Faize and crowe ending relationship

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faize and crowe ending relationship

All your characters had affinity points (or relationship poitns) with one another . PA to unlock "Crowe's Ending" achievement and "Faize's Ending" achivement. This is the 1st of the PAs that is required for "Crowe's Ending" trophy. Stars and Marriage This is the 4th PA needed for "Faize's ending". I was thinking Faize really was going to be saved at the end, but he didn't make it. Crowe's ending left me scrathing my head. His and Lymle's relationship was always kind of wierd, but kind of sweet at the same time.

A child walks in and begins drawing on the floor next to the village chief: Faize realizes she is drawing a symbology symbol. Amazed, he asks Ghimdo about it, who explains that Lymle is the planet's best symbologist. Whilst Faize laughs at the explanation, Lymle summons Cerberus, a blazing demon dog, to sic Faize, in effect silencing him.

After finishing the symbol, therefore delaying the disease's effect, Lymle tells her Grandfather that she's leaving to get a symbol. Shocked and concerned about her safety, he explains that she means to go to a hermit symbologist living in a tower to learn a spell to cure the disease by herself.

Before Ghimdo has a chance to ask, Edge decides to help her get there using the SRF exploration mission statement as a reason. Asking only to stop treating them like gods, all four leave for the tower. After traversing a snowfield, the group enters Alanaire Citadel where Edge's hidden symbology instinct kicks in.

When they reach the top they see the symbologist being attacked. After fighting off the Dragon Newt, the tower starts to collapse, taking the symbologist along with it. Cursing their late timing, Lymle explains that her friend in nearby Woodley Village should know a way to cure it.

When asked about her knowledge, she states that one must write their name on the walls of the tower when mastery of the symbol is completed. The group heads to Woodley Village. After Edge and crew escape from the Alternate Earth and land on RoakFaize has a run-in with a girl from a tribe of nomads called the Black Tribe.

faize and crowe ending relationship

They share a common interest in symbology, and the girl gives Faize a cloak which he wears for the rest of the game. When Sarah Jerand is kidnapped, it turns out the nomads were kidnapped as well. After hearing an augury from the oracle Eleyna Farrence saying that Sarah and the nomads have been captured for a sacrifice ritual in the Purgatorium, Faize insists that they hurry and storm the Purgatorium, leading to a brief argument with Edge.

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After searching the Purgatorium the next day, defeating the cultist leader and rescuing Sarah, Faize learns that the friendly tribe girl had been slaughtered, thus being the catalyst for his descent into darkness. Upon returning to Aeos and finding the exploration base in ruins, the crew runs into Crowe F. Almedio and Arumat P. Thanatoswho save them from an onslaught of Phantoms. Eventually, Arumat informs Edge's crew that Eldar is no more.

faize and crowe ending relationship

Initially, Faize is struck by disbelief and sorrow, but Crowe reassures him, saying that the Eldarians managed to escape and that their refugee ships are orbiting Aeos with the Aquila. Upon notification that the Eldarian ships are under attack, Edge advises Crowe to protect the Eldarians while his crew takes out the Grigori located on Aeos.

Faize, concerned for his brethren, decides to go with Crowe to ensure that they will be safe, and promises they'll meet again on En II. Arumat joins Edge's crew in Faize's place. Unfortunately, the Phantom warships proved formidable as many Eldarian ships were destroyed.

After Faize witnesses many innocent people die, people whom he was powerless to help, he becomes possessed by the Grigori and the party must face him at the end of the game as the final boss, the Apostle of Creation. Upon undergoing conflicted thoughts and feelings, he transforms into Satanailand the party defeats him for the final time. He comes back to his senses and Edge and Lymle rush to his side. After making amends with Lymle, and apologizing to Edge, Nox Obscurus begins to collapse, due to Faize's defeat.

Giotto appears in a transport symbol, urging everyone to get to the symbol. Picked up by Edge, the two make way for the symbol, avoiding the collapsing segments of the Palace of Creation. Talking to Edge along the way, Faize asks Edge where he went wrong as all he wanted was to protect people. The two talk for awhile, despite the peril, and Faize realizes he should have protected people with his own power, instead of reaching for a power that was right in front of him.

As the pair get close, a floor segment collapses, causing Faize to fall. They will get their just desserts. I appreciate all of your cooperation. Updates 10th March, v. All that is left is to make a list of achieving all endings in one go and the FAQ will be complete.

Updated some errors, and added more of the PAs that are available. Lots of stuff to be done. Will put as much info as I can. What are private actions? If you are new to this series, shame on you. Go back and play the first three or 4 depending on counting Star Ocean: Fans of the series will know very well that Private Actions are They usually take place after certain conditions are filled, certain items are in your inventory, certain characters are in your party, and a certain amount of time has passed in the game.

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All your characters had affinity points or relationship poitns with one another and depending on if you had enough, certain scenes may play that tells more about the backstory of a certain character, characters may fall in love, some are just for comedic value, and in the past few games, private actions could alter the ending you saw after beating the game. Sounds pretty cool right? Read on and weap.

faize and crowe ending relationship

Star Ocean 4 throws all of that out the window. Well, most of it at least. See, in past Star Oceans there were many different path or options to choose throughout the game, and in doing so, certain characters may not join your party, thus eliminating the ability to see some PA's. Not in Star Ocean 4. In this game, PAs are set, as you have the same party members every time with the exception of your second playthrough on but it changes nothing.

Not only that, in this version, no matter what PAs you see, the main character will always end up with the same person every time.

I wont say but I am sure you are smarter than you look, take a wild guess. So what is the point you ask? Well for one, having a great amount of affinity with each character nets you an "additional scene" at the end of the game earning you a small amount of gamerscore 10 points per character. Not only that, there are 2 "additonal hidden" scenes that are not normally unlocked by default that you can earn by doing certain actions throughout the game explained in more detail in following sections.

Finally, some of the PAs are just downright hilarious to see, mostly involving Lymle or Meracle. What you need to know There are a few things to be aware of about Private Actions: Don't worry I will tell you where they are.

In most cases, you will advance "one leg" for every PA you see. There are a few however that will not advance the "leg" thus allowing you to see 2 or more in the same time. In most cases PAs will either raise or lower your affinity points with said character. Some PAs affect multiple crew members and sometimes it only affects one.

Sometimes there is no change at all. In order to see each characters "additional ending" Edges affinity for them, and their affinity for Edge must be above a certain mark.

faize and crowe ending relationship

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to put an exact on this mark. To room with a character, after Edge becomes the captain of the ship check the room board listing right outside of Edges room on the corner of the hallway.

Here you can pair up certain characters.

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Do not ask me about this. So if you use it on Edge, everyones affinity for edge rises. Another item made through synthesis, this can be placed in the 4 bedrooms of the Calnus and causes whoever is rooming together in there to gain more affection for each other as time goes on. More so than if they were just rooming together without it. For example, peeping on Reimi in the shower but honestly, who wouldnt?

Crowe F. Almedio

This is a skill that Edge can acquire during the game. While tempting as it may be to pickpocket certain items, if you want to get EVERY characters additional ending in one run through of the game, dont do it.

Besides, the items you get through pickpocketing are usually not worth it anyway. You have been warned.

faize and crowe ending relationship

Another item made through synthesis. It has the exact opposite effect of Love Potion Another synthesis item that has the exact opposite effect then the Aroma of Love. These are usually triggered by introducing a new character to Welch or sometimes just for the heck of it. None of these PAs have an affect on affinity for you characters. They are just there for comedy and to listen to Laura Baileys sexy but sometimes annoying voice. Once again, follow the one playthrough guide below and you should achieve all the additional endings.

List of Private Actions This section will list each PA as it becomes available and show the corresponding gain or drop in affinity points that the characters receive. Format is as follows Name of PA Available: When the PA is first available and what requirements are needed to see it. When the PA becomes unavailable.

If you miss it when its first available, this will state when you can trigger it again. How to start the PA and whether or not it advances to the next "leg" of available PAs.