the top will result in credits.

If you maintain the highest score on Double Take, you might earn an award at end of the game. Read the rules of the school. Note that Lights Out is 11 PM for seniors. Click on 'next arrow' at top right to scroll to other pages. Pay attention to violations that are listed in the demerit system. Demerit Standing will list any demerits you have obtained.

If you do a lot of the demerit violations as listed, you might earn an award at end of the game. Recreation and snack room: Turn right, go forward pass the piano at the foyer and enter through the archway.

The locked classroom is through the double doors ahead. Turn right at the hallway and forward to the snack shop and Rec room. Turn right and read the Orientation guide. You might get a text message from Paige. She reminds that you are snack shop boss. Click on snack shop to open for service. Orders are written at top right. Fill each sandwich order exactly as written. If toasted bagel or bread is asked, place the bread or bagel in toaster at right and pull down the lever.

When cookies are ordered, take the cookie dough from fridge. Click dough on Cookie-oven at bottom left, close door and later take the baked cookie when the light turns green. If mistake is done, discard the item at trash at bottom right. When order is filled, click on Pick up button below the filled order tray.

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Be sure to do this once a day or else you get 3 demerits. Doing this 5 times a day earns 2 credits. If you do it often enough, you might earn an award at end of the game. Pick up the key that fell from above. Check the TV on the wall, press small button at bottom right and see that this is pre-exam break time. Talk to Leela completely. Having talked to Mel and Megan about Megan's picture, ask about Megan's picture.

She will get the picture if you beat her at Air Hockey. The object of the game is to get the puck in the opposite goal 7 times before she does.

Move your mallet to block the puck from entering the goal on your side. Hit the puck hard to get it pass her blocking mallet. You can only use your mallet on your side of the table. After many failures, Nancy will ask Leela to give the game to her. Talk to her completely about the other girls. She's waiting for her boyfriend to call. If you play enough air hockey or scram with Leela, you might earn an award at end of the game.

Turn around from Leela. Pan right and see a door at the corner. Turn on the light using the switch at right of doorway. Take the key at right of top shelf. Pull back and climb the stairs at right.

Turn right at corner. Get a text about Izzy dating Leela's boyfriend. Knock and then enter Rachel's room. After uploading the 5 students' pictures on the webpage, talk to Rachel and then take her picture. Exit and turn left to go down the back stairs to the Rec room. Talk to Leela about Jacob, her ex-boyfriend and Izzy.

Ask about Megan's picture. She will give Megan's picture if you win at Scram. Scram is a dart game. The object of the game is to get a higher score than opponent. The 2 players can either be the blocker or the scorer. The stopper throws 3 darts first.

The hit numbers are stopped or blocked and will not result in a score by the scorer. During the scorer's turn, 3 darts are thrown to hit high number areas that are not blocked. The center of bull's-eye is 50 points and the next circle is 25 points. The outer numbers are for that wedge.

The closer the hit to the bulls-eye that number can be doubled or tripled. Once a number has been stopped, it does not result in a score. The list is seen at top right frame. My strategy as scorer is to use all 3 darts on the highest available area or number. As a blocker, I hit consecutive high to low numbers to take them off the list at top right. Look close at Megan's picture on the table behind Leela.

Take a picture of the Megan's picture. Go to the library. Now that you have all 6 pictures, download all of them. Click on the USB port box in front of the monitor.

The cell phone will automatically be attached. Click on Waverly icon and then Academics. See the downloaded pictures and empty download buttons. There is a major twist you really can't call predictable at all it hit me with a real wow, In a good way for some added interesting factor! All in all it was as hard as they come but very fun to take on! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!

This is a perfect nancy drew game; no impossible mini games and they have a reset buttons on a couple, no impossible timed element, a great story, largest amount of characters I think I've seen in a ND game. It's set in a boarding school and you have to find the black cat - a person sending notes to other pupils and things then happen to them. I learned a lot in this game, from music to more about a famous writer. It was all so well done. I love the more modern ND games as there isn't that intrusive old interface, and you get achievements at the end which are fun.

If you don't get them all, go back to an old manual save near the end and try again although one won't work at the end. It's a perfect balance of great plot but not too much dialogue, great mini-games of all types and hardness and a great pace. There were other non arcade, puzzles as well and some very intelligent well thought out ones. As usual you can't skip any puzzle but if you get stuck just go to a walkthrough, there are really no timed ones thankfully that you have to do apart from sometimes the making food one.

They were all very doable but you do need to work some out and get a pen and paper. LOVED all of them and the variety of them. Usually there are about 2 mini-games you can repeat as often as you want, here there are four.

I just sat for hours playing the first three over and over! I appreciated this one as it was varied, mostly it wasn't timed so it was just fun. Sometimes it was when a teacher orders but it was just one order. If you play junior you get a to-do list which you tick off and hints from your friends when you phone them.

Some puzzles are apparently slightly easier. There is a thing called second chance if you make a fatal mistake but it's auto saved and takes you back to just before you made it which is good. It's manual save so save often.

Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy

It was so much fun from start to finish, I didn't find any annoying puzzles it was pure fun. The interactions what you have to do was very varied and thought out as well as the plot. Have fun playing, I know I did! My favourite up till now has been white wolf, and venice but do think this tops it. I loved this very much because I've wanted a boarding school game for so long! This did not disappoint in graphics or plot and the added bonus of sometimes working in the library's computer was clever and fun.