Hard corps uprising ending relationship

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hard corps uprising ending relationship

Hard Corps: Uprising is set before the events of the excellent yet What is a bit annoying is the speed of your character in relation to your. Hard Corps: Uprising is a run and gun video game developed by Arc System Works Hard Corps: Uprising is the thirteenth installment in the Contra series and serves On Game Balance And The Arc System Works Connection // Siliconera". Hard Corps Uprising Original Soundtrack. ~ Release by 石渡太輔 (see all versions of this release, 1 available). Overview · Disc IDs · Cover Art · Aliases · Tags.

Inthe world is ruled by an empire known as the Commonwealth. Emperor Tiberius' oppressive reign has sparked a full scale rebellion across neighboring nations. However, Tiberius' forces are more than a match to quell that rabble. During all this, an elite force of soldiers from these neighboring nations band together to launch a last-ditch effort to forcibly remove the emperor from power.

Hard Corps: Uprising

Sounds like a storyline that has been done before, and it has. In all honesty though, it's irrelevant anyway. The last thing that you play a game like Hard Corps: Uprising for is its storyline.

hard corps uprising ending relationship

The story takes a back seat almost immediately, and you're only really aware of it because of the paragraphs of text that appear on the game's rather lengthy loading screens. Why Should I Care? With games seemingly doing all they can to make the player's life easier, Hard Corps: Uprising flies in the face of current gaming trends by being absolutely brutal in every way.

By default you get three hits before you lose a life, unlike the older Contra games' one hit deaths. Despite this concession, Hard Corps: Uprising is still a ridiculously difficult game — the levels are lengthy and checkpoints between sections are spread quite far apart.

Worse still, if you lose all your lives and have to continue, you will need to go back to the beginning of the last checkpoint of that level. She is extremely powerful compared to the other characters as she uses the best attributes from Bahamut and Krystal Ninja jump and has an overwhelming speed Krystal.

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It is later revealed in the game that she is Tiberius's daughter and that her only motive was to take revenge on him for abandoning Sayuri and her mother.

She can be a counterpart to Jaguar from Neo Contra since they are both samurais. Bahamut's former friend and rival when he was still in the Commonwealth. He sets out to find out why his friend betrayed the Empire. He commands his own special mech known only as the Knight.

An elite scientist for the Commonwealth who works in a secret weapons research facility and joins forces with Bill in order to protect his wife and daughter from the tyranny of the Empire. He is held hostage in the capital laboratory Stage 05 and has to be escorted to the exit. The ruler of the Commonwealth calls himself the "Emperor" and has built his empire by invading neighboring nations.

He organized his Death Squad to eradicate enemy armies. He is also revealed to be Sayuri's father through her story. You'll launch into a dodging animation with a white shadow trail and be invincible during this time.

This generally applies to 2D enemies but usually not 3D enemies. Sayuri Unlike all other characters, Sayuri fights with a sword rather than a gun - Attack yields a slash.

Hard Corps Uprising - Ending And Credits

Keep pressing it for multiple slashes, or hold it down and release for a projectile slash Charge Shot. Her projectile does about as much damage as one normal slash and can pass through certain objects other bullets can't like parts of the Stage 4 boss.

She does not get weapons from weapon items, although they still add to her score and combo multiplier. If you are moving and change directions quickly while a charge has been completed and let go of the button at the same time, her projectile won't come out - nothing will happen. Again, it's too specific and rare to be very bothersome but if it does happen to you Samurai Action Allows Sayuri to perform the following using the Change Weapon button: If you perform one of these actions while crouching, she will go into the same animation as if you did it standing and return to ducking if you keep holding down.

She doesn't have the usual white shadow trail the Action Chips yield though, so be mindful.

hard corps uprising ending relationship

The initial damage from the thrust has to be enough to destroy the object for this effect to happen, though: For instance, this'll work immediately on a crate or foot soldier, but take the second hit to work on sandbags or the fourth to work on flame jets. So naturally, if you've already damaged the object enough with the sword or something, you can get the effect quicker Explosive barrels be propelled as well and not explode until they hit something else or the ground.

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All of the properties listed above pertain to this as well, the only difference being it launches enemies upwards. This also sets up for the two follow up actions. The Dunk Attack can be performed immediately and she will do it at the top of the jump, but if you don't, she will simply float stationary in the air for a short time.

Keep in mind that while she's invincible for most of this, she'll still be in the same pose at the tip end of the animation when she becomes hittable again, so be wary. She will not move forward during Palm Thrust and Launch Attack, but instead can be moved during the animation - you can, for instance, do Palm Thrust then move forward or backwards during the animation, and she will complete it while still facing the direction she was looking towards when you started it.

Yes, the follow ups still work too. Leviathan Leviathan is a regular gun-toting character like everyone else, the only things of note being his three special Dark Action Chips and the fact that he starts with only one bar of health. Dark Action Chips Allow Leviathan to perform the following with the Change Weapon button: There's no limit to them and you can keep pressing the button for more just like a regular shot. So, if you hold forward while pressing the button, he'll move a step between each throw and you can essentially do both that way, although obviously he'll be moving much slower.

hard corps uprising ending relationship

However, the rate of his throws won't be much different. If you're continuing to hold down, though, he'll only stay up for as long as it takes for the throw animation to complete and immediately return to ducking when its done. He can only throw forward on the ground, since the other six directions will result in on of the other Dark Chip Actions. You can't do it on a bike either, but of course you can always jump and throw.

hard corps uprising ending relationship

Since this whole sequence lasts so long and he's invincible for most of it, it's quite handy, but be mindful of where he's going to land. You'll notice that for most of the animation when he's risinghe'll be in a single frame of animation - as soon as he changes to the next frame, you can do the cancel. Cancels Bullet Reflect --Moonsault: Cancels Bullet Reflect, Throw -Although you can't cancel in the middle of Moonsault since he'll be in mid-airyou can cancel the very last animation when he hits the ground posing with Throw, Slide, or another Moonsault.

CP and upgrades are obtained by one soldier at a time, i. All abilities visible in the shop can be turned on and off once you've got them. For easier formatting, costs have been shortened. Shop Overview -D