Majin tantei nougami neuro ending a relationship

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majin tantei nougami neuro ending a relationship

She meets Neuro when he appears and desecrates her father's shrine while promising to Nougami Neuro Wiki relationship, Yako displays true affection and concern for Neuro, considering him to be one of the most important people close to her. She encounters Neuro for the first time after the funeral had ended , and. Focus: Anime/Manga Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro, Since: A community dedicated to the realtionship between one Katsuragi Yako, and the demon detective Nougami Neuro. -The constant fight between Neuro and Yako in their relationship,him for dominance Takes place directly after the end of the anime. Neuro Nōgami (脳噛 ネウロ Nōgami Neuro), the title character of the Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro series, is a demon detective from hell. Near the end of the manga, Neuro sees Yako more than a slave, but as a partner; although she gets caught into his torture habits, Neuro entrusts Yako . Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. p.

Sicks too if he doesn't kill you outright. The page image, linked here if it's been changed. Then again, it's hard to handwave all that random object licking.

majin tantei nougami neuro ending a relationship

Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Naohiro Usui at first. He gets a good deal better as the series goes on. Instead of introducing the New Bloodline, the anime has a confrontation with Sai in Brazil.

She meets a bunch of Yakuza Aztecs: Somehow we started with a detective anime, led into the computer-focused HAL arc, and then Mystery series grounded in some reality about a demon forcing a girl to work under him becomes a slowly, more fantastical tale of a demon preventing deaths by fighting a shapeshifter and an artificial intelligence; then this concept catches fire and spirals beautifully into an action series about two kinds of humanity facing off.

Yako Katsuragi

All of it spiced with Deconstruction and morality talks as well as discussions on why people commit murder. Giving Someone the Pointer Finger: Yako, under Neuro's influence, Once an Episode: Needless to say he failed. HAL was stuck doing exactly what he was made to do, knowing that it was impossible and he'd kill a lot of innocent people in the process. Grievous Harm with a Body: Sometimes Neuro likes to use Yako as a club. Not only did a murder happen, making it a typical adventure of the show, but poor Yako does not even get to enjoy the hot springs because one of Neuro's devilish creatures was set loose on the water.

Averted, or so Neuro claims. Since he's fundamentally incapable of understanding how the human mind works, that's the other thing he keeps Yako around for. This is apparently why Neuro can't understand us: It's also the reason Humans Are Special: HAL; he has to give Yako the prompt to uninstall him just to be killed off. Like humans in appearance, but they have evil intent in their genetic code, and see themselves as distinct from humanity in this respect.

Yako stays surprisingly intact even after being made Neuro's chewtoy, doesn't she?

majin tantei nougami neuro ending a relationship

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Usui takes pride being a police and works hard fighting criminals. He is also shown to have respected Sasazuka, especially at the end when Sasazuka dies. When he was about to die, he questioned his own motive for protecting the humans: Also, Neuro kept Akane alive with a battery even when he had none to spare. To a certain extent, Kasai, who managed to survive after having a burning building fall on top of him.

Subverted in that although Yako is supposed to be the leader of the agency, in fact all the detective work is done by Neuro. Kid with the Leash: Neuro tells Sasazuka that Yako controls him and is taking terrible advantage. Their relationship seems like an inversion, but when Yako is serious about no longer being a detective, she does what she wants. Manga only villain Sicks, to a T. Neuro is a demon, after all.

The idea of giving a shit about what beings other than him want or feel generally does not occur to him. The anime ends with Neuro promising Yako that he would solve her father's murder, something she had reminisced over the course of the series. What makes this decision confusing however is that in the manga, not only was Yako's father's murder solved, it was Neuro's second case and solved within three chapters of the story opening, and the gratitude and peace Yako felt from this case is what made Yako decide to be Neuro's willing cover though the threats Neuro imposed at the time helped too.

The fact that the murderer was one of the police force also meant that the police were more lenient with her solving their cases at the start, helped by Sasazuka going easy on her because she's around the same age as his sister was when she died and that it was his partner who committed the murder. Yako's mother in the manga. Part of Yako's talent with cooking is to enable her to eat anything handy and the other part is allow her to have anything safe to eat.

Her mother's food has both resulted in nitro-glycerin and radioactivity as well as food poisoning on about four occasions. Love Makes You Evil: Including a furniture designer who kills people who look down on furniture, a hair dresser who cuts off people's heads so he can style their hair and a stand-up comic who kills people because it's funny.

There is also a singer who killed her friends to make her songs sound sadder, however she is one of the series sanest characters. While she's not the true "brains" behind the operation, Yako slowly reveals superb talents at reading human intention that Neuro himself cannot match. For a start, without her, Godai wouldn't have stuck around. She herself becomes a Negotiator at the end of the manga; someone who can solve the mysteries in people's hearts; preferring to help the living instead of avenging the dead.

Happens with every single villain, but averted with four people: Possessed-by-the-Electronic-Drug Higuchi, meantime, has a similar motive and also goes on a rant about an entirely different issue. But then turns into a Chekhov's Gun of sort when they come across an arsonist who doesn't have a motive. It indicated that he was under the influence of the Electronic Drug. When he first arrived on Earth, a nuke wouldn't have put a scratch on him.

Of course, by the time he's saying this, he's weakened enough that ordinary guns could kill him. Like the one the man he's talking to, who has tried to kill him before, has right there. Neuro, as Yako's "assistant", is a meek man who constantly says aloud what "sensei" is talking about and is prone to admitting "his teacher abuses him" or something along the lines.

He only drops the act when no one's paying attention to him besides Yako, he's abusing Godai, or when he's actually communicating with murders or Sasazuka. Yako is noticeably shorter than Neuro. One Password Attempt Ever: There is only one chance to give the password needed to gain control of HAL, an AI brainwashing people to cause destruction and give him access to other supercomputers.

Our Demons Are Different: For one thing, demons find the human world extremely hazardous to their health, being destroyed completely after a few days. However, Neuro was able to live in the human world due to his Authority Equals Asskicking trait. Earth's atmosphere is poisonous to Neuro, constantly draining his health. He tries to breathe in miasma when he can, at the hot springs and the village where X kidnaps Yako. Hime in the anime Playful Hacker: Higuchi, who hacked into the Metropolitan Police Department's computers The investigative department, where Sasazuka and Jun work, was turned into a Fundoshi store.

And the site stayed like this for three days. Subverted, as Neuro is just as happy using his abilities to investigate the lives of his co-workers. Neuro, becomes a plot point in the final arc when the enemies try to weaken him enough to kill him. The Power of Love: In the manga, Neuro doesn't eat mysteries per se but the energy that would drive someone to do terrible, shameful, twisted things, knowing they're that wrong otherwise, why try to hide them?

When he finally devoured the energy that caused the creation of HAL and the entire HAL arc, there's so much of it he acts like he's sugar high.

Both Harukawa and HAL strive to bring back the woman they love, by making an electronic person with the former, and by hacking into other super-computers to create another electronic person from zero with the latter. Akane consists of nothing but living hair.

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A furniture dealer named Ikeya. I wonder if he's Swedish Kasai, and to a lesser extent his nephew Homura. Red Oni, Blue Oni: With Sasazuka as blue and Godai as red. The moment Yako sees how much they disagree, she compares them to water and oil. Apparently Neuro thinks that the best way to help Yako grow is to torture her. Sealed Evil in a Can: And a red one at that! Sicks is an extreme example, he killed his mother at two years and his father at five.

Quite a few of the villains, some are quirky, but those of the New Bloodline not so much. Mysteries, for Neuro, which makes sense since he's starving to death and they're not his food, but they're evidence that the energy he eats should be present. She wears a pair of red hairclips, one on each side. The hairclips are shaped like a grinning mouth with sharp teeth. Yako's usual attire throughout the series is her school uniform which consists of a yellow sweater and a green skirt in most of the coloured manga depictions or a pink sweater and grey skirt in the anime's depictions.

Personality Edit Yako has an insatiable appetite -with a cast iron stomach to match- and a knack for understanding human psychology that occasionally provides Neuro with information he is unable to obtain, due to his unfamiliarity with how humans operate. Yako is even able to understand Neuro, to a degree, thanks to an amalgamation between the two aforementioned traits; she compares Neuro's opinion of food over that for oxygen to an experience that she had hunting for oysters under water.

Neuro enjoys abusing her and, as she has stated many times before, has forced her to go through a lot of humiliation and torture; but despite their sadomasochistic relationship, Yako displays true affection and concern for Neuro, considering him to be one of the most important people close to her.

After her fight with Neuro during the Sicks arc, it is shown that their bond has considerably strengthened. She states that they are now able to communicate without words, and Neuro shows that he truly trusts her and her capacities when he entrusts her to fight XI by herself.

She is also one of the rare humans who manages to make him display real emotions, and the only one to shock him in the whole manga. Abilities Edit Although Yako does not possess any actual skills for combat, she can stay relatively calm during high-stress situations, though she may ocassionally be shaken up when she encounters supernatural foes like X or Sicks.

While her time with Neuro has definitely been a factor in this, it is left to question if Yako had this trait before she became Neuro's front. Aside from this, Yako's prominent ability that has been expanded upon throughout the series is her interest and understanding in human psychology and feelings. She also has high observation skills as shown when she easily deduced the kind of lifestyle Fumio Honjou lived just by looking at his belongings.

While these abilities do not seem very significant at first glance, they have proved to be very vital in the series as Neuro lacks the ability to understand emotions and feelings, putting him in a disadvantage in certain situations as seen during the HAL arc when HAL easily countered Neuro with a password block. She is well-liked by many people, is able to form and maitain social bonds easily, and shown through the series to remain somewhat close to many characters like Aya AsiaHiguchi or even the Hayasaka brothers.

Besides that, Yako's other ability would be her love for food and culinaries. Neuro and Yako come across a finance company and Neuro decides to use the office. The occupants however, were Godai and his gang and they refused to hand over the office so easily. Neuro immediately informs them he knows a murder had occured in the office recently, surprising them as they didn't plan to let anyone else know.

Neuro then decides to make a wager that if he manages to reveal the criminal of the case they hand over the office but if he fails, they can have Yako to do their biddings much to her chagrin.

After some investigations Neuro reveals Washio as the criminal but he gets shot in the eye.

majin tantei nougami neuro ending a relationship

Neuro easily survives the attack by stopping the bullet with his eyelid before it could get to his eye, and frights Washio with an illusion. After Washio runs off Godai and the rest of his gang refuse to hand over the office, but they run off as well after Neuro hands over some punishment.

Neuro names the office Katsuragi Yako's Demon World Detective Agency and opens the investigation agency for business with Yako as his cover. Aya Asia would be Neuro and Yako's first customer. Her case is seemingly solved when Neuro, Yako and the police manage to capture her alleged stalker. Shortly after the arrest, Neuro asks Yako for the first time her opinion on the results of the case. When he finds out that she too, felt something was amiss Neuro drags Yako with him to Aya's concert.

In the middle of the performance, Neuro tosses Yako on-stage to accuse Aya as the culprit behind the murders. The combination of Neuro and Yako's deductions manage to bring Aya's alibi crumbling down, and Aya finally gives in. After Aya's arrest, Neuro praises Yako for the first time, telling her he looks forward to seeing her abilities over understanding human feelings mature.

Shortly after the Aya Asia incident, news of a criminal called X began surfacing. A man visits the office to request Neuro and Yako's services one day.

He asks them to spy on his son who had been making suspicious outings at night recently. Neuro senses something odd about the case and agrees to help. Neuro and Yako with some assistance from the police finally corners the man's son, who is revealed to have been the local serial pet killer. The man expresses his respect for X's actions and admits he wanted to imitate X's style of killing using boxes, adding that he had finally moved on to the next step by killing his own grandmother.

Neuro ignores his ramblings however and begins telling the real criminal to appear. Everyone else is confused by Neuro's words until the grandmother's corpse suddenly begins spitting blood.

The corpse transforms into a young boy who reveals himself as X, much to everyone's surprise. The son begins praising X and asks X to take him in as a partner.

X however is not impressed by the copycat's methods of killing. X wraps himself around the man and kills him, ironically leaving his remains in the red box. The detective present immediately arrests X, who surprisingly does not resist. On his way out, he asks Neuro how he sensed his presence and Neuro shrugs. X later kills the detective and his men and pays a visit to the detective agency under the guise of Yako.

Neuro is not fooled by his disguise though and X flees, telling Neuro he will return for his head. After the New Bloodline arc in the manga, Neuro significantly weakened at this point was visited by Zera, a fellow demon from hell.

After an attempt at Neuro's life, which failed pathetically, Zera told him that unless he returns to hell, Neuro would die.

Zera agrees to open a portal in his mouth to Hell, which would require a half-day. Neuro remained conflicted over returning to hell between nutrition on Earth and the ability to save his own life.

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As time moves differently between Hell and Earth, Neuro doesn't know whether it would take only 1 Earth year or Earth years to return. Neuro's unease came from returning to an Earth with the possibility of humanity's extinction and end of mysteries occuring during this time. After persuasion from Yako, Neuro agrees to return in order to save his own life.