Homeland season 2 beirut is back ending relationship

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homeland season 2 beirut is back ending relationship

Homeland (season 2) · List of Homeland episodes. "The Choice" is the twelfth and final episode of the second season of the American television They mutually realize that if they were to continue their relationship, then it would be Brody goes back home to pick up a suit for the memorial service that the CIA is holding for. "Broken Hearts" is the tenth episode of the second season of the American television drama series Homeland, and the 22nd episode overall. It originally aired on Showtime on December 2, to the abandoned mill to look for Nazir. The episode ends with Carrie opening the door where she believes Nazir is hiding. Allison recaps Homeland season 2, episode 2 "Beirut Is Back" starring up in this internal conflict (and their relationship is another example of duality), but it Until the end of “Beirut Is Back” we couldn't be sure if Carrie's.

homeland season 2 beirut is back ending relationship

The second season of this once-intelligent show has undergone a strange transformation: It started promisingly, in Beirut, with the uncertainty of the first season — Carrie's electro-shock therapy leaving her broken and shaky, Brody unsure of whose side he is on — still ringing in the air.

But over the course of the run, it has descended into a series of increasingly preposterous setpieces. After 10 episodes, Homeland has lost all sense of reality.

homeland season 2 beirut is back ending relationship

At first, I didn't mind: But this feels like a show that has broken its own boundaries. It is no longer operating within the rules it had set itself. The first of many tipping points happened when Congressman Brody managed to text a warning to the world's most wanted man from deep within a Pentagon bunker, while nobody noticed.

We stuck with it. Then Quinn, shot in the stomach, checked himself out of hospital and returned to his job as a stealthy black ops assassin, popping a couple of paracetamol when he felt the burn.

Homeland: Season two, episode two

Still we stuck with it. Then Carrie, having previously leg it after a magically untraceable helicopter despite being told to hide, started running into deserted buildingsunarmed, in defiance of orders, just because she had to do the opposite of what she was told. Collectively, these moments have rendered the show's credibility obsolete. It is an enormous credit to the first series that it managed to save enough good will and optimism to keep people watching regardless.

'Homeland' Recap, Season 2, Episode 2: Hey La, Hey La, 'Beirut Is Back'

It helped if you could switch off the nonsense detector and sit back and enjoy the action. Saturday Night Live spoofed Homeland back in November with a sketch that was viciously accurate.

It recognised that episodes were structured thus: Carrie has a hunch.

Homeland Season 2 - Carrie and Brody - Gravity (spoilers for S2 finale)

The CIA tell Carrie not to act on her hunch. Saul tells the CIA to let Carrie act on her hunch. The conversation gets heated as Saul admonishes Carrie for throwing away her career to be with a terrorist. Carrie retorts that she doesn't want to be alone all her life like Saul. Saul leaves her with the words "You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known". Carrie and Brody attend Walden's memorial service at Langley.

At the same time, the Navy holds a ceremony to bury Abu Nazir at sea, which Saul oversees. Carrie reveals to Brody that she's decided to forsake her career and be with him.

homeland season 2 beirut is back ending relationship

Brody looks out of the window and is surprised to see that his car has been moved and is now parked right outside the building where the memorial service is being held. As Carrie processes what is happening, the car explodes, leveling a large portion of the building.

Carrie holds Brody at gunpoint, accusing him of orchestrating the attack. Brody is steadfast in his innocence, saying that he had no motive, and that they were all set up by Abu Nazir, who sacrificed Roya and her team on a decoy attack, and even sacrificed his own life, in order to let everyone's guard down, clearing the way for the bombing of Langley. Carrie seems convinced but tells Brody that nobody else will believe him, and that they need to go on the run immediately.

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Saul surveys the damage at Langley and is distraught to learn that the death toll is near and rising, and that Carrie was present at the ceremony but is unaccounted for and presumed dead.

He gets a call from Mira Sarita Choudhurywho is relieved to learn that Saul survived, and says that she is returning to the U. Saul is also informed he will be meeting with the President as he is the new Acting Director. Carrie takes Brody to a storage unit where she has hidden some cash and a fake passport for herself. They then go to get a fake passport made for Brody.

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On a television, they see that al-Qaeda has taken responsibility for the attack, and released Brody's confession video which he made for the planned suicide attack against the Vice President in season 1 to the media, firmly placing him as the culprit. As the video plays on the news, the Brody family is shown at home watching in horror. Carrie and Brody head to the Canada—United States borderplanning to cross it on foot and head for Montreal.