Lovestore at the corner ending relationship

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lovestore at the corner ending relationship

Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Lovestore at the Corner - 巷弄里 Unfortunately it suffers from the weird t-drama ending syndrome, or it would be. A corner bookstore in a small town may hold clues to a woman who went missing after going to Teapot Lovestore at the Corner Poster [Ending Theme]. I read the novel as you might read any novel about marriage and adultery. There is no end to the preliminary research, the outline is swelling out of all Standing in a corner of the shed, he had observed every detail of the.

Lovestore at the Corner

Even though at first Ke-Xin hated the idea of being introduced to a man by her mother, she finds him kind and reliable as he always plan things ahead and think about the future so she started to accept him as her boyfriend, their relationship has been pretty stable since then. One day, Ze-Xuan and Ke-Xin went for a trip to Yi Lan, a county of Taiwan and in the midst of it, they went on separate ways to tour the place.

It was only after she went home to flip through the pictures of her sister, then she realized that Yang Mo-Cheng is Xiang Shu-Lei. She wants to ask him about what happened between him and her sister before the disappearance but is baffled at why did he named himself as another person. After then, he disappears before the eyes of his family members.

Ever since then, no one has heard any news about him.

lovestore at the corner ending relationship

From his answers, she knows that Xiang Shu-Lei has a psychogenic kind of amnesia, meaning that he chose to not remember about his past because of his own psychological problem. She decided to go back to the bookstore again to test Yang Mo-Cheng whether he recognizes the couple photo of him and her sister.

At his answer, she angrily reprimands him for forgetting her sister and about to huff off before Mo-Cheng stops her and ask to have a chat with her.

lovestore at the corner ending relationship

They talk about her sister and when asked what kind of person is her sister is, Ke-Xin have a hard time answering it, she realized that she never really know her sister well enough and memories of her sister have become foggy. While waiting the train back to Taipei, she blames herself about forgetting her sister and thinks that she has no right to reprimand Xiang Shu-Lei as he forgets about her sister because of a car accident but she has not valid reasons to.

After the confrontation with Yang Mo-Cheng the other time, she decided to help him get back his memory as she still have many things to ask him about her sister once he remembers. She will visit his bookstore once in a while to talk to him and finds herself enjoying chatting with him and Yang Mo-Cheng is full of wisdom, he often uses quotes from books he read to guide the people in the village.

She often feels enlightened by his words. She also thinks it will be a great idea to stay close with Mo-Cheng so she can help him remember about his past.

In the small village of Yi Lan and in the small bookstore of Yang Mo-Cheng, she encounters many kinds of people. Ke-Xin also rents a room in his house so not long after, they became close like a family. The people of the village are strange people but they are kind and filled with warmth, Ke-Xin feels the strong bond between herself and the villagers. The more she interacts with the villagers, the more entangled she is with the lives of the villagers. Furthermore, the longer she stays in Yi Lan, the more she drifts apart from Ze-Xuan as Mo-Cheng often reminds her of what she used to be, a girl with dreams and who likes to imagine.

In the pilot episode, I could strongly feel the suffocating devastation of the people Ke-Jie left behind at that time, the aftermath effect was significant. Xiang Shu-Lei was in the verge of destruction, Dong Xin-Ni was trying to numb her guilt with endless works and Ke-Jie was isolated at home, filled with sadness and loneliness. However, in the later episodes, the dark clouds that loomed over them became less suffocating, people moved on. Like I said, years have passed so although Ke-Jie remains in a part of their heart, the memories of Ke-Jie in their mind slowly become foggy.

There are many changes after the time jump so I will be talking about these changes and the significance behind it. If losing a beloved one can make a person totally change into another person, that will be Xiang Shu-lei, he used to be a playboy but now, he became like a totally different person, Yang Mo-Cheng.

Most of his wisdom comes from the huge amount of books he read.

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The Xiang Shu-Lei who would fall asleep by reading a few page of a book has now become a bookworm. Ironically, ever since he became Yang Mo-Cheng, the more he resembles Ke-Jie in terms of the atmosphere around him. During those nineteen years of torture and slavery, his soul both rose and fell at the same time. He also saw his life continue to follow two sets of incompatible rules. Concealing his own identity to redeem his soul. Qin Lang is a frustrated artist whose father abandoned him and his mother to pursue his passion for painting.

lovestore at the corner ending relationship

He went to Shanghai with the hopes of pursuing his dream of becoming an artist but was cheated out of his money, passport and plane ticket. In order to earn enough money to go home to Taiwan he works as a cook, making oyster omelette, a skill passed down by his grandmother.

Xinlei and Qin Lang meet again when she goes to a restaurant that specialises in Taiwanese food, that Qin Lang happens to works at.

lovestore at the corner ending relationship

He is initially reluctant to teach her as he is annoyed by her princess complex but at the same time, he is drawn to her. After much bickering and mis-understanding they become friends. Then, Xinlei's parents' company goes bankrupt and they go into hiding to escape their debtors.

They mis-guidedly thought that Shangdong would take care of her, hence only left her a plane ticket and a key to their house in Taiwan. Unfortunately, Shangdong breaks off their engagement, at the insistence of his parents, and becomes engaged to another girl whose family can help them financially. Meanwhile, Xinlei is left to rely on her best friend Xi Xian and Qin Lang, who found himself wanting to protect her and does everything in his power to cheer her up.

However at the bidding of his grandmother, he had to leave Xibei to return to Taiwan, thinking that they would never meet again. Then, after seeing Xinlei at his engagement party, Shangdong is unable to go through with it. So his parents asked her to break away and leave Shanghai.