Dragon age loghain ending relationship

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dragon age loghain ending relationship

It is only if you don't make him King that he will end up drunk or dead. But to say Alistair isn't guaranteed to remain king if Loghain is recruited is inncorrect if you. Loghain: I tried to keep her, but there was little I could do to stop the Orlesian. . Anora) He accepts the throne and the marriage with Anora and Loghain lives. .. for containing an untagged [Dragon Age Inquisition] spoiler. For Dragon Age: Origins on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic and Alistair kills Loghain (so no Anora), Alistair breaks it off with you right he will be crowned and at the end when you mention your past relationship.

dragon age loghain ending relationship

I got this situation in my third play through. He declared himself King, I was very proud lol.

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It is only if you don't make him King that he will end up drunk or dead. But to say Alistair isn't guaranteed to remain king if Loghain is recruited is inncorrect if you have made him King. Alistair is guaranteed to become king, after you've decided Loghain's fate, and listened to Alistair throw a hissy fit over it, you can decide to still make him king.

Though I'm less sure about this holding true in the case of a not-hardened Alistair. Still, I question the motives of making him king after that display of "he stole my special toy.

If that's not grounds for righteous vengeance, I'm not sure what is. Throughout the narrative of the game, the theme of Alistair growing in self-belief and standing up for himself is a prominent one in the player's interactions with him. Why is it then surprising that when push comes to shove, he finally does exactly that?

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In the end, he's not drastically different to any of the other companions - they all have a line that they will not tolerate you crossing, and if you do, they will walk away or try to kill you themselves. Alistair's line in the sand just happens to be Loghain.

dragon age loghain ending relationship

Ignoring Duncan's own entry into the Warden ranks, Alistair makes the Wardens some grand honor, when they are historically traitors to Fereldan; so not accepting Loghain is so much hand waving.

I can accept his adamant refusal however, had it not been for the sudden turn around, "I'll be king, to make sure he dies!!!

dragon age loghain ending relationship

Not sure who you've been talking to but most everyone you talk to in game holds the wardens in very high regard. Even despite Loghain's accusations. So you're criticising him for going to great lengths to make sure the murderer of his friends is punished, really?

And 'hissy fit' seriously? That's not worth commenting on.

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And you might want to differenciate between a hardened who wants to be king and takes the throne on own as opposed to a non-hardened Alistair who doesn't want to be king but will to save Ferelden.

Let's face the facts, anyone with a tangible future wouldn't willingly join without sufficient cause not to. What sane lordling would choose to spend his life chasing darkspawn all over maker's green acre, when he's got a seat in the house of power.

Hell, a commoner would prefer a life as a soldier, over the Wardens, due in large part to the higher likelihood safety. When looked at through non-gamer eyes, the Wardens offer little more than a respected livelihood and personal redemption for it's members; kind of like the French Army, you don't join it for the uniform and croissants, you join it because you have little left to lose.

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Back to the lords, the only sane lordling to willingly join, would be one with a few or several older siblings which would negate your chance at a position of power, and you're not willing to commit fratricide to get it. He quits the Wardens no matter what you do when you agree to recruit Loghain.

The only way to recruit Loghain and stop Alistair leaving completely is to marry him to Anora, but even if you do that, he becomes unavailable to use for the rest of the game - he sits it out, sulking justifiably, IMO. Personally, I kill Loghain every chance I get; of the 12 times I finished the game, I recruited him once for the achievement and then fed him to archdaemon, and killed him the other 11 times. Apart from anything else, his talents are poorly arranged and his gear is terrible - he's a much worse tank than Alistair from a purely gameplay perspective.

dragon age loghain ending relationship

I only know Loghain will come to Vigil's keep only to say he's going to Orlesian Wardens. He only shows up if he is King by himself, otherwise its Anora. I think I rememeber seeing both Alistair and Loghain on my playthrough when they both lived. I haven't actually played for 18 months. Either you want him to hate you or like you And in my ideal female play-through, harden Leliana and Alistair. Romance Leliana, then have her step aside because 'you love Alistair.

Keep Zevran warm on the back burner, so to speak. Arrange to have Alistair and Anora marry, have Zevran dual Loghain for the irony and then spare Loghain. Fire up the relationship with Zevran, all the way to love and work through his 'confusion.

Kill the Archdemon yourself denying Loghain the 'easy way' to atone for what he's done.

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In the end, at your funeral, Anora frees the mages and has a new tower built in your name. Alistair and Anora become beloved rulers.

Loghain Mac Tir

Leliana writes an epic ballad for you and disappears. Loghain has to work rebuilding the Wardens, but very quickly succumbs to the taint.

dragon age loghain ending relationship

And Zevran is devastated, eventually takes over the Crows and never shares his bed again! Less epic, but repeated this Warden character's ending by killing Loghain, not arguing Alistair out of breaking up with me, romancing Zevran, having Alistair do the Dark Ritual reminding him that I loved him, which surprised him and then returned to the Gray Wardens, accompanied by Zevran who stayed with me but never took the joining. Crowning Harrowmont screws both Orzamar and the battle against the darlspawn as he will never accept direct help from outsiders.

Behlen altough a tyrant, proves himself a reformer, bringing Orzammar intro prosperity.