Light side sith inquisitor ending relationship

light side sith inquisitor ending relationship

I never ran into this problem during an evil sith warrior + pro empire playthrough. and they couldnt figure out how to fit a lightside SI playthrough that hates the .. The way he looked at the Empire was a sort of love hate relationship. I the end she's pro-Empire as an institution, superior to the corrupt and. He's not gonna train any lightside Sith for you; Tremel was all about the . the lightside story should have ended the moment you boarded the with the assumption that your character did feel a relationship was developing. The heir of ancient Sith Lord Aloysius Kallig, Nox sought to restore the Kallig the two Sith was brought to an end when the Inquisitor defeated Thanaton on the very .. Rist were once in love but Nomar cancelled the marriage to become a Jedi. .. light of your reputation as a master of the dark side, you are now Darth Nox.

For us, slavery is abhorrent and sickening, because we have our point of view from our world and our countries.

But imagine being born and raised not only in a country where slavery is the norm, but a whole planet. In fact, a vast multitude of planets. You'd grow up seeing no places where it's different.

Slavery would be as normal as drinking coffee in the morning. There's a reason why the Imperial people and the Sith are numb to it, and the Warrior, having spent their life on the good end of the Imperial caste system, would be no different.

Heck, even Vette, whom I love with all my heart, doesn't do much to create sympathy for slaves in the Warrior's heart, let alone enough to betray everything the Warrior's ever known. This is not because the Warrior dislikes her--quite the contrary, I'm certain she grows on the ol' Wrath. No, it's because Vette's emotional scars have healed too well for that. She's not a broken, timid soul, but rather cheerful, humorous and lively--slavery does not define her, and she doesn't serve as a constant reminder of how miserable slaves are.

People also say they go lightside to be defiant towards Baras. That's just option 3 in the dialogue wheel. You don't need lightside points to do that. Ask me nicely, and I will even compile the screenshots for a Baras-sassing montage devoid of any lightside points. Then there's the whole "I like how as a lightsided Sith you can twist the Jedi's philosophy against them and make them attack you.

Not because it's impossible to have nice Imperial parents, but because of this: Because whatever the lightside Warrior was taught, it's not how to survive Korriban. Sure, the lightside Warrior does survive Korriban, but that's where the aforementioned plot armor comes in.

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For example, when you spare Tremel and lie to Baras about it. Now, Darth Baras may not be the greatest Force user who ever lived, but at that point in time, the Warrior is less than an insect to him. Baras should've easily sensed the lie and executed the Warrior on the spot.

Lightside sith inquisitor is a bit strange.. : swtor

But alas, plot armor. How long does it take to walk all the way back to the tomb of Tulak Hord and get shards from every crypt, with all the shyracks, rebel slaves and droids in your way, then walk all the way back to the Academy? A day or two, maybe three? By the time you're back, Vemrin should already be deep in the tomb of Naga Sadow--with Vette. By the time you even reach him, he should already have the lightsaber and you should be 1v2, or at best 1v1 with a warblade against a lightsaber, if Vemrin tells Vette not to interfere.

But luckily for you, your plot armor comes with the special feature of literally freezing time to accomodate you, and thus the seconds it takes to kill Klemral or tell him to go away, counts as the same amount of time that it takes to raid the tombs again and come back, on foot. Even if we ignore the Warrior's miraculous survival after sparing Tremel and helping Klemral, the lightside story should have ended the moment you boarded the Fury for the first time.

I mean, if you hate the Empire this much, why not fly to Republic space, surrender to a patrol and defect before Baras realizes what's happening? You want to stick around and see if you can help poor Jaesa and save her from Baras, I guess? Okay, I can understand that.

But why'd you have to kill those Organa guards at General Gaselle's compound? And then you go and eliminate General Gonn and the War Trust, lock two of the Republic's greatest Jedi in an icy tomb on Hoth, and start a war that, at the time, most people including Grandmaster Satele believe the Republic can't win. Now why would you do that to your precious Republic? Also, why would you release the Emperor, the most powerful practitioner of the dark side known at the time, if you want the Empire to be lightsided?

It's a critical step to get revenge on Baras, but revenge is not the way of the light. No, these things happen because the Warrior is ruthless, and loyal to the Empire.

Zash, knowing controlling the Trandoshans wouldn't be enough to defeat Skotia, sent the Apprentice on one more mission to retrieve a weapon that could destroy cybernetics noting that Skotia was mostly a cyborg and it would be effective against him. The weapon had been created by a scientist named Dorotsech who was being held captive by the rogue Sith Lord Grathan.

The Apprentice then retrieved the weapon but not without killing Dorotsech first, leaving no witnesses for what had happened in Grathan's estate. When the Apprentice returned to Zash she decided her apprentice was ready and finally assigned the young Sith to kill Darth Skotia. The Apprentice met Darth Skotia in his officeknowing that they needed to get close enough to use the anti- cyborg weapon, the Apprentice used the Trandoshan relic to turn Skotia's bodyguards on him but Skotia easily killed them stating that they were only for show.

Darth Skotia then proceeded to attack the Apprentice but the latter used the Cybernetics weapon on him. The weapon didn't kill Skotia but weakened him enough for the Apprentice to engage. The duel ensued and the Apprentice was victorious slaying Darth Skotia; with his dying breath, Skotia warned the Apprentice that Zash would turn on them too. As the cyborg collapses on the floor, the Apprentice promised to face Zash when the time comes.

The Lightside Warrior - Why does it bother me so much? : swtor

Zash, having a concrete alibi, refused such accusations and was promoted to the Darth title in front of the Apprentice. The Apprentice then returned to Skotia's -- now Zash's -- former office, where Lords Kirnon and Calaverous were investigating the scene of the murder the Apprentice was asked of how Darth Zash had slain Skotia and the Apprentice replied that she didn't because the young Sith had done it themselves though no one believed the Apprentice.

The ghost of Kallig recognized the Inquisitor to be of his bloodline and the means to restore his family name to greatness. He warned the Inquisitor that the Sith play an endless game of treachery, a game his heir must win.

He advises to beware the master and apprentice and never to be taken by surprise. After learning of the Apprentice's ancestry and recovering the artifact, [17] they ventured back to Darth Zash and learned that many other such artifacts were hidden around the galaxy. The Apprentice was then given the task of finding these artifacts on BalmorraNar ShaddaaTatooineand Alderaan.

light side sith inquisitor ending relationship

Apprentice entered Aloysius Kallig 's tomb inside the Dark Temple in search for an artifact. Alternative options are unfun because of the following aspects. PvP you need to get carried or you will get completely dominated and not have a fun time, no matter if you outplay or not, because your character is weak. Flashpoints are a mess due to queues popping with 4 damage dealers and whatnot.

PvE space is the same pointless crawler that it was on launch, something you do just to get it off your quest list if you bothered to pick it up.

light side sith inquisitor ending relationship

I guess thats just how the cookie crumbles tho when you try to force 4 different class stories into the same planet arcs. Anyways this post is not just hateraid. I want to know what your thoughts are as well. I have an opinion and its perfectly fine if you disagree with it.