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That, of course, is close to what Hanzee said at the end of the Season 2 One that would eclipse the enterprise Mike Milligan found himself chained to. And while Fargo certainly didn't need another connection to Season. “Fargo” just concluded its second season with a finale (click here for my and other irritations that smack of what Mike Milligan was being told to deal with . But then at the end of the season when we realized that there”s the ring . And I explained how “Force Majeure” used the relationship between the. This may be the ultimate Fargo universe crossover. could Malvo be responsible for murdering Season Two's other main killer, Mike Milligan?.

Truth be told, Lou understood that it was the rock that men push. Peggy admits that she never meant for any of this to happen.

Not to Ed or anybody else. She just wanted to be someone, and she is now. But she wanted to choose, not be defined by someone else. But then that stupid guy walked out into the road. You know, the victim, Lou reminds her.

Lou cuts off this rant by reminding Peggy that people are dead. Lou soon arrives back at the state line and heads to the phone booth to make a call home. Noreen soon answers and tells Lou that Betsy is fine, but she just had a fall. Right now, Betsy and Molly are fast asleep.

Betsy will need to come in for some more tests. Until then, Noreen will remain with her until Lou returns. We then cut to a park, where Hanzee watches two kids- who communicate via sign language- toss a ball. Hanzee also needs a face man, and the details for that are inside. He may want something older, but what would Hanzee do then?

Maybe start his own empire.

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Book asks whether Hanzee will seek revenge after Kansas City. But no, not apprehend those responsible, but leave them for dead.

As the kids start roughhousing, Hanzee approaches them, his blade at the ready. In Kansas City, Mike receives his praise, despite still having a few rungs to climb.

The real oversight of the Northern territory, Hamish says, will happen in this building, which is where Mike will work. The s are over.

Catching up with Bokeem Woodbine about his irresistable "Fargo" character

Hamish gives Milligan a tip: Management was impressed and gave him California. Upper management is expecting big things from Mike. He takes his seat. No Sonny or Karl, though.

The adults settle down to talk. Hank tells Lou to leave out that the gun fight was interrupted by spacecraft. That can be left as subtext. And Betsy feels a cramp. Betsy asks her father about her visit to his office. It comes down to language. Pictures are clearer than words, Hank says. Imagine a box on a roof on it- that means home.

A heart means love, no question. The more he worked, the more it became all he could think about. Later that night, Lou puts Molly to bed and offers her a chance to go fishing tomorrow. Lou and Betsy then bid each other good night as the second season of Fargo comes to a close. Did this season finale need to be action packed? I never got the sense that this season finale attempted to force happy moments with the ending of the Solverson family together in their home, which was a nice callback to the season premiere.

Cristin Milioti has been great this season, but the amount of pain Betsy endures is overshadowed by her constant desire to make sure her family is well fed and taken care of, even in her absence. She had her moment when she told Karl about the possibility of Lou remarrying after she died.

But here, after her fall, after Noreen talking about life being absurd, and after being away from her husband for so long, she still maintained her positive outlook on life. This entire sequence was just incredible and put a smile on my face the entire time.

I loved this moment. It was brief, but effective. And much like Stavros Milos finding the suitcase of money in the first season, it was a nod to the established Fargo universe, but underplayed enough that viewers unfamiliar with the first season could just appreciate this look at the future of the Solverson family. Or, chronologically, after it, I should say.

If there was a nod I could have done without, it was Hanzee spotting the two kids communicating via sign language. Ed from the start, wanted nothing more than a simple life.

5 Questions You Still Had About 'Fargo' The TV Show, Finally Explained

He had dreamed of owning the butcher shop and using that as a means of financing his wife and future kids. Hell, he even adopted the moniker of the Butcher of Luverne as a badge of honor, but his arc came full circle when he expired in the meat locker, just as he practically told Peggy that their relationship would not have a future.

Both Ed and Peggy lacked proper communication in their marriage. In addition, both had something that the other lacked. Ed needed a bit more pathos and excitement in his life in order to actualize, while Peggy needed some rigidity and stability.

But Peggy descended further into madness with every move because she believed that, deep down, she deserved better. Peggy wanted that shakeup and she got it because now she is someone, just not for the reasons she wanted. And she still remains delusional when she wants the best prison situation possible.

And poor Mike Milligan. The man brought chaos to the Gerhardt family, killed off the Undertaker, and was at an all-time high. Despite all obstacles, whether from corporate or the Gerhardt family, he and Gale Kitchen fought out of every situation. They were warriors and hoped to be crowned as kings for their work, but Mike faced the harsh reality that the money business is the future.

Mike may be a king in his own mind, but the world had a brutal way of bringing him back to Earth and turning him into just another cog in a well-oiled machine. And really, Bokeem Woodbine has been stellar from start to finish. Everyone was on point this season, but his performance sticks out first in my mind as far as the most memorable. Hanzee told Ed and Peggy that he was tired of this life, and he was, so he assumes a new identity, but the circle of violence will continue under his empire.

But for the purposes of this season, he finds a way out to start anew. The Solverson family, against all odds, remained optimistic. The world has changed around them so many times, whether after World War II, Vietnam, or this very massacre.

Rather, they worked within a corrupt world, even siding with the Gerhardt family at one point, to ensure that those who committed evils, whether intentional or by accident, would face justice.

Woodbine's Mike Milligan was easily one of the best and perpetually perplexing characters on television last year. Talking to the actors behind these two particular parts gave at least some new insight and clarity to those questions you probably still have about the show. How did those aliens fit in? FX According to the actors, the aliens didn't have a definite purpose. Apparently, Woodbine's character was even originally supposed to see the aliens himself, but that moment ended up getting cut.

Once his encounter with the aliens got dropped, the actor simply tried to put the extraterrestrials out of his mind. I kind of had to just So much of life isn't resolved. So I loved the alien thing. I have no idea. And I sort of prefer it that way.

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Could the Kitchen brothers talk? FX In the context of the show, perhaps the Kitchen brothers couldn't talk. But off the set, the real-life brothers apparently wouldn't stop. Todd and Brad Mann are Canadian. Naturally, in Woodbine's words, "being Canadian, they love hockey. They can talk about either subject for hours, and I'm not exaggerating.

When you're trying to prepare. You get a glimpse of the nightmarish scenario I was in. What was Mike Milligan's deal?