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The relationship between the leading characters started out on the . I did hear that Dok Soke had a horrible ending, it's probably the kind of. Dok Soke () a.k.a. Sad Flower WORST ending ever. From the last episode, Oo asked her mother to tell her the story behind soke's grand mother. And we all know how's that going to end up!.

Although, I give her points for not being so unreasonable to listen to Asanai and be there to confront Peekyamon of her lies. And I'm sorry that I find her reason for "hating" her daughter because the sperm donor left her high and dry, just on the shallow side.

When you become a parent, you become less selfish. But she's acting the opposite. Heck, even the wild animals protects their young. I can probably understand her resentment if she was a victim of rape but she wasn't. I guess she's one of those few ones who are just devoid of their maternal instinct. Its just hard for me to fathom, how someone can feel hatred towards her own child whom she's carried for months and gave birth to with such a shallow reason IMHO.

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I think she thought she had it easy with Josh Benz getting money from his mom but tough luck for her he died on his way back to her.

Parents doing everything they can so their children can have a good life. This made me a bit verklempt. Goes to show, the lakorn and the people involved are doing a good job because I'm certainly affected by the characters' actions.

On a shallow note, can I just say that the age factor in the story, you don't actually see it because Pong Nawat is such a hottie!

Certainly, sometime in the upcoming 5 episodes the big reveal is gonna happen. Just then, Peekyagamon sees them. They stare at each others face and searches for answers.

Peekyamon interrupts their moment and reminds soke to go rest and take some medicines. Nai gave her some few words of encouragements and send her home. When soke walks away, she turns around and sees that Peekyamon had stripped Nai half naked to help him out of his wet clothes.

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When Nai is nice and dried, Peekyamon turns to the mansion… she used to live there as a baby! Soke goes back to the house. Suey sees her pushes her down and demands her to finish cleaning the room. I will take medicine and will go clean your room. Suey got scared and ordered the servant to finish cleaning her room instead. This is a way that Sudkhed uses to get his crazy daughter to relax and be humane.

At the office, he kept thinking about Soke. She smiles and hugs her pillow. She picks up the phone and waits for him to call…. Ausanai himself is frustrated and confused! The feelings for that sad flower just keeps growing. Penphak orders her husband to stop associating himself with Peekyamon.

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He refuses to take orders and leaves. Oo was listening at the door and is distraught that her parents are fighting. When she sees her daddy leave, she runs after him. He consoles her ,, but left and went to see his mistress who wanted a new car!