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helena douglas ending relationship

This article discussed the significant relationships of Kasumi. At the end of the ordeal, In Dead or Alive 5, Kasumi and Ayane are finally at peace, as both sisters smile at each other instead of killing one another. Helena Douglas Edit. Helena Douglas (エレナ・ダグラス Erena Dagurasu?) is a player character in the Dead or Alive In her arcade ending, Helena elects to go down with DOATEC by activating the building's self-destruct mechanism. In Dead or Alive 5 . "Team Ninja's Dead or Alive 5 Chart Shows Character Relationships". pdl-inc.info Two years after the destruction of the TriTower, headquarters and symbol of DOATEC Helena Douglas has begun the task of rebuilding DOATEC, this time with.

Helena Douglas

Though playable in the game, storywise Leon has completely disappeared in Dead or Alive 5 with no mention given whatsoever. His character bowed out of the storyline after Dead or Alive 3. His appearance in 4 was merely as a bonus. So canonically he's not actually a presence in the tournaments anymore.

That said, he's back in 5: Leon suffers from this oh so much. In vanilla DOA2, Leon served as the effective replacement for Bayman, then Hardcore was released which added Bayman back into the roster with the story that the two were rivals using the same style.

After Leon's story ended in DOA3, Leon's role was demoted to bonus character status with Christie taking over the role as Bayman's rival. Dimensions did little to help him, only appearing in a few cutscenes that were recycled from 2 and 3.

Now in DOA5, Leon has been completely cut from the game and absolutely no mention of him is ever given. Hayashi didn't even know that people wanted him in the game. His lover, Lauren died of unknown reasons. A staple in the series. Xtreme is slightly different in that you get money from completing various objectives winning in volleyball; completing the pool hopping game; etc. Pai Chan as well in Dead or Alive 5. In Dimensions, we see 4 examples of this in the Chronicle mode cinematics.

Considering this is a fighting game, the way the victims recoil in response looks kind of weird. Jann Lee, for whom fighting was a way to escape the miserable circumstances he grew up in. Sometimes it seems the only way to gain his respect is to beat him in a fight. In every game thanks to improving hardware, but Dead or Alive 5 takes the cake for now: Exploited; the localized games refuses to give away the ages of the characters who were minors: Kasumi, Ayane, Kokoro and Eliot.

helena douglas ending relationship

For the girls, this was due to the fact that they're exploited to extreme cases of Ms. Fanservice by wearing revealing to downright fetish clothing, and due to Values Dissonance in the West, it wouldn't stick well for year olds to be seen this way.

helena douglas ending relationship

Done away with in 5, which explicitly takes place two years after Dead or Alive 4, so everyone is now 18 or older although the game doesn't state the ages of the characters anymore. See the character pages for details. In an interview, Tomonobu Itagaki explained that, while in the West it's seen acceptable in media to sexualize women from years old, in Japan it's acceptable from years old.

helena douglas ending relationship

However, for a lot of people, that explanation didn't cut it. For some, it made things even worse. Ayane has a whole set of moves based on this, Kokoro has this as well.

Brad Wong also has quite a few backward attacks as well. Then again, it's all part of the Drunken Master style of fighting. Regular old teenagers who fight for fun can hold their own against ninjas, mystical superpowered beings and a genetically altered interdimensional clone of one of aforementioned ninjas. Both played straight and averted with the female fighters, depending on the game.

Christie, to Helena in 3. Played straight in the first four titles, but averted in Dead or Alive 5, where everyone becomes relatively dirty and grimy by the time the fight's over and stays that way for the rest of the match; of course, the player can turn that detail off in the options. Christie's ending in Dead or Alive 4. Beware the Nice Ones: Gen Fu is really a sweet old man.

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But if you cross him, watch out. The same goes for Kasumi, Kokoro and Eliot.

helena douglas ending relationship

Zack in Helena's Dead or Alive 4 ending. Ryu in Dimensions during Kasumi vs.

helena douglas ending relationship

Having regained his memory, Hayate returned to his rightful post as the eighteenth head of the Mugen Tenshin Clan. At the same time, however, the Hajin Mon sect of the clan was in turmoil. Eventually, it was announced that the third Dead or Alive tournament was to be held. To Ayane, Genra was both her adopted father and her teacher, and now he had been transformed into an inhuman killing machine.

It was her duty as a good daughter to right the wrongs of her father, and to grant him peace. The anger felt by the ninja toward this soulless corporation had reached breaking point.

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Taking over from her father as head of DOATEC and striving to follow the principles and ideals he held dear, Helena Douglas announced that she would hold the fourth Dead or Alive tournament.