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This item:Horde (The Razorland Trilogy) by Ann Aguirre Paperback $ In Stock. Ships from and .. I started book three pretty much right after Outpost ended. Horde (Book 3 in the Razorland trilogy) By: Ann Aquirre Published: in the end of the war and peace for the people of this new world. for is the sexual development in Fade & Deuce's relationship. Horde by Ann Aguirre ( pdl-inc.info); Horde (pdl-inc.infoess. com). Reader friends, I want you to know that Ann Aguirre wraps up the I'll admit, based on the author note at the end of Outpost and the looming danger, trauma from it and it is a total cockblock on his relationship with Deuce?.

The series ends up being all about making hard choices and overcoming prejudice. Razorland has always been dark and full of violence, but with Horde Aguirre really brings the pain. She kills off some main characters and no one gets out of the book without scarring, generally both physical and emotional. Aguirre takes the time to develop much of the cast, and it makes for a well-rounded, realistic read.

The romance in the series has always remained pretty well on the backburner. Where so much post-apocalyptic fiction is overrun by the romance, Aguirre keeps it in the background for the quiet moments between battles. What I love is that Fade and Deuce, much as they love each other, always put their present survival first. Basically, they do not lose their brains to lust. Throughout the series, though both grow and change through love of each other, their personalities and values do not change.

But you have been warned. In this book, the changes not only explode changes in clothes and the ability to talkbut we learn that there is a division in the Freaks themselves: This change is not random or without reason. Freak children are born with the knowledge and memories of their parents.

Horde (Razorland, #3) by Ann Aguirre

One day, a human child found a young injured Freak and cared for it. The girl was not afraid of the creature and showed it the first sign of human kindness its race had ever known. It also sparked hope in that Freak that peace was possible with the humans.

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This spark of hope was passed through its lineage, creating a group of Freaks not wanting to fight with and kill the humans for no reason. We see this group reach out to Deuce and her group, negotiating a small truce with them: Or at the least, she cannot go out and ruthlessly kill them for no reason.

From her accepting of this small treaty, the leader Szarok latter seeks Deuce out to make a larger offer: Szarok says that they do not want to kill their people, many of which are their elders, but the others refuse to accept the idea of living in peace with humans, only wanting war.

The Uroch see that war will only lead to death on both sides, and wish for the fighting to stop. Even if it means they have to kill their own people. It shows the nastiness of war: So many different kinds of love and it was just sweet to read.

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I like that the author did not discriminate, there was unrequited, older - younger relationship, the unlikely one and the loving type between family. This book definitely has the forever love notion.

I found that the guys in love in these books have a look in their eyes when they are looking at the one they love, it is described in a corny and highly romantic way. Example, "he looked at her like she was the answer to all his dreams" Morrow and Tegan and "he looked at her like he might stop breathing if she stopped looking back" Spence and Tully.

Horde by Ann Aguirre | Book Review

Romantic to the happily-ever-after-always-sees-roses type of romance lover. That is another story. In fact, it seemed like his PTSD was over dramatized because he seemed to recover from it fairly quick and easily. In other words, it did not convince me. But it only made them stronger as a couple.

Horde Audiobook | Ann Aguirre | pdl-inc.info

I was quite annoyed because of the "Possible we will die tomorrow first time sex" scene s. Yes, it is a very romantic thing to do and it makes the relationship seem deeper because of it but I am getting a little tired of this.

It isn't so explicit, more subtle but there are a few sex scenes just to put it out there.