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Jane and Rogelio begin to grow closer until she meets his mean twin Season 1 | Episode 6 Gina Rodriguez and Madeline Bertani in Jane the Virgin () Gina Meanwhile, Jane is conflicted about the direction of her relationship with The song playing at the end is a song by Christina Perri and the title is Sea of. Jane the Pregnant Virgin turned an unfortunate medical mistake into a . at a dead end both in his Sin Rostro investigation and his relationship. “Chapter Sixty-Four” was a great finale and a great step for Jane. Jane The Virgin Season 3 Finale Recap: "Chapter Sixty-Six" Michael's belief that their relationship was rooted in a simple twist of fate is the boost Jane.

Jane the Virgin recap: 'Chapter Six'

Anyway, Jane isn't even close to ready to forgiving him or working past anything. And as far as getting married goes? She's definitely not committed to it now even if she is keeping her ring on for the time being.

Our Jane of Sorrows Hot on the w heels of this emotional car wreck, Jane discovers that she has finally received her student teaching placement—her final requirement for graduation, which she now can't put off because Pregnant—at a Catholic high school. This assignment is an issue for two reasons: First, Jane specifically requested a middle school.

Second, Jane's own HS experience was…subpar…so the prospect of returning to one to teach, Catholic or not, is less than appealing. Miranda is Student Affairs is less than compassionate towards Jane's situation, however, so Jane is stuck with the assignment. A third reason this particular assignment is an issue, Xo and Alba note, is Jane's position as a pregnant virgin don't tell the nuns! This is played initially as a joke, because our Villanueva women are nothing if not great at seeing the light side of tough situations, but once Jane gets to the school and finds Rogelio's mean girl ex-stepdaughters enrolled there, waiting to take Jane down using just this fact as their main weapon, the joke turns real.

Jane has inherited not just a cartoon of a human for a father, but also his cartoon of an evil ex-wife and her twin mean girl daughters.

These girls are, of course, expertly cast. Their timing of every pointedly awkward comment regarding Jane's pregnancy, both at awkwardfamilydinner as well as at school on Jane's first day, is perfect, as is their invented meltdown in the courtyard when Jane tries to be an authority figure and get them to take down their joke website on her second day.

Chapter Six

Nothing Jane can think of on her own works to stop their reign of terror—in fact, her one effort to step in and talk to Rogelio about their jealousy results not in him sitting down to talk with them, but rather in him giving them each a car to match Jane's, which in turn leads to them throwing a tantrum big enough to get Jane fired—so Jane turns to Xo, and ultimately Raf, to help her take the low road.

However, when the girls genuinely break down and complain that at least Jane's got great parents who actually love her, while they are stuck with Mean Queen Melissa, Jane's true nature shines through and she accompanies the girls to the principal's office, where, after they confess to their crimes and get Jane reinstated in her teaching assignment, she officially forgives them.

Because while she saw it superfically as Rogelio showing off his wealth and cynically as him trying to buy his way into her affection, what it actually represented was Rogelio's desire to have a role in at least one big part of Jane's impressively mature, put together life. He didn't even have his life together enough to get himself a car until he was 35, and now he sees her, with all her responsibilities and goals, and he wanted to do something for her that would actually help her with all of it.

Jane and I kind of almost love you right now. The writers and Raf did, and the big night is just around the corner. Melissa does everything she can to trip Xo up—including hiring a band made up entirely of women Rogelio has slept with at one time or another, then "accidentally" dismissing them on the night of Xo's performance due to "miscommunication"—but Xo is Xo and pulls through with a gorgeous acapella set that brings tears to her mother's and daughter's eyes. What she does not pull through with is sticking to Jane's advice to take the high road with Melissa, which ultimately ends with Xo running to complain to Rogelio about his ex just when Rogelio and Jane are about to have an especially significant moment of bonding.

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When Xo sees what she's done, and adds it to all the memories of times her romantic entaglements led to unhappiness on Jane's part especially with the mean girls in high schoolshe realizes that she and Rogelio can't pursue their attraction any further. And to his credit, Rogelio agrees—AND admits that he has a problematic tendency of looking the other way when it comes to Melissa's worst behaviors. More love to Rogelio. And she did, before realizing she may have feelings for her baby daddy Rafael instead.

Complicating her love life somewhat is the return of her first love Adam played by guest star Tyler Posey. Helping her through all her feelings about love and marriage and moving on is a letter penned by Michael from before they got married. Meanwhile, Petra has her own problems to deal with. Elsewhere in the hour, Xiomara and Rogelio finally walk down the aisle. What were some of the things you were thinking about as you headed into the finale? So for a while, we were trying to come up with how this wedding would be and look and feel different because I felt like everybody needed a nice happy ending in the finale, especially this season.

I wanted to have a sense of catharsis and hope and future and to come full circle. But this is was his first time back… Was it a challenge figuring out the perfect way to bring him back into the fold? There are always moments that we wanted to see. So Fabian took her through an arc where she had this other relationship.

When that ended she started to think about what she wanted and that brought Rafael back in a small way.