Diarios de motocicleta ending relationship

Inequity. A Trip through Latin America: The Motorcycle Diaries ()

diarios de motocicleta ending relationship

Shop The Motorcycle Diaries (Diarios De Motocicleta) [NTSC/REGION 1 & 4 DVD . The relationships that develop here are poignant and extremely moving and the I just felt it ended a bit 'early', plus I still think Amazon charge too much for. help us protect independent journalism at a time when factual, trustworthy reporting is under threat by making a year-end gift to support The. It belongs to the dead-end literary genre in which youthful adventures are described, and then " that young man grew up to be (Benjamin.

During their expedition, Guevara and Granado encounter the poverty of the indigenous peasants, and the movie assumes a greater seriousness once the men gain a better sense of the disparity between the "haves" and "have-nots" of Latin America. In Chile, the pleasure travelers encounter a couple forced onto the road because of their communist beliefs.

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In a fire-lit scene, Ernesto and Alberto admit to the couple that they are not out looking for work as well. The duo accompany the couple to the Chuquicamata copper mine, and Guevara becomes angry at the treatment of the workers.

There is also an instance of recognition when Ernesto, on a river ship, looks down at the poor people on the smaller boat hitched behind. Ernesto's connection to people in need is visceral and tactile throughout the film.

It shows in the way he smoothes the forehead of a terminally ill woman who cannot afford a proper doctor. However, it is a visit to the Incan ruins of Macchu Picchu that inspires something in Ernesto. He wonders how the highly advanced culture gave way to the urban sprawl of Lima. His reflection is interrupted by Alberto, who shares with him a dream to peacefully revolutionize modern South America.

It will never work. There, Guevara sees both physically and metaphorically the division of society between the toiling masses and the ruling class the staff live on the north side of a river, separated from the lepers living on the south. Guevara also refuses to wear rubber gloves during his visit choosing instead to shake bare hands with startled leper inmates. At the end of the film, after his sojourn at the leper colony, Guevara confirms his nascent egalitarian, anti-authority impulses, while making a birthday toast, which is also his first political speech.

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In it he evokes a pan-Latin American identity that transcends the arbitrary boundaries of nation and race. Oscar nomination for best writing adapted.

diarios de motocicleta ending relationship

The hyphen of this movie that relates a real trip carried out by two Argentine youths in the decade of the 50, is based on two books writings by the protagonists and published does already various years; Notes of trip, of Ernesto Che Guevara and With the Che by Latin America, of Alberto Select. The story tried to respond with seriousness to the letter of these books, because although the hyphen has left sideways especially political every connotation, the producers were conscious that the processing of the youth of this mythical revolutionary personage of the 20th century, as came be the CHE Guevara should be extremely careful with the facts.

For that reason, besides doing a deep historic investigation and reaching for two years the places that they both traveled, they interviewed the widow and children of the Che in Cuba and they requested the advising of Alberto Granado who is still alive and working as a biochemist in Cuba. Being 82 years old he has been present in part of the filming, in the premiere of the movie and in its presentation in the festival of Cannes.

The filming of the movie carried 84 days was carried out in 33 settings and save exceptions in the same places by the ones that they traveled the protagonists. The Movie The history begins showing the pleasant life of the young one Ernesto in the city of Cordoba in the middle of an accommodated middle-class family.

It is there when Alberto his 29 th years old friend from Cordoba tells him that he had planned to celebrate his 30 th birthday, having a long trip through America.

Journal of medicine and movies

He shows him in the map the route carefully planned that would carry them through The family of Ernesto was not very according to this project, given that they wanted him to first finish his studies and they were also worried because of the problem of the asthma that their son suffered since he was an infant.

In spite of the controversies, he decides to accept the proposal of his friend and in December 29, with scarce funds and insufficient luggage they abandon Cordoba to the city of Miramar, in the Atlantic coast, where Chichina, the aristocratic girlfriend of Ernesto, usually goes in summer. The friends travel through Argentina for four weeks, arrive at the beautiful city of Bariloche and cross the mountain range toward the Chilean side to the city of Temuco where they try to solve the problems with the motorcycle.

Although Ernesto always is timid and quiet, he decides to make a small joke and makes a newspaper publish its arrival as that one of two qualified doctors. The people of the town, when they read the new, give them free food, dwelling and free mechanical arrangements. This scene shows clearly the respect that that title awoke in the simple and poor people in those times.

Unfortunately the handsome youth wife of the mechanic puts their eyes in Ernesto, and when the husband realizes this fact, they had to run away from the city in a hurry. In this career they collide with a herd of cows that causes a tremendous damage to La Poderosa.

The duet then travels to the Chilean city of The Angels in the area of behind of a truck to consult with a mechanic. While they expect the diagnosis, someone requests to Ernesto that examine a sick elder.

He quickly accepts and as he carries with himself medicines, with them he can help the lady. When he returns he listens the bad news, La Poderosa cannot be repaired and they should abandon it.

The Motorcycle Diaries: Che's clean getaway

Alberto is desolate, but Ernesto convinces him to continue with the trip and to honor the memorable day of its thirtieth birthday. Exhausted and hungry, they begin to share the luck of the migrant workers. They know thus to a couple impoverished that has been despoiled of its lands on account of its political ideas, and that travels toward a nearby mine with the hope to find work.

Ernesto and Alberto are beginning to know a Latin America different from the one they had seen from there motorcycle, when they passed fast by the cities. In that zone is the largest mine of copper open cut in the world.

diarios de motocicleta ending relationship

Once there, they expected patiently every day without food neither water the to be selected by the foreman, and in case they were not chosen, according to the movie, not even water to drink was given to them, with a cruel treatment, which makes young Ernesto desperate. From there, they travel to Peru, arriving at Machu Pichu, where the sight of its incredible architecture astonishes them.

There is a boy in the place that shows them the old wonders of the Inca Empire. This is one of the scenes of the film that the director refers to like not glided, during this last passage of the trip, the main characters do not relate with actors but with people of the place that are simply caught in their simplicity, in a territory, where it seems that the time has stopped.

In Lima they know Dr. Hugo Pesce1, militant doctor of the Communist Party and one of the most important researchers about leprosy in Latin America at those times, and founder of a Center for Lepers in Huambo figure 4.

diarios de motocicleta ending relationship

He himself writes them a letter of recommendation to negotiate them a probationary period in the leper colony of San Pablo in the Amazonia, which had the greatest colony of lepers in Latin America. Then they initiate the trip in the ship La Cenepa and during the long crossing, Ernesto suffers a severe asthma attack and must remain in bed and it is during its convalescence when he takes advantage to write its newspaper.

When they arrive at the leper colony of San Pablo in the Amazonia, they observe the stiff norms of sanitary care and conduct of separation that was used with the sick at that time, and that the nuns that managed the place severely imposed. It should be avoided any direct contact with them and was indispensable to use gloves at every moment, including to shake hands with them2. Besides the lepers lived in an island separated from the professionals and they were only visited by them during the day.

Diarios de Motocicleta Escena final - The Motorcycle Diaries Final Scene

Both friends are faced to this situation of segregation and isolation refusing to accept it and they enjoy talking and knowing the problems of the sick figure 5. It is shown in the movie some histories of the life of the leprous figure 6 and the work that carried out both in the leper colony figure 7. The relation among them and the sick begins to be tightened so much, that the day of its birthday number 24, after the celebration of the same one in a festival that organizes the personal place, Ernesto decides to cross to I swim the river, to continue the feast With the lepers.

What was a real anecdote and still is commented for the sick that continue alive since that epoch and they recall to the travelers, the movie takes charge of become a climax epic loaded of symbolism.

It uses it to present the impulse and the courage of that youth that splits of Argentina being an asthmatic and timid boy and that after the experiences lived suffers a transformation that does the capable of be dared in spite of its problem to face this challenge.