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The 22 Most Epic 'Grey's Anatomy' Relationships of All Time . In the end, though , the wounds of the past—namely her getting pregnant during. She seems to go straight from one relationship to another. I'm basically hoping Calzona ends soon, and Owen and Callie find something fulfilling for themselves (they have .. I don't know if I like grey's anatomy anymore. Pierce then confesses that she told Meredith about their relationship. He asks how it went He wants to know if he'd get to keep the leg at the end. Owen says the trial is .. Grey's Anatomy 11x03 Promo "Got to Be Real" (HD).

Even on their wedding day, when Miranda got tied up operating on Adele Webber, he stayed and helped her, rather than getting upset. Ben also helped her through her OCD flare up and has always been there for her, when normally she has to be there for other people. Izzie and Denny Almost all fans know the story of Denny Duquette, the heart transplant patient that Izzie fell for.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Family Tree: How All 28 Docs Are Related (PHOTOS)

At first, it was nice to see Izzie have someone to banter with, but it was easy to see where the chain events were leading. Izzie had feelings for Denny and managed to keep it from Bailey, but the group of interns knew. Possibly the worst part of the relationship is that Izzie was willing to throw away her career for him.

The infamous cutting of the LVAD wire shows that, as much as she was trying to save Denny, she was trying to save something for herself as well. The entire turn of events and relationship is toxic and not at all how love should be portrayed.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Family Tree: How All 28 Docs Are Related (PHOTOS)

But he was a great man, and he deserved everything in the end. She also had the ability to tell him wrong, and for him to believe it. Catherine, so far, has been the only woman able to keep Richard in line. While that mostly is a testament to Catherine, it also shows that couples work as a team.

George loved Meredith from afar from the beginning. He did everything he could to get her attention while she had her eyes on Derek — a classic story of the good guy who can't let go of woman who just wants to be friends. He finally got his chance, when Meredith went on her spree of sleeping with people.

George took this as a front, and walked out, leaving Meredith alone.

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Their relationship became estranged after that for a while. This couple really did show there were many other people that she could have been with, but that Derek was The One.

However, April did persuade him to change his mind on one of his patients and do what Meredith had suggested. Impressed with her, he asked her out to dinner. After the dinner, when April told everyone what had been happening, they told her that he thought this was a relationship. Before Arizona came along, Mark and Callie were a great relationship, but once Arizona or Erica Hahn came into the picture, it should have stopped.

Even though they had a rough start because Derek decided to give it another try with Addison, in the end, they still were great for each other. You can write me up all you want for insubordination, but I stand by the fact that I do not take orders regarding my own lab. And Hunt can kiss my I'm not asking you to take orders in your own lab. What I'm asking is maybe that you not have a screaming match in the middle of the hallways of the hospital, because when members of the board cause a scene, I have to stop practicing medicine, which I love doing, and become a hall monitor, which I don't really love doing.

I got to come down here and lecture you about responsibility and honor and crap I really don't want to be lecturing you about. You know, I'm down to three procedures a day, okay? Not even long procedures. I'm sucking fat, lifting boobs, butts. Butt implants are huge. You know, like, uh, the ones where your feet hurt, when your feet hurt because you've been on them for hours. Or your mind hurts because you've had to improvise and paint But no, I can't have those, 'cause I run the board. Grey calls in sick.

Your wife tries to give up peds surgery on me. And boy Shepherd's in a pissing match with girl Shepherd, which they won't admit. And Yang screws us with Bailey versus Karev. And I think Richard has the hots for the new cardio God, Maggie or whatever? Which is gross, 'cause she is So, now you and Hunt are running around screaming at each other?

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I don't get to be a surgeon. I'm a hall monitor. I will stop screaming in the hallways. Hunt's got this bug up his butt about a candidate for my robotic limb project and as much as he want it to happened those nerves are not communicate with those muscles.

And there is nothing I can do about it. I create an alternate traffic route for the nerve signals. It's like, um, if there's construction on the highway, you pick a side street, right? I can dissect a nerve at its current location And rewire it wherever you need it.

You are wasted as a hall monitor. I am done here. Partial gastrectomy and splenectomy done. We can start the diaphragm repair. This was, I have to say, the most fun I have had since I got here. Well, you've done some very good work.

I might have stolen a peek at the clock. Well, it was inspiring. I'm glad I was here. I will check on him in post-op. The bowels seem to be intact, but we're gonna run it again just to be sure. Bailey, you have this? We're just logging into the hospital system. To get Maggie Pierce's personnel file to get her date of birth, which is illegal.

Yeah, so is pretending to be someone you're not. Now, put in your password. Once we figure out when she was born, there's got to be something we can use to prove that your mom wasn't pregnant at the time You can call Pierce's bluff. You're a very different person than Cristina. Cristina and I would just be dancing by now.