La misma luna ending relationship

‘Under the Same Moon’ merges fluid story with social issues | The Sundial

la misma luna ending relationship

It's not hard to see why “Under the Same Moon” (“La Misma luna”) His relationship with Enrique (Eugenio Derbez), the migrant worker who. What kind of relationship does Carlitos have with his Abuela (Grandmother)? seconds. Q. What does Carlitos want for his birthday from La Doña? answer choices seconds. Q. Why doesn't Carlito's father end up not helping him?. La Misma Luna They end up finding him and Carlitos tells him everything that has been happening and Carlitos' dad says that he will drive.

There is a naivety about this film that makes it nearly refreshing, as though it does not realize that by choosing such a sanctimonious narrative to examine the hot-button issue of immigration, it undermines any humanizing efforts it assumes. Under the Same Moon attempts to combat the intense vilification of immigrants legal and illegal in the current political climate with their sanctification.

Neither schema leaves much room for honest examinations of humanity in all its flawed glory. Instead we get Carlitos Adrian Alonsoan indelibly smart, brave nine-year-old living in a Mexican village with his ailing grandmother Angelina Paeleza. He has never met his father, and his mother Rosario the luminous Kate del Castillo has been hard at work as a cleaning lady in Los Angeles for the last four years. The only communication Carlitos has with his mother is a weekly phone call in which she describes the neighborhood she is calling from and how much she misses him.

She promises they will be reunited soon. With no immediate family to rely upon, the only course available to Carlitos is a treacherous border crossing to find his mother.

‘Under the Same Moon’ merges fluid story with social issues

The idea that Under the Same Moon should be the story of estranged love — between mother and son -- is a good one, perhaps too good, for while it renders the conflict emotionally accessible, approaching the universal,it relies heavily on a series of contrivances to get there.

The dramatic obstacles that follow run the gamut of believability; the Mexican-American students who smuggle him in their minivan America Ferrara and Jesse Garcia are apprehended at the border for unpaid parking tickets, and the vehicle is impounded with Carlitos stuck inside.

Rosario and Carlitos have not seen each other in four years, since Carlitos was five. Carlitos lives in a small Mexican village with his ill grandmother and next door to his repressive aunt and uncle, who are named Josefina and Manuel, who try to take custody of him in order to steal the money that Rosario sends to him.

When his grandmother dies, Carlitos decides that he will not live with his aunt and uncle. He finds the two coyotes so that he can make his way across the border to his mom. Though he successfully crosses the border without being caught, the car that he hides in is towed away and he is separated from the two coyotes due to them having parking violations and expired tags they did not pay for. Carlitos waits in the van at the impound lot until it is nighttime. When he gets out of the van, he unknowingly drops his container full of money.

Carlitos makes his way to a local train station and attempts to buy a ticket but is not allowed because he is a minor. Carlitos asks a man in the bathroom if he could buy him a ticket. When the man accepts, Carlitos realizes that he has lost his money.

When they arrive at the impound lot the van is gone and Carlitos is unable to find his money. It is made apparent that the man is a drug user, as he becomes upset and begins to question Carlitos where his money is. Carlitos replies that he doesn't know which angers the man further.

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The man then drives Carlitos to a local pimp and tries to sell Carlitos to him. A woman, called Reina, was walking by and stopped Carlitos from being bought, she paid the man what she had and took Carlitos with her. Reina takes Carlitos to live and work with other illegal immigrants.

One day, while working at a tomato farm, immigration police raid the building and arrest most of the workers. His grandmother passes away D.

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He takes a bus C. He goes with people from US B. He swims across the boarder D.

la misma luna ending relationship

His mom picks him up 8. What happens at the border with the border patrol? Nothing; he makes it to LA B. He gets caught by immigration and sent home C.

The van is taken away for unpaid D. Why does Carlitos have to return to the van? He left his bag in there C. So he can cross to LA D. The money fell out of his bag 2. What does the woman do to protect Carlitos in the street? She steals Carlitos C. She curses at the men B. She pays the men the money for Carlitos D.

She lets the men take Carlitos 3. What happened at the tomato farm? Carlitos lost his friend Enrique C. Carlitos ate a lot of tomatoes 4.

Under The Same Moon (La Misma Luna)

How does Enrique treat Carlitos? He acts like his father B. He lets him hitch a ride to LA C. He is very strict with Carlitos 5.

la misma luna ending relationship

What happens after Carlitos and the immigrant get out of the car with the mariachi band? What are the men on the street about to do? How does the other man stop them? Does Carlitos work for the man in the store?

Under the same moon lesson plan

Why or why not? What happens in the kitchen between Carlitos and the other man? Why do you think it happened? Who does Carlitos meet in the electronics store? His friend Enrique D. Why is Carlitos waiting in the bar?