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Some Private Actions will change relationships by simply defeated improves relations between Fayt and Sophia as well as Fayt and Mirage. In the game Maria repeatedly tried to comfort Fayt, or just try to get him just be really best friends, or they might have a romantic relationship. A page for describing Characters: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Fayt Leingod ( Fate Linegod)Voiced by: Soichiro Hoshi (JP), Steve Staley (EN)The .

He even goes as far as to grope her while they're going through the aquaducts, he's behind her and Of course, Cliff does this to every woman so it might just be his nature, but who knows. Another couple that is not very well renowned is the Tynave and Nel couple. In the game there isnt' much show of this, but in the manga Tynave and Nel have their own little comic. Tynave has to dress up as a man because she looks more boyish than Farleen and Clair and find out if Nel is a spy for Aireglyph.

Tynave seems to think Nel is very beautiful and that deciving her is wrong and runs away with her from the leering eyes of Clair and Farleen who are watching her. But she also sticks the flower that Tynave gave her behind her ear. Tynave is also very protective of Nel. In the comic when Nel is bringing Cliff and Fayt back to their carrige Cliff asks if she's wearing panties and Tynave jumps out of the darkness and in front of Nel, telling the two men to stay away from Nel protectively.

Nel proceeds to embrace Tynave from behind telling her who the two men are. It might just be a mild case of romance, but who knows. Another couple that people don't know about is the Cliff and Tynave couple. In the game they don't interact much or even at all but in the comic Cliff and Tynave fight, like, in every conversation. They can never talk to each other without fighting. When Cliff met Tynave he thought she was a boy, so Tynave corrects him by saying she's a woman, so Cliff checks by groping her chest.

At this Nel hits him and Tynave cries on Nel's shoulders. After this Tynave and Cliff hate each other. Tynave calls Cliff an "old man" and Cliff calls Tynave a "boy". This is an example of "hate is another form of love" type of thing.

But this might just be pure hate as Cliff gropes about just every woman, but who knows. And another couple the list goes on is Fayt and Nel. Nel saves Fayt and Cliff from their dungeon which means nothing but I felt like writing it. Fayt and Nel interact very much in the game in a positive manner.

They don't, however, interact very much in the comic, but that might just be because the comic concentrate on Nel and Cliff more. Fayt can be paired off with everyone at the end of the game, and if you get the Nel ending it is expected that you support this couple.

Nel is also very concerned about Fayt's health, as her and Cliff panic when he falls while going to Kirlsa. At this point Nel tries to find solutions as to help Fayt, but Fayt says that he can walk.

Actually, I can't think of much for this couple, so if you have any suggestions as to why this couple is a couple, I'd be glad to read them and add them.

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And another is Fayt and Luther. Fayt must defeat Luther at the end of the game because he is threatening to destroy the eternal sphere. Most people like this couple because of the bondage they can imagine if Luther liked Fayt.

So maybe Luther is narcassistic and loves Fayt because he looks like him? I could never really figure out whether she was just glad someone else shared her circumstances or if she had a genuine romantic interest in Fayt. I've watched the ending on Youtube, and while it seems romantic on Fayt's end, it seems sort of cold and calculated on hers. Maybe that is just the sort of girl Maria is? Ladysoalluring Ladysoalluring 8 years ago 2 Fayt and Peppita have a bond, at least enough to be friends.

In fact Peppita practically saved Fayt's life well with Ursus That's not something to be taken lightly. They are friends enough at least for Fayt to listen to her and Sophia to defend her against Maria at Moonbase i. P Fayt is always sticking up for the kids so I don't think it's fair to say they didn't have a bond or that he didn't care for them. Also in the manga Peppita is on the front cover together with Fayt and Peppita: P So it's like they are the original three: P The only thing I am guilty of is a lot of love, enthusiasm and being myself.

If that's a crime, then it's a cross I'm willing to bear. P You mean Sophia, no? Would've been too much of a pain I couldn't just leave you there, anyway, and I kinda wanted to see what was going on first hand.

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So, You find anything out? As a matter of fact, I did. Aerial Assault is one of his most devastating attack skills, inflicting 5x physical dmg. One of his Item Creation's highest level talents, which he displays throughout Disc 1. Bares quite a bit of resemblance to Han Solo. In-series, he's basically a male version of Ilia Silvestri in many respects. He's a lot smarter than his appearance suggests. Cliff operates in a purely offensive manner, using punches and kicks to deal out mass physical damage ie: In contrast, he has rather low defense and MP.

While his defense is somewhat salvageable early on, MP attacking enemies will usually decimate him unless the player routinely manages him or is willing to give up an equipment slot on something that regenerates MP.

Being that he's a Klausian, Cliff is a bare-knuckle brawler and equips gauntlets to enhance his striking power. The gravity of Cliff's homeworld is just over twice that of Earth's, plus it has a much harsher atmosphere.

Though Cliff generally plays up the Klausians as a race of superhumans, he is actually extremely strong even by their much higher standards. He and Fayt bond quickly, and remain strong friends throughout the game. Heir to the Dojo: Or would beIF he was willing to accept it. The implication being that Mirage's father wants Cliff as his son-in-law, so he can hand down the dojo as her dowry.

But not nearly as much as Adray. Between him and Albel, in the manga version. Cliff has high attack, but is rather slow. Once he meets the 4D beings that created the universe, he's willing to accept that there are gods. He still won't worship them though because, in his own words, they're jerks. Cliff knows far more about the situation than he lets on. Older Than They Look: Cliff hardly looks any older than Fayt and yet is in his mid-thirties. A flashback shows him to have looked exactly the same as he does now when he was in his twenties.

For Maria, though he acts more like an older sibling. With Mirage, during their default ending, and with Tynave in the manga version. When Mirage prepares to depart, Cliff asks her to tell her father that he sends his apologies for not returning with her, to take over the dojo.

She replies that suspected as much and says she understands. Tynave's case has bits of Belligerent Sexual Tension. She starts off berating him anytime he says, or tries, anything perverted, but she gradually becomes fonder of him. Going so far as to stay behind with him to fight Albel and tend to his wounds afterward.

Star Ocean Till the End of Time Ending: Fayt+Maria

His fourth costume makes him look like Squall Leonhart. He used to actually be this, but stepped down and gave the position to Maria. Storywise, he plays the part closer than she does, however. With Nel and potentially Albel. You Shall Not Pass! In the manga, when Albel attempts to stop them from escaping with the copper ore, Cliff seizes the opportunity to settle the score with him and volunteers to stay behind.

The shipment makes it through and Albel is defeated. Nel Zelpher Voiced by: She is charged with gathering intelligence to report to the queen. Even though she's outwardly cold and serious, her kind heart prevents her from being as cold as her profession requires her to be.

She is one of the three residents of Elicoor II that can go with Fayt for the rest of his journey. Put it this way: A fact which Shelby's own men point out, when she infiltrates the Kirlsa Training Facility: I said capture her, not admire her!

Her close relationship with Clair contains a fair amount of Les Yay. However, her paired ending with Fayt is also pretty romantic. The Blades of Ryusen, her father's twin swords. She's given them by Count Woltar, who had taken them after slaying Nevelle in battle.

She saves Fayt and Cliff's bacon twice: She infiltrated the prisonhold in Ariyglyph and freed them, right as the warden had returned to continue interrogating them. Thanks to her help, they defeated him and were able to escape.

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So long as the player hasn't met the requirements for Roger or Albel to do it, the game will default to Nel by having her save the party at the Kirlsa Training Facility. Shadow Wave acts like an extension of Nel's blade swing, arcing outward in a projected wave of dark energy.

Definitely comes across this way in her ending with Fayt. After going to, and returning from, 4D Space talking with her in towns reveals that she's having major issues with the reveal of what their gods really are. Believing that society would become utterly corrupt if they ever learned what she had, that maybe there's no way the 4D beings are truly their gods, and that if they truly are gods then she and the rest of the group must be demons to be attempting to kill them. That the individuals her gods are named for are among the only ones not determined to delete them, and in fact are trying to prevent that, may be the only thing keeping her from breaking down completely.

She becomes noticeably softer with Fayt and Cliff after they save her and assist her in saving Tynave and Farleen from Shelby. Once she becomes an optional party member. In the manga adaptation, she's nearly raped twice while attempting to rescue her two subordinates, Tynave and Farleen, from the Kirlsa Training Facility. Nel escapes the first one on her own by slitting her would-be assailant's throat, but got cornered again only moments later and would've been gangraped, had Fayt and Cliff not been there.

This differs from the game, where there's no rape attempt. Instead, by the time Fayt and Cliff catch up to her, they find she had successfully infiltrated the facility and had already found the secret elevator to the roof.

She only needed help with the Black Brigade soldiers, who were guarding it. Nel may be limited in terms of runological ability, but some of her unique arts more than make up for it. Which is why you don't gain acces to it until post-game. Part of her default outfit in-game. They are replaced by Opera Gloves for her slightly altered outfit in the manga. Both are high ranking members of their nation's respective militaries who join the party for a while before becoming optional party membersbut while Nel is calm, composed and fiercely loyal to her queen, Albel is manic, overly emotional and of dubious loyalty to his king.