Earthworm jim special edition ending a relationship

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earthworm jim special edition ending a relationship

Sep 2, Port of the Sega CD/Mega-CD Special Edition of the game which contained an exclusive level, a few extended levels, alternate endings, and. The Earthworm Jim Special Edition was released in , a year after the original These versions were also the only ones to contain alternate endings when. A description of tropes appearing in Earthworm Jim. Yes And You Were There: Appropriately, at the end of "Wizard of Ooze. . after his super-suit has been swapped for a weaker version, Jim tries various . Fluffy the Terrible: In "the Great Secret of the Universe" Evil the Cat .. Princess: What do you mean, " relationship"?.

Said probe actually reads: I dare ya to destroy Terlawk". Parodied in an episode where, after his super-suit has been swapped for a weaker version, Jim tries various generic ways of gaining super powers including space radiation and radioactive arachnid bites.

One of his attempts is to tell the viewer he will get powers if the audience were to "Believe! Believe and clap very hard!

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A few of 'em, most of them are just changing the channel. The universe gets destroyed, but is quickly rebuilt Clothes Make the Superman: Jim is only sentient because of the energy from his suit mutating him from being an ordinary annelid. Although the boost to size and intellect is permanent, all of his strength, firepower and physical abilities are due to his suit.

Everyone gets one or two Cloudcuckoolander moments, though most of them get saved for Earthworm Jim. Comically Missing the Point: When Jim and Peter are tied up and left at the mercy of a swarm of flesh-eating ants in "The Sword of Righteousness".

earthworm jim special edition ending a relationship

They can strip the flesh from your bones in seconds! Good thing worms don't have bones! That won't really help, will it? Cool and Unusual Punishment: Professor Monkey-For-A-Head tried to get another Battery of the Gods, and the gods turned him into a living breadmaker as a result. Actually, it's kind of handy.

If I twist the monkey's tail I can make pumpernickel. The many, many variations of the "cow falls on somebody" closing gag. Sometimes it would fall on Jim, sometimes on the villain, sometimes on the very thing Jim spent the entire episode trying to save. And let's not forget the Evil Cow from "Opposites Attack": I shall destroy you all. Starting with the lactose-intolerant. Lower Back Pain Man.

earthworm jim special edition ending a relationship

This is even lampshaded when he brings up the ending credits to prove it. Damsel out of Distress: The only time she was legitimately captured was at the hands of her sister, Queen Slug-For-a-Butt, who'd been fighting her for years and could match her Insectikette strength.

Also, Peter Puppy - especially in the second season. He's still pretty loyal. In "Sword of Righteousness", Jim learns of the "Eye of Truth", which requires him to simply stare at anyone in order to force them to admit their darkest secrets.

Jim attempts this on Peter, but Peter thought he was being challenged into a staring contest and unwittingly shoots a Death Glare right back at him. You stink at this magic power stuff, you know.

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Later, Jim tries the Eye of Truth again, this time on Psycrow. Psycrow is unaffected and throws an anvil on top of him. Also in "Book of Doom", when Peter makes a highly inappropriate comment about the tape player and Jim is about to snatch it out of his hands. Doug TenNapel originally conceived of the Professor as more of an Evilutionary Biologist loosely based, apparently, on a high school science teacher he used to argue with about creationism but in the cartoon he's a more generic Mad Scientist while Bob, who didn't have much of a personality in the original game, gained a Hollywood Evolution gimmick.

In one episode, Jim helps Princess What's-Her-Name liberate her homeworld and institute free elections. However, the populace shallowly votes based on appearanceand by insect standards, the Princess is hideous and her evil slug-for-a-butt sister is considered far more attractive. Jim in general counts for this, but especially when he's trying to win the Princess' affections. And then Jim kills 7.

Jim cannot be defeated by really bad sounds or smells, as he has no ears or nose. Overlaps with Forgot I Could Fly as this rarely comes into effect until one of the characters explicitly mentions this. Note that this doesn't ever stop Jim from being able to hear or smell normally.

Evil the Cat gets one Does Not Like Spam: Peter really hates haggis. At one point, he's turned into a haggis, much to his dismay.

Does This Remind You of Anything? Getting into a space dogfight with the freighter's pilot, Psy-Crow destroyed the freighter and emerged victorious, but lost the precious cargo he was sent to obtain. The super suit was jettisoned from the explosion and careened through space towards a planet called Earth.

Back on Earth's surface, Jim was having a hard time dealing with a particularly stubborn crow. Suddenly the suit fell from space and crash-landed right next to him. Seeking refuge from the crow, he crawled into the confines of the suit, and as the suit's atomic particles came into contact with Jim's flesh, a miraculous light-speed evolution took place, causing Jim to grow in size and elasticity, gaining eyes, a mouth, and four "hyper-intelligent brains".

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Holstered at his side was a strange red object. Tinkering with it, he quickly found out it was a ray gun, which he used to incinerate the crow that had been menacing him.

Probing further, he found that the suit had all manner of gadgets, weaponry and hamsters to toy around with. All his wonder and amazement at these amazing new discoveries were cut short when he overheard a human-sized crow nearby, speaking on the radio to an unknown party. Listening in on their conversation he deduced that they were talking about the suit he was now wearing, and heard stuff about an evil queen's empire and a princess in distress.

Interested in meeting this princess and learning more, he pulled out his pocket rocket and followed Psy-Crow into space. And so began the adventures of Earthworm Jim Why should Earthworm Jim be in Smash? Back in the 90's, Jim was a very important character to gaming, and one of the few examples of western gaming icons in an industry that was then dominated by Japanese developers. His games were extremely popular in the west, so much in fact that a multimedia franchise was born from them.

Not only did his game spawn numerous sequels and updated ports with new content on later consoles, they also had a line of toys, a limited run comic book series, and even a fantastic Saturday morning cartoon show by Universal Animation Studios, that was filled with the same quirky humor as the games. Jim was quite a famous and enduring character, but unfortunately, after a few less-than-stellar games near the end of the series' lifespan, he faded off into obscurity, and was lost to time.

Now an entirely new generation of gamers has surfaced that has never heard of him. Not only would this introduce him to the latest generation of gamers, but it would also introduce him to players overseas who might not know very much about him or his games.

He'd have a large variety of guns and other tricks, such as using his head as a whip, and launching his buddy Snott from his backpack to use as a parachute or to do extended-range melee attacks. He would be able to switch between weapons on the fly, having different zoning options for different situations, but unlike Samus would have a unique mechanic where he would need to watch his ammo.

Earthworm Jim's groovy moveset! He'd be on the exact borderline between Ganondorf and Bowser Jr. Jim's guns all use ammunition, which is indicated by a gun icon near his stock counter. This gun icon represents ammo with a number next to it, starting maxed out at one thousand ammo.

His ability to do certain attacks are dependent on how much ammo he has, and if he doesn't have enough, he will either do a weaker version of the attack, or won't do the attack at all. Ammo refills itself gradually. Flies into the ring onboard his Pocket Rocket, then stuffs it in his pocket and goes into his standing animation. Bobs up and down anxiously while watching his opponent, plasma pistol drawn and held in his right hand.

After a moment of standing around, he pulls out a tiny dancing Elvis and watches it for a moment. He then either eats it or lets it run away. He twirls his gun around on his finger, then tosses it in the air with a few different outcomes. He bonks himself on the head with it, and rubs his head painfully. It goes off in his face, leaving him ashen. He shakes the ashes off.

He catches it in his side holster. Gets on all fours, resting on his forearms and looking forward. He looks around occasionally. He can crawl while in this state. Jim has an unorthodox way of staying in the air.

In addition to his traditional double jump, pressing the jump button a third time makes his booger buddy Snott come out of his backpack and morph into a parachute to help him glide along.

Holding the button allows him to use his helicopter head to blow air into the Snott parachute, elevating them both upwards.

earthworm jim special edition ending a relationship

This gives him a jump similar to ROB's jump jets combined with Peach's parasol. He can only use heli-head so much before he gets tired, but the Snott Parachute can be left open even in a helpless state. Snott Parachute can also be cancelled with an aerial attack.

Earthworm Jim crawls out of hiding! #EWJ4SSBU!

Because of all these factors, Jim has no B moves that help him recover. Overall, Jim has decent recovery. A Moves Jab 1: A quick hook with his leading hand. Follows up with a straight punch from his aft hand. Follows with an uppercut with his leading hand. Starts blasting with his pistol. It rapidly fires bullets, each bullet doing 2 damage. Can be aimed in any direction as long as the button is held, and the bullets can juggle people in the air.

Range only travels a bit farther than the visual effect of the blasts themselves, which is about two character widths. This attack spends ammo at a rate of ammo per second, although that's not how many bullets will actually be hitting the opponent.

Pistol whips his opponent with follow through. Thrusts his fist straight up into the air, heroically. Snott quickly shoots forward out of Jim's backpack, morphing into a boxing glove with a stretchy appendage. Has quite a long reach - about three and a half character widths.

He leaps forward and does a diving tackle, then rolls to his feet and dusts himself off. His head crawls out of his body and begins squeezing his suit. When released, the neck of the suit will belch an explosion upwards, similar to his death animations in EWJ1 and 2.

Puts his hand in his pocket.