Harvest moon awl ending a relationship

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harvest moon awl ending a relationship

Love Interests - Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life: This down to earth, At the end of the first year, you MUST get married, or the game will end (robbing one with the highest heart total will come to you and propose marriage. Nami (ナミ Nami) is a character in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life If the player does not marry Nami, she will leave the valley at the end of the first year. After marriage, her schedule stabilizes somewhat. Harvest Moon AWL:SE- The End 1 pt.2 - Duration: Joan P 52, views · · Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life - Proposal.

Do You Want to Haggle? You can sometimes try to haggle with Van to get a better price on what you're buying or selling.

Example, the goat is originally worth Gold, but with enough haggling, you can get it down to G!

harvest moon awl ending a relationship

However this will not always work. Rock, who is slightly more so in Another Wonderful Life. Muffy, to a much lesser extent. The locked shed on your farm is never unlocked. Neither is the one on Romana's property. The former was meant to be a horse shed.

Your dog was meant to herd animals and be taught tricks. In the final product he's little more than a Living Propthough Another Wonderful Life added the tricks and made him more interactive. Your daughter was supposed to take after the mother, not Mark, but they couldn't implement the designs due to time constraints.

Forget-Me-Not Valley can't honestly be called a town. With only a handful of families living there with all of them save the farmers commuting out for work, no form of mayor or leadership whatsoever, and the closest thing to a store they have is a single wandering merchant who passes through twice a month.

By the end of the game, the town has essentially turned into a senior citizens community with only three or four youth who may just skip out to the city when they grow up. Not to the degree of a lot of other examples, however it's still there.

Nami's hair was straight in the first game, while later games have it being messy though some official artwork had her with messy hair early on. Earn Your Bad Ending: It's possible to get a Non-Standard Game Over by neglecting your farm sales in the second year, resulting in your spouse leaving you and taking your child, but actually getting this ending is difficult if you aren't trying.

You have to deliberately run your farm into the ground and then repeatedly give very rude responses to your spouse when they question you about it. Getting the "divorce" ending in A Wonderful Life requires simply ignoring your wife and child to the point where she leaves and takes your son with her. Originally, it was thought you could only get this with Muffy or Nami, until further experimenting proved that Celia too can be divorced if you put absolutely zero effort into both your family and farm work.

No divorces have been discovered in Another Wonderful Life.

harvest moon awl ending a relationship

Celia wants to see her son grow up to be a scientist. Adolescence is not kind to many of your offspring. Nami's son in particular changes from a shy child to a depressed teenager who will even mention wishing he wasn't born. Most of the children get better with age, but Nami's son's change is permanent as an adult they're aloof like their mother. Celia has elements of both Nina and Ellen from the original game. Her design is similar to Ellen's but her love of plants is more like Nina.

Muffy is heavily influenced by Eve from the original game. They're both blonde bartenders in red dresses with troubles Eve related to her family, Muffy to romance. From Stray to Pet: In the intro you come across two stray dogs on your farm and adopt one of them. Gameplay and Story Segregation: Any crops you plant will remain the same if the story jumps to a few years. If you plant a crop such as a tomato and the game sets off 3 years later, it will look the same at it was 3 years ago.

Likewise your animals can live for decades longer than they should and a pregnant cow will remain pregnant even when a timeskip is three or four years later.

harvest moon awl ending a relationship

Getting Crap Past the Radar: You can try to milk a bull. And it will seemingly approve with a green heart. Made even more obvious because younger bulls, who cannot breed yet, seem confused when you try to "milk" them. As the Darker and Edgier black sheep of the franchise, it has a lot of mature references when it comes to romance, especially when it comes to Muffy.

In Japan Lumina was bumped from fourteen to sixteen for Special Edition but in the west she was bumped to eighteen due to a When you look through your child's bookshelf when they're a teenager, you might find a rather steamy novel. When showing your infant son to Muffy she sometimes says this: Daddy's always giving you hugs.

He's got no time to play with Mommy now When you use a "miracle potion," what actually happens is one of your bulls if you don't have one, one is brought to your farm and one of your cows meet face-to-face. Cut to a shot of the barn roof and some loud mooing, then cut back to both bovines looking very happy.

You enter the Harvest Sprites' house by eating a mushroom. It's possible that they meant to imply that the mushroom shrinks you down enough to fit into the teeny-tiny door, but then you apparently grow back to normal size right away, seeing as the relative size of the Sprites compared to you is unchanged.

Some players feel that it's just funnier to interpret the Sprites as the product of a massive 'shroom trip. As an adult, Lumina will say "Sometimes you can see animals running around being "lovey-dovey". All of the young women in the town still retain their looks when they become old, they just have grey hair and a few wrinkles added. Nami and Muffy in particular age very well.

harvest moon awl ending a relationship

One of Nami's heart events requires you to enter the bar when only Muffy, Griffin, and Nami are present. Getting it basically requires stalking Nami around the valley until she enters the bar and then following her in and hoping no one else is in there.

Thankfully, in this game the heart events aren't mandatory and you can still marry Nami without having seen this one. It's harder to cook in these games than in most others. The lil' notes spread around the game help, but not to a large degree. You can help guide your child into one career or another. However, it's such a precise thing that it's very hard even with a guide. A Wonderful Life loves to rub it in your face if you are ever a Jerkass to the townspeople, especially if you go through the trouble of romancing a bride only to dump her and marry another girl at the last minute.

It's hard not to immediately hate yourself after ruining Celia's life at the altar. Rock has literally no resemblance to his parents whatsoever. It's implied that they might have adopted him and simply never told him. When asked about the issue, Rock gets upset and denies it. Murray, who is some kind of subhuman manchild hobo. Takakura seems to see Gustafa as this, describing him as just some weirdo who set up a tent in the middle of town.

Nami and her son have crisp blue eyes to go with their aloof demeanors. When Marlin was younger he was sickly and weak. It's why he moved out of the city and into the valley. He's still rather fragile though. Marlin, if you get too close to Celia. If you marry someone else though you become good drinking buddies. He's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold most of the time though.

Like Brother and Sister: In one event with Lumina in the PlayStation 2 version, she says she doesn't wish she had siblings, because she already has you as an older brother figure. It's implied she has mistaken her romantic feelings for a sibling affection or that her feelings changed over time. In the original game she runs away crying during the wedding scene. In the original game, everyone wears the same clothes all their lives, save for a hand full of people who get palette swaps in their older years.

In Another, your character can purchase more outfits for themselves, and in Special Edition, everyone changes the color of their outfits based on the seasons and your wife changes upon marriage. A lot of the citizens in town sort of just exist. There's no events or items you get from talking to them, and so you can ignore them completely. Lumina, who in Special Edition is happy to marry a farmer and leave her giant manor on top of the hill. Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Muffy, at least in Another.

Every year she is seen crying on the bridge because she broke up with another slimy man. Either he had a woman on the side, or she found out that she was the other woman on the side.

M to S Mad Scientist: Her frequent visits to the bar, long walks through town, and arguments with her teenage son are signs she may not exactly have been cut out for this. Thank God her toddler son is smart enough to go to bed on his own. The way that cutscenes work in this game tends to unintentionally cause this.

You can get a scene of a marriage candidate telling you how you broke her heart, or you can literally watch one of your neglected cows die When you ask Nami to marry you, she becomes surprised by this and takes the Blue Feather. Cue her asking if you care about the paperwork. If you break Celia's heart by seeing all her heart events and then marrying someone else, she and her family will forevermore give you angry messages when you talk to them In the last chapter you get a cute scene between you and your significant other.

Nina's hairstyle, name, and fascination with flowers all seem to be this to Nina of the first game. Instead of the usual Hearts appearing beside the name the girls have hearts in their hidden diaries. The original Harvest Moon was the same way, with each girl having a diary beside their bed with their heart levels in it. The general "vague era" feel of the game is similar to the original Harvest Moonwhich seemed early 20th century but had a fair share of Anachronism Stew.

Celia and Muffy take after bachelorettes from the first game. If you neglect your farm in the second year, your wife will question you about it one night. You can express regret for your actions and promise to work harder, or you can rudely tell your wife you don't care about what happens to the farm, which causes her to take your child and leave you forever. In the special edition and Anotheryou can end the game in the first cutscene by simply telling Takakura you don't want the farm.

In Special Edition, you can straight up abandon the farm and everyone in the Valley by heading to the road out of town and continually telling the Harvest Sprites you're leaving.

To obtain the highest quality crops and seeds, the player must water and fertilize the crops every day. The game offers a variety of crops and trees, and also offers the ability to create hybrid crops. The player can do this by feeding any two different seeds or crops to a talking plant, Tartan, who appears after befriending Takakura and visiting him in the morning, from Chapter 2 onwards.

This is the first Harvest Moon game in which the player not only has a child after marriage, but the child ages to adulthood as well. The player's son will look similar to their wife, and have a unique set of interests and talents. The child's developing personality may be influenced by taking him places, introducing him to people, and giving him gifts related to various fields.

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At the end of the game, the now adult son will choose one of seven possible careers: If he becomes a farmer or a rancher, he will take over the family farm, although he can not marry. Friends of Mineral Town or Harvest Moon: Initiating the connection requires going to the mountain path next to the vegetable farm where Celia lives in A Wonderful Life, and throwing an offering into the Harvest Goddess ' pond in Friends of Mineral Town.

In addition, some NPCs will make periodic trips to Mineral Town, returning with new items to sell or hints for the player. Setting[ edit ] When the player begins the game, they see a coastline in Forget-Me-Not valley. Takakura, an old man who used to be the player's father's best friend, is speaking or thinking to their father, stating: But he didn't seem to have a direction in life. One day, I went to see him. I told him about the farm you left to him. Your son didn't seem to know much about farming, but he was willing to give it a try.

The player is then seen walking down the village with Takakura, and he explains how he and the player's father owned the farm. Soon, two dogs will appear the player chooses one to keep.

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Takakura agrees to show the player around the valley and introduce them to the villagers, including the eligible bachelorettes: Celia, Nami, and Muffy. Story[ edit ] The Beginning In this chapter, lasting a year, the player begins in their house at 5 AM.

They are now in control of the game, and start with a cow, a milker, two records, two tomato seeds, and G. Happy Birthday In this chapter, lasting two years, the player has a son whose personality depends on his mother. The player will have an extra room, a kitchen and dining room, and will also gain a refrigerator and two bathrooms. The player may receive a cat from Romana, and their toddler can be picked up and played with.

The dig site and house get bigger. Some characters' appearance has changed and new people move in. Van now sells toys and a goatwhich may only be purchased in spring for G. The Seed Maker may be obtained from Daryl if it had not been purchased in the first chapter, and Tartan may be acquired.

Ducks may show up at the player's farm starting in this chapter if a pond is owned. Galen has moved, and now lives in a shack on hill beside Vesta's farm.