Gundam seed destiny episode 50 ending a relationship

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gundam seed destiny episode 50 ending a relationship

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is the anime sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam The series spanned 50 episodes, aired in Japan from October 9, to October The ending themes are "Reason" by Nami Tamaki from episodes one to .. Chairman Durandal muses about how Kira and Lacus met and their relationship. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is the anime sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam SEED produced by Sunrise and directed by Mitsuo Fukuda. The series spanned 50 episodes, aired in Japan from October 9, to The ending themes are " Reason" by Nami Tamaki from episodes one to thirteen, "Life Goes On" by Mika. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is an anime television series, a direct sequel to Mobile Suit . The episode is mainly a remake of episode 50, extending the series' ending. . The new cast of characters was well-received with the relationship between Rey Za Burrel and Neo Roanoke bringing speculations regarding.

I disagreed with Kira on that. Why would the Minerva let Orb and the Earth Alliance sink them? It was either they fight Orb and win or let them sink them, and they chose the former. If it could be helped, the Minerva wouldn't be fighting Orb or the Earth Alliance. But it couldn't be helped, the sacrifices couldn't be helped. So to Athrun and Shinn. They had a rocky relationship, but could say they were friends with a mentor-student relationship. However, one thing that got me is when Athrun got mad when Shinn defeated Kira.

Athrun should've saw the first battle between the Minerva and Archangel coming. So they was going to be taken down, and the order aligned with Shinn's quest for revenge against Kira for killing Stella. Without that order, Shinn couldn't do nothing unless Kira attacked him in another battle like he did before. Athrun couldn't get mad at Shinn because it was an order.

Another thing I don't get is how does Athrun get "Durandal uses people" from the order of shooting down the Archangel when any leader would give a similar order against those who do what Kira and Archangel did against them.

I saw no reason for her to leave her sister, nothing that would cause her to help Athrun. What is up with that? When Shinn went against Athrun the first time, the ending to that was believable.

Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny Episode 50 Discussion

I expected Athrun to gain the upper hand in that fight and deal the first crippling blow against Shinn by entering SEED mode. But the second bout was just wrong.

gundam seed destiny episode 50 ending a relationship

Later in the series, Shin Asuka learns to enter into SEED mode by tapping into the anger which stems from his loss of his family and Stellar. Here, Kira Yamato extended his hand in offering Shin to protect the world and Shin accepts signifying him finally moving on from his family's death.

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However, the Earth Alliance attacked Orb on June 15 and thus he and his family tried to evacuate. On the day Siegel Clyne and some of his followers were executed due to Lacus's betrayal, Shin, Meyrin, Lunamaria and Rey listened to Patrick Zala's speech about the oppression perpetuated by the Naturals against them, out of envy for their developed abilities even though it was Naturals who created Coordinators in the first place.

Athrun then withdrew because Cagalli Yula Athhawho he was protecting, incurred a head injury during the fight. Rey Za Burrel assisted Shin as he tried to recover the stolen mobile suits, but the Extendeds retreated outside the colony and back to the Mirage Colloid -cloaked Earth Alliance battleship Girty Lue.

On board, Shin is shocked to learn that Athrun had saved him from the Extendeds. He also is irritated to learn that Cagalli is on board as well, for he blames his family's deaths on her father, Uzumi Nara Athhaand he shows this readily in Cagalli's presence. The Minerva is ordered to aid the Joule Team with the demolition of Junius Seven, which is on a collision course with Earth.

The Minerva pilots, the Joule team, and Athrun kill the terrorists and drive off the Extendeds, but only partly succeed in their demolition efforts.

gundam seed destiny episode 50 ending a relationship

During re-entry, Shin saves Athrun, whose heavily damaged mobile suit was in danger of being destroyed. Ambush at Orb After returning Cagalli and Athrun to Orb, the Minerva is stationed at Orb for repairs during this time Shin goes to visit the place where his family died at Orb's memorial he then meets Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne without knowing who they are.


During the confrontation Shin and Kira talk only to have Shin telling Kira that no matter what happiness there is, people will destroy it again.

Yuna Roma Seiran and his father plan to offer them to the Earth Alliance fleet waiting outside Orb territory, and Yuna deploys the Orb fleet to prevent the Minerva from reentering Orb.

Because of an unexpected fight, Minerva is severely damaged and is also in a downside situation. However due to its new technology, the Impulse runs out of energy. With rage and anger, thinking that he has to still avenge his family, Shin awakens Seed Mode for the first time. Shin starts to be recognized by enemies and starts to become a ZAFT ace. As they fly over the Indian Ocean, they are attacked by Phantom Pain again.

gundam seed destiny episode 50 ending a relationship

While fighting the Gaia, Shin discovers that the Earth Alliance is forcing civilians to work on their secret military base. Earth Alliance soldiers fire on civilians who are trying to escape, which made Shin attack and kill the soldiers, and freeing the civilians instead of following orders.

Afterwards, Athrun reprimands him with a slap in the face for disobeying orders. Later, Athrun assigns the key part in breaking through an Earth Alliance fortification at the Battle of Gulnahan to Shin.

When the Minerva arrives at Diocuia, Shin meets chairman Gilbert Durandalwho awards him the Order of the Nebula medal and tells Shin about the secret society Logos an organization that Durandal says is behind war. Meeting Stella Loussier and the Freedom While stationed in Diocuia, Shin saves Stella from drowning after she falls from a cliff into the water.


Stella becomes frantic when Shin yells at her for being careless, asking her "Are you trying to die, you twit?! Stella yelled out to Shin that she was scared to die. He grabs her and gives her a hug, telling Stella that she won't die. He tells her that he will protect her. Stella, hearing the same thing that Neo had said, starts crying in Shin's arms.

To calm her, Shin swears to protect her. They are stuck at the bottom of the cliff until a ZAFT boat arrives to rescue them. They become closer, but when Stella returns to Phantom Pain, her memories of Shin are erased. Since the Freedom intervened, Shin has been wanting to defeat the Freedom as he was awed by its abilities. Heine's death angers both Athrun and Shin. Discovery at Lodonia The Minerva is sent to investigate the Extendeds facility in Lodonia, the place where the Extendeds are created and trained.

Shin becomes even more angry with the Earth Alliance's Blue Cosmos leaders, asking how can they say tampering with genes is wrong when they do things like this. Stella attacks by herself, but she is defeated by Shin and Athrun and becomes a prisoner on the Minerva.

Shin is shocked when he learns that Stella is the Gaia's pilot and one of the Earth Alliance's Extendeds.

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While tied to a bed due to her violent behavior, she cries out for Neo, and Shin again attempts to calm her, though she does not recall who he is. When waking up again, tired and less aggressive, she sees Shin and recognizes him this time, indicating the erasing of her memory was not completely successful. Kira destroys the missiles and attacks Shin. Shin then directly engages the Orb fleet, sinking several ships.

gundam seed destiny episode 50 ending a relationship

Captain Todaka, is killed when Shin attacks the Orb carrier Takemikazuchi. Afterward, Shin overhears his commander's discussion which concludes that the Extended prisoner Stella will die without the right medical treatment, and her body will be transported to a ZAFT science facility for dissection and testing to study the Extended program. Both are confined as punishment and could have been executed, but are released on Gilbert Durandal 's orders. Soon after, the Archangel and its mobile suits arrive and battle the Destroy, much to the surprise of the Minerva, which arrives shortly afterwards.

Kira in the Freedom engages the Destroy and is joined by Shin in the Impulse. Shin's feelings stop him from finishing the Destroy, and Stella's feelings for Shin cause her to stop fighting, too. But when the Freedom approaches, Stella panics and prepares to fire the Destroy's chest beam cannons.

Kira stabs his beam saber through the Destroy's cannons, causing a chain reaction that destroys the giant mobile armor and mortally wounds Stella. Stella tells Shin that she loves him and dies in his arms, and Shin cries out in anguish.

gundam seed destiny episode 50 ending a relationship

Shin admits to Rey that the Freedom is perhaps the strongest mobile suit in existence and its pilot is exceptional. Shin practices computerized battle simulations between his Impulse and the Freedom. During this period of time the Chairman Durandal presents a speech around the entire world about the organization Logos and claims that by destroying them the war will end, and Shin easily agrees, later when the Minerva is ordered to subdue the Archangel in the mission code-named "Operation Angel Down", Shin gets his opportunity for revenge.

After receiving the message that Archangel won't surrender, Shin sees the Freedom. Shin takes off on the Impulse and starts to fight Kira. Using the analyzed information from Rey that Kira will not attacks people's cockpits, Shin and Rey devised a plan that will shut down the Freedom's attacks.

Kira however activates Seed Mode and cripples the Impulse. However, all backed up and ready, Shin immediately uses the 2nd Force Silhoutte to repair back the damage. With time running out and Shin becoming more and more harder to defeat, Kira decides to run. Shin then called in the Sword Silhouette, charged in with the anti-ship sword and stab straight at the Freedom's abdomen, penetrating the Freedom's shield in the process.

Afterwards, Shin is shown with tears, too happy that he defeated probably the No. Unknown to Shin, Kira survives the ordeal. When Shin returns to the Minerva after destroying the Freedom, his comrades cheer him.

Furious by Shin's rejoicing at the apparent death of Kira, a distraught Athrun punches Shin in the face. Athrun adds that Shin killed Kira but Kira never wanted to kill him. Rey counters that destroying Freedom and the Archangel was a direct order from ZAFT's headquarters, that all of them, including Athrun, were obligated to obey. Durandal later confers with Rey and concludes Athrun will no longer work with them after the apparent "death" of Kira, and decides to frame Athrun.

He sends soldiers to detain Athrun, but Meer Campbell warns him. Durandal sends Rey and Shin to hunt down Athrun. Rey tells Shin that Athrun is a defector working for Logos and that Meyrin is an accomplice, not a hostage.