Flesh and bone starz ending a relationship

flesh and bone starz ending a relationship

Flesh and Bone is a brand new STARZ-channel series about a It's relevant to us because of the relationship between Claire and her older brother At the end of the episode she calls Bryan and tells him that what. Tell us everything you're feeling about the end of Flesh and Bone. Starz's dark ballet drama went out like it came in — dark — but the limited . a dark and messed-up and delicate subject as Bryan and Claire's relationship?. Flesh And Bone could have been good if not great. Whether Claire is complicit in their sexual relationship, or if she has been coerced by a.

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Could you tell me more about that tattoo? And he sort of felt that he could represent it, when really all he wanted was the homing beacon of Claire, and what little he understood of family, to come back to. So he was at war with himself. For Romeo, in the narrative of his story, he had made Bryan the hero, and over the course of the season, he becomes confused about his role in the story. Romeo takes it into his head and understands what he needs to do to keep the darkness at bay and to slay the dragon, as it were, and be the hero that Claire has told him that he is, and rescue her.

In the moment after he kills Bryan, in a ceremonial way, in the great tradition of the Native Americans and other ethnicities and peoples who value the thing that they kill and honor it, Romeo carves the tattoo: I was pretty fearless about how I wanted to explore it.

And the thesis that I was really interested in was the vulnerabilities and the origin stories: Are monsters born or made?

flesh and bone starz ending a relationship

We come into an understanding of this dysfunctional dynamic and how these children were shaped and pushed and formed into their choices. I think that sympathy helps Claire in the long run, too, because it helps us to understand her judgment.

flesh and bone starz ending a relationship

The weight of the books as armor and emotional protection at night: These are all documented things for incest survivors. Not books, per se, but weight and shield. So we were pretty careful about it. I wanted to let the viewers have their own opinion on how they felt about it. It was in my original concept of showing the journey of a young girl into womanhood, and [choreographer] Ethan Stiefel realized it so beautifully.

We see so much of the ballet itself. I liked that you were really intentional about showing so much dance. You know, except for the pilot, where it was necessary to introduce dance and the world of dance and have ballet be a character, in every episode that followed, I never showed dance or employed dance unless it was in service of the story.

So we never just cut to the dancing just for the hell of it. It was always in service of the plot. Any other thoughts about the show? Labor of love, absolutely.

How has that experience been for you?

flesh and bone starz ending a relationship

And if I believe the good stuff, then I have to believe the bad stuff, too, and that way madness lies. Have people in your life talked to you about what they think of the show? So I get this text last night at like 11 p. What is wrong with you?

Flesh and Bone finale postmortem: Moira Walley-Beckett breaks down Claire's final answer

I knew you were dark, but Jesus. Do you think Breaking Bad left you all with a taste for writing dark things, or did it find people who were already— We came into it like that. We showed up dark, and we stayed dark. A while later, Claire calls Bryan and begs him to come see her. Just scared maybe and turns to him. But she calls again and again and again and finally he answers.

An interesting parallel with the first episode. He finally agrees to come. At first on the phone he can only hear her crying. It calms her down then too. When she begs him to come at first, he refuses. He says what he can to calm her down, but refuses to come. I need you to see. Earlier in the episode, before the incident where she gets upset, she had been sitting in her apartment and thinking about the time when he came to visit — picturing him sleeping on the couch and the two of them eating breakfast.

We hear this message playing over while we see Claire lying in bed. She starts to get upset and rises angrily out of bed, then she goes over to the sink and chops off a huge chunk of her hair. Claire is really happy to see Bryan when he arrives. Before he sees her, she starts smiling when she spies him waiting for her. That is one of the parts that I think is really important in interpreting this relationship. She takes Bryan upstairs, and things are very awkward between them but not tense like before.

Claire pulls out a ticket for the premiere performance that night, the show that the season has building up towards. And it calls back to The Velveteen Rabbit, and what she said about it. She knows that Bryan loves her so much. He even packs it up and brings it with him for this visit, wrapping it up for protection in one of his shirts. When he first arrived, the first time he came to visit, he smelled her clothes.

My interpretation is that he came because he thought something was wrong — she needed help or something.

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But actually everything is going right for her. And you should be too. And you were right, you were right to get away. Claire hands him his coat, again sadly. This causes Claire to fly into a rage. She says that she never even looked at it.

flesh and bone starz ending a relationship

Earlier she had told Bryan that the baby was beautiful or that the nurse had told her that. Claire falls to the ground and cries. This is the last scene between them. For the rest of the episode Claire is in ballet performance. She always sleeps with her books piled on top of her body.

flesh and bone starz ending a relationship

And we see her self-harm several times in the series. The last time we see her do it is right before she goes on stage. She feels something in her shoe, pulls her shoe off and finds glass inside.

She looks around suspiciously, wondering who put it in there.

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And then she starts eating the glass. Not going to lie, I thought that was gloriously disturbing and it might be my favorite thing in the entire series. Bryan goes to the river to stare forlornly at his picture of Claire.

Romeo tells Claire that he fears he is the dragon, but then says he realizes he is the prophet. When Romeo first sees Claire, he starts calling her Clementine and seems to identify her somehow.