Lego batman 2 brainiac ending relationship

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lego batman 2 brainiac ending relationship

Characters appearing in the Lego Batman series of games, filed under the game they first Characters first appearing in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes General Information Developer: TT Games Sinestro; Captain Boomerang; Brainiac; General Zod; Lexbot; Police Officer. Brainiac is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics . In current continuity, Brainiac's connection to Pulsar Stargrave remains an open question, one even Brainiac 5 has yet to resolve. Brainiac makes an appearance in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, voiced by Troy Baker.

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Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman then appear at the White House to stop Lex's "presidency" and put the Legion back into prison where a shrunken Brainiac is put in a jar and tormented by Joker and Lex as their new cellmate. With help from X-POthey retrieve the portal's keystones to bring it to full functionality while they battle with Vortech and the villains he has recruited.

He saves Wyldstyle and her friends from a deadly fall during a fight with Bad Cop. Batman rebuilds Bad Cop's car into a baby carriage, delaying his pursuit of the heroes.

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Together, Batman joins the rest of the heroes in journeying to Cloud Cuckoo Land, where they are once again attacked by Bad Cop. They escape in a submarine Batman taking the credit for this idea, despite the fact that Emmet came up with itbut the submarine eventually breaks apart on its own, the Master Builders' conflicting styles causing it to be unstable.

They are picked up by Metalbeard in his Sea Cowand on the ship, the group plans how to infiltrate Lord Business 's office tower. Forced by Emmet to follow instructions along with the other Master Builders, Batman joins the group in succeeding.

As part of the plan, Batman dons his Bruce Wayne persona to convince Lord Business to add speakers to his doomsday Kragle device, which allows Emmet and Wyldstyle to infiltrate the room with the Kragle. Batman then joins Emmet with his grappling gun, allowing Emmet to swing onto the Kragle and put the Piece of Resistance on the tube. Unfortunately, the group is detected, and Lord Business imprisons the Master Builders in his Think Tank, which is set to detonate as he unleashes Kragle on the universe.

They are all saved when Emmet sacrifices himself to remove the power source for this detonation, and the remaining protagonists go to Bricksburg to help fight off Lord Business's forces.

They are almost overwhelmed, but Emmet arrives back from the real world and confronts Lord Business, convincing him to let people take his creations and do new creative things with them, rather than trying to freeze them in place forever.

Lord Business's headquarters explode as he puts the cap on the Kragle, rendering Lord Business's forces immobile and saving Batman and the others. During the following celebration, Batman ends his relationship with Wyldstyle on mutual terms, believing she deserves to be with Emmet. Joker is planning to destroy a power plant in a bid to get Batman's attention.

Batman refuses to acknowledge Joker as his greatest enemy, and easily chooses to defuse the bomb rather than chase after Joker. While the villains escape, Batman is celebrated as a hero by the people of Gotham City. Soon, however, he returns alone to his large and empty base at Wayne Manor.

There he undresses, eats, and watches TV alone. Batman looks over a portrait of his parents, privately expressing how he hopes they would be proud. Alfred Pennyworth overhears, and Batman denies having said anything. Bruce Wayne attends Jim Gordon 's retirement party where his daughter Barbara is being inaugerated as the new Commissioner. Being the "greatest orphan of all time," Bruce attracts the attention of Dick Graysonwhom Bruce accidentally adopts while he is distracted.

As Barbara criticizes Batman for being an ineffective vigilante who has never managed to bring Joker, CatwomanBane or really any villain to justice, she announces her vision for a police department which does not rely so heavily on Batman, all to Bruce's chagrin.

The Joker and his gang appear at the party, but only to surrender. All of them are taken to Arkham Asylum except for Harley Quinnwho is later noticed to be missing.

Batman and Robin in the Batmobile As Batman struggles to find fulfillment when the city no longer needs him, Alfred advises him to begin getting to know Dick. Instead Batman becomes paranoid that Joker must be up to something.

Inspired by an interview with Superman over his recent decision to banish General Zod to the Phantom Zone, a prison which holds the most dangerous villains from across the multiverse. Using Dick under the codename Robin as bait, Batman heads to the Fortress of Solitude to steal the Phantom Zone Projector where he finds that Superman is hosting the Justice League anniversary party without inviting him.

Lex has been working as an agent of General Lane all along. The disarray that Lex caused provides Lane with a window of opportunity as he prepares for the impending war with New Krypton.

lego batman 2 brainiac ending relationship

Lex receives a Presidential pardon for his efforts. The story ends with Zod rallying his people as he declares war on the planet Earth. The story concludes in the next miniseries, Superman: War of the Supermen. Mon-El plants the many bottled cities that Brainiac has captured over the years on various planets across the galaxy. These cities will one day become the United Planets by the 31st century, the same planets that will produce the members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Vril Dox happily turns his "father" over to his people for his crimes.

However Lyrl Doxa. Brainiac 3, releases his "grandfather" with a weapon called Pulsar Stargrave. What then occurs is an all-out battle for Colu between all three present-day Brainiacs. Vril Dox even calls in Lobo for help. Brainac breaks out of his prison and, after causing much damage on Colu, escapes with Pulsar Stargrave in tow for parts unknown. Vril Dox was acknowledged as the greatest scientist on his homeworld, Yod-Colu, given his advances in force field technology and miniaturization.

He developed an artificial intelligence, C. Dox discovered the fifth dimension was in a state of war, and a group of its inhabitants, the Multitude, had entered their dimension and destroyed over a hundred planets. Realizing Yod-Colu was next in the Multitude's path, Dox tried to find a way to save his planet, even performing experiments on his son.

lego batman 2 brainiac ending relationship

Copying the planet's database, Dox constructed an army of robot servants called Terminauts and miniaturized the city his wife and son lived on and bottled it in a force field, while the rest of Yod-Colu was destroyed by the Multitude. After the destruction of Yod-Colu, Dox constructed an army of starships and distributed his consciousness across a series of robots that would each travel the universe in order to preserve planets from the Multitude, becoming known as the Collector of Worlds.

One of these robots attacked Krypton. Dox became fascinated by Jor-El, a Kryptonian scientist who actually saved his homeworld from the Multitude. Upon returning to Krypton, however, Brainiac discovered Krypton had been destroyed. Later, while Clark conducts an interview in a robotic factory, the same harvester robots appear. John Corben the soon-to-be supervillain Metallo is suddenly possessed by the artificial intelligence.

Superman fights the possessed Corben with the help of John Henry Irons. Although they managed to defeat him, the alien sentience had already miniaturized and bottled the city of Metropolis and took it to his ship in space. The alien identifies himself as a being from the planet Colu where he was known as C. O and on Krypton he was called Brainiac 1. He claims that, without Superman and the ship that brought him to Earth, his Kryptonian collection is incomplete. The alien intelligence demands Superman make a choice: Superman decides on neither and wears the armor which changes instantly into the current Superman costume design.

Brainiac sends Metallo to attack Superman, but due to Superman reasoning with him over his feelings for Lois Lane, he breaks free of Brainiac's control and joins Superman in his attack.

Superman then uses his rocket from Krypton that had also been miniaturized with Metropolis to attack Brainiac's mind, which the rocket was able to do since its primary mission was to protect Kal-El.

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In doing so, Metropolis was returned to Earth and Superman took possession of Brainiac's ship and made it his new super citadel. Striking a deal with Lady Styxoverlord of the Tenebrian Dominion, he bottles a portion of the Sh'diki Borough of Tolerance to add to his collection. Ultimately, Brainiac abandons his plans with the Sh'diki Borough and ejects Caul and the bottled city before leaving for parts unknown.

His minion Cyborg-Superman a reconstructed Zor-Elfather of Supergirl [51] constructs a portal to allow Brainiac's command ship and "daughter ships" to travel to Earth from throughout the galaxy. The Coluan appears still-humanoid, and explains his reasoning for stealing minds from throughout the universe: His motivation for this appears a desire to right the wrongs he feels responsible for: His plan is undone when Superman drags him, mothership and all, into a black hole.

But then, Vril Dox is snatched away to safety, it seems, by a being who appears to be the true Brainiac: Brainiac's attempt to do this to a future timeline of Earth-0 was narrowly averted by the heroes in the story The New Futures End ; Brainiac was contained in a T-sphere, leaving Telos stranded without his master, prompting the events of Convergence in which the planets are bid to fight each other.

When the events of Convergence nearly end in an irreversible destruction of the Multiverse, the time traveller Waveriderformerly the pre-Flashpoint Booster Gold, frees Brainiac, who reveals he is sick from his mutations and only wishes to return to normal, to being Brainiac of Colu.

He sends most of the heroes home, and with help from the Zero Hour Parallax and the pre-Flashpoint Superman, averts the collapse of the Multiverse from Crisis on Infinite Earthsand is returned to the normal Brainiac. His actions also allows various parallel universes and alternate timelines to exist as the new Multiverse.

The entirety of the Green and Yellow Lanterns including Hal JordanGuy Gardnerand John Stewartalong with Starro the Conquerorare lured into a trap and subsequently hit with a shrink ray while on the planet Xudar, leaving them tiny and helpless. In the next issue, they are trapped in a bottle, and their jailer is revealed to be a robot claiming to run on "Brainiac 2. The robot heavily resembles both Brainiac's skeleton-esque incarnation and the robotic drones utilized by the post version of Brainiac.

It has a collection of shrunken bottled planets, and travels in a ship resembling Brainiac's skullship. At the time it was not clear if this was the true Brainiac after Rebirth or yet another one of his drones. Larfleeze is impressed that the machine was able to capture the Green Lanterns and Starro, and even more impressed with the machine's shrinking technology, and plans to hijack its technology to put together his own collection.

He takes the ship and collection to his homeworld of Okaara. However, upon being informed that the Yellow and Green Lanterns are still fighting inside the bottle and trying to kill each other, Larfleeze's own greed for having everything gets the best of him and he ends up breaking the container.

With everyone fighting together, the Orange Lantern Corps are quickly overwhelmed. Larfleeze accuses the robot of playing him; when it responds that it simply did what he programmed it to do, Larfleeze destroys it in a rage. Thus, the robot that defeated Starro, the Green Lantern Corps, and the Yellow Lantern Corps before subsequently being dispatched by Larfleeze was, in fact, one of his drones.

However, he did not come to destroy the Earth, but to deliver a warning: Brainiac thinks he can defeat the threat, but it means teaming up with Superman and the Justice League and combining members of the League with some of the most dangerous supervillains in the DC Universe and sending them into battle against this extinction-level menace.

Four teams outfitted with Brainiac's technology are formed including among other members, Lex Luthor, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Sinestrowith Brainiac himself working directly alongside his nemesis, Superman. Brainiac claims to have developed a plan to defeat the Omega Titans and the superheroes only need to follow his orders to win, but Amanda Waller uses the hidden Protocol XI, which involves kidnapping the world's most dangerous psychics, to probe Brainiac's mind and find out what he knows.

The strain of the psychic attack causes Brainiac's head to explode, apparently killing him. Powers and abilities[ edit ] Brainiac's most consistent power endemic to all versions is his "twelfth-level intellect", allowing calculation abilities, enhanced memory and advanced understanding of mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, physicsand other theoretical and applied sciences, as well as extensive knowledge of various alien technologies.

For comparison, the population of 20th century Earth as a whole constitutes a sixth-level intelligence and the population of 31st century Earth as a whole is a ninth-level intelligence. Brainiac's advanced mental powers have shown him capable of possessing others, absorbing information from other beings, transferring his consciousness, [61] creating and manipulating computer systems, replicating multiple versions of himself, and exerting powers to traverse or control space and time.

Among organic beings, Brainiac views only his frequent partner Lex Luthor as a peer intellect. Brainiac is usually depicted with an incredibly high degree of superstrength and durability; the exact level varies, but usually hovers at around Superman's strength. Brainiac's exact abilities vary drastically throughout his various incarnations. Pre-Crisis[ edit ] Originally, Brainiac was a scientist with no superhuman abilities aside from his intellect.

lego batman 2 brainiac ending relationship

He fought Superman via the use of his advanced technology and cunning, similar to Lex Luthor. His cybernetic headpiece let him interface with technology and project energy blasts from his head, which were powerful enough to significantly harm Superman. Superman described the blasts as "blindingly painful His technopathic abilities extend to control of his ship, with which he shares a symbiotic relationship.

The android version of Brainiac was capable of downloading his consciousness to spare, robotic bodies in the event that his original was destroyed or damaged.

He could also possess organic beings in certain circumstances, as he did to Luthor during Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? The final body utilized by the Pre-Crisis Brainiac resembling a robotic skeleton was technopathic, had superstrength and durability, could discharge energy blasts capable of hurting Superman, and knew of how to "spin" the psychokinetic energies he generated into a web-like net which could hold Superman at bay.

Among the knowledge he absorbed was extensive information on hand-to-hand combat techniques, making him a very skilled combatant. Despite this, he saw physical confrontation as beneath him, and preferred to defeat foes with his mind. He was an alien consciousness who had possessed the body of a powerful human psychic and awakened his powers, further augmenting them with an implanted electrode head-piece. His vast psychic powers allowed him to seriously challenge Superman, and defeat multiple members of the New Gods including Orion with a single psionic energy blast, [65] but the body's lack of Superman-level durability was a major liability and eventually led to it being rendered useless in a gasoline explosion.

After this organic body was destroyed, Brainiac's consciousness built and possessed various robotic bodies and occasionally hijacked other organic bodies such as Doomsday's. His abilities were dependent on the body he was inhabiting at the time, which could vary from as weak as a normal human to far stronger than Superman.

His nanoswarm incarnation, for instance, could shapeshift, regenerate, project energy blasts and force fields, and match Superman blow for blow; Superman stated Brainiac to have physical strength on par with Doomsday's in this form. By contrast, Brainiac was easily able to kill Superman, and would have done so in a short time had he not been devoted to torturing the Man of Steel.

The true Brainiac lacked psychic powers, but still possessed super physical attributes, intelligence, and technopathy. He possesses a level of strength vastly surpassing that of a full-powered Superman; capable of easily overpowering the Kryptonian in a grapple and flooring him with a single punch, breaking his near-invulnerable skin by squeezing Superman's head with his fingers, [68] and catching one of Superman's punches and crushing his hand until it bled, forcing Superman to his knees.

Like the Pre-Crisis Brainiac, he is mentally connected to his ship in such a way that he can be disabled for a short period if separated without warning. Initially, he had the weakness of being disabled by his mysophobia and sensory overload when dumped into Earth's atmosphere, [73] though he does not seem to have this defect in his later battles on Earth, such as when he defeated Superboy[74] suggesting that he had fixed it, or that he is only overloaded in particularly dirty environments.

Finally, being separated from his ship for prolonged periods causes him to physically deteriorate and become far less powerful, as Lex Luthor observed while studying his unconscious body over the course of several days when it was in the custody of the U. This Brainiac is an incredibly powerful physical fighter, but like his Pre-Crisis counterpart is most dangerous due to the advanced technology he wields, much of it of his own invention.

These include his classic shrinking ray and force fields, as well as other gadgets such as missiles capable of causing stars to go supernova. These probes are strong enough to draw blood from Superman [77] and tough enough to survive some of his powerful blows. While she won't hurt innocents, Thou Shalt Not Kill does not apply at all to her. Initially only a buildable character, Huntress eventually became available as an actual character in her own right. She'll even have a role in the Arrow DLC pack, though as a trade-off she doesn't appear in the vanilla game of Beyond Gotham.

Why won't you leave me alone?! His plan is to steal the city savings from the Gotham Central Reserve. His version is for some reason red-haired in Beyond Gotham, despite the fact that he had black hair in the TV series. With the Joker and the Penguin in the first game. Uses his question-mark cane in combat, and it doubles as a Mind-Control Device in the first game.

Cannot Tell a Lie: Owing to his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, he is subconsciously forced to leave clues at the scene of his crimes. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: He's not as good as Joker or Penguin in physical combat, but he's okay enough to get some good hits in. In the second game, he doesn't take as long to defeat and is out of the game pretty early.

Wears one over his face. Implied with his text briefings, confirmed when he loudly and theatrically mugs a man in the second game.

While robbing the "Man of the Year" award ceremony, he basically behaves like a petty thug and steals money from a man's wallet, seemingly for no reason than to be spiteful.

His motive in the first game is to steal the city savings. He constantly brags about his intellect in his mission briefings. The first game implied this with his text briefings. The second confirms it when he loudly mugs a man. He wears a bowler hat in DC Super Heroes. Constantly makes bad jokes during his mission briefings.

Edward Nigma, which fits with his persona.

Brainiac (character)

There is no beating around the bush- Riddler may be brilliant, but he is incredibly arrogant. He initially allies with Joker and Penguin to break all the villains out, then recruits Clayface, Mr.

Freeze, Poison Ivy and Two-Face to his cause. Riddler is a weak man physically, but mentally he's smart enough to plan out entire raids, and has enough skill to fight in basic close-quarter combat. What the Hell, Hero? Calls Batman out for not leaving him alone, although as he's a criminal it rings slightly hollow. The details vary from origin to origin, but Dent eventually got doused with acid, burning away the left half of his face until it resembled the monster within.

Dent's mind snapped after that, and he declared himself a mere puppet of fate. Eschewing his old belief in justice, Two-Face becomes fixated on proving the arbitrariness of free will. He quickly became one of Gotham's top crime bosses, with the unusual habit of making all of his decisions with a two-headed coin - scratched on one side and clean on the other.

All of his important decisions are decided by a flip of this coin - the scarred side representing evil, the clean side representing good. This incarnation joins with the Riddler's scheme to steal the city savings.

When voiced by Troy Baker in the second game. No powers, yet he can keep up with the rest of the group, and is even one of Riddler's top lieutenants. He gets a bit of time in cutscenes, but otherwise this is played straight in the second game. As Two-Face, his voice is deep and guttural.

lego batman 2 brainiac ending relationship

A version of him currently supplies the page image. Formerly District Attorney Harvey Dent, he had his face scarred, driving him to villainy and souring his perspective. Having a Split Personality didn't help matters either. A coin-flip is his villain gimmick. Dual revolvers, fitting his dual theme. It not only reflects his disfigurement but also his Split Personality. Toxins cannot harm him for some reason, presumably due to his facial injuries.

More prevalent in the second game since he could talk. Two-Face and Harvey Dent are both split personalities, one obsessed with justice and the other a ruthless crime boss. This is best shown when he breaks out of Arkham- the Harvey persona is somber and reflecting, while Two-Face is downright gleeful at the chance for more mayhem.

In Beyond Gotham, he is one to Jim Gordon. It comes with his mental issues. Formerly a District Attorney by the name of Harvey Dent, Two-Face has since descended into villainy after a horrific accident that scarred half his face.