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Future GPX Cyber Formula Saga (OAV) (sequel) And with the 13th Cyber Formula World Grand Prix now underway, he must . Opening/Ending Animation . There are quite a few Cyber Formula characters who enjoyed a privileged childhood, and overrides her decisions on more than one occasion and demotes her during Saga. Their bittersweet relationship is finally resolved at the end of Sin. The following is a list of characters from the anime Future GPX Cyber Formula series, including . At the end of the SIN OVA, it is shown that Hayato and Asuka were getting married in which all the At the end of the season, Miki Jounouchi, who developed a romantic relationship with Naoki, transferred to Aoi to be the chief.

Combine that with her pride and strength of will, and you have one formidable boss lady. However, as events unfold, Kyoko reveals herself to be anything but an ice princess. Though she sometimes plays coy mind games with her favorite boys Shinjyo and Kaga, her desire for championship victory is as much for their sakes as it is for the team's, and the two drivers are well aware of her loyalty to them.

Kyoko tries to keep Shinjyo on the team even when he's underperforming, and the pent-up stress and emotion she feels for him finds release in tears more than once. She loves Shinjyo, but she's in love with Kaga; he seems to love her back, but knows he can't stay.

Their bittersweet relationship is finally resolved at the end of Sin, as Kyoko--elated by Kaga's victory and crushed by his departure--ceases her involvement with Cyber Formula If another driver were to come along someday, one so good he might even be better than Kaga, then Aoi's "queen" might very well make a comeback. Every bit the worldly sophisticate, Kyoko's language skills extend to English, German, French, Italian, and Chinese; her taste in books includes Ernest Hemingway's Islands in the Stream, and her favorite cuisine is Italian.

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She has her choice of at least two family residences, one in Kamakura and one near the Fujioka test course. When it comes to relationships, Kyoko is one of the more tragic figures in Cyber Formula. Once he learns more of his driving skills, he becomes a full-fledged racer. Took a Level in Jerkass: In SAGA, when he tries to get out of his slump.

He regains his original personality towards the end of episode 4.

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He's less experienced in auto racing than most of his colleagues, yet he performs brilliantly in races, sometimes winning them through determination. In episode 3 of Double One, after he drove recklessly on the test track as he's put into Asuka's arms and then he fell down as he threw up.

What the Hell, Hero? He finds himself at the receiving end of this a few times, especially in EP 12 of the TV series. She serves as the team's acting manager and race queen. At the end of Zero, she goes to Columbia University to study to become a doctor so she can help Hayato and others when they are in need. For many times, she has been Hayato's main emotional support, which helps him to win in some situations, but at the same time, she is worried about his safety, as racing is a very dangerous profession.

In 11, she is very concerned for Hayato and her brother. In the first 2 OVAs, she wears a two-piece campaign girl outfit.

She lets one out in the first episode of Zero when she saw Hayato lying down on the ground, with his car Asurada totally wrecked after it crashed down when it went off the track banking at the fifth race in the English Grand Prix. To Hayato in some ways, for most of the TV series.

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In one episode, she calls Randoll out for insulting Hayato when they first met. The brunette to Clair's blonde and Miki's redhead. With Hayato, as if it isn't obvious. She ends up marrying him at the end of the final OVA. Curtains Match the Window: She has brown hair and her eyes are also brown as well. As seen in episode 7 of ZERO, she couldn't get her eyes focused on the road.

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This happens to her in episode 5 of Zero. Her hair grew a bit longer in Saga and Sin. Notice the change in the art style as well. In particular, during ZERO she cuts her hair and starts wearing earrings and lipstick. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! She gives this to Hayato in EP 35 of the TV series after he gets hysterical over trying to destroy Asurada for causing his friend Johji to be injured and retire from Cyber Formula.

In the earlier series, she sports a headband. With Hayato at the end of SIN. A medical student at Columbia University. In fact, she identifies the name of the medicine which Phill takes to supress the responses of Al-Zard's high speed.

She once made parsley and durian juice for Hayato and when he doesn't want it, she drank it instead and she fainted. In the 2nd radio drama cassette, she cooked and made some food for Hayato's birthday party.

This time, Hayato ate the food anyway and the cooking was so bad that he collapsed and was sent to the hospital. In the first 3 series, she has hair that reaches her waist.

Her pendant, which has a photo of her brother, and the photo also serves as a clue on the identity of Shoemach. That pendant later has a photo of her, Hayato and Osamu. Hayato later gave it back to her at the end. When not in tsun-tsun mode in the TV seriesshe is a really kind and gentle girl in general. In races, she wears a sun visor with plastic hearts on each side in the first 2 series.

She marries him at the end of SIN. She was one at the beginning of the series as well as a general agent of the Sugo Team, until her role is filled by Megumi and Satsuki. She's the cheerful and energetic sibling of the two.

Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Hayato may be a bit temperamental at times, but he's still a really nice guy. She wears those with her one-piece race queen outfit in the TV series. Take Back Your Gift: In the aforementioned event above about him breaking his promise not to race again. They make it up later.

In contrast to Miki's Tsurime. Due to her caring nature and concern for others, she sheds these more than once. Tomboy and Girly Girl: The girly girl with Clair to Miki's tomboy.

Type Sweet, with heavy emphasis on the "dere". It's completely toned down in the OVAs, however. Henri Claytor Voiced by: Hiro Yuki Originally a rookie in the Theodolite T. He keeps a sweet and cheerful personality in front of the racers, which is a merely a facade of his scheming and manipulative self.

For some reason, he has a deep hatred for Hayato, but Hayato doesn't know why he hates him so much Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: In Zero, he may looked like a sweet and cheerful rookie, but he's actually a vengeful person who wanted to make Hayato's and the other racers' lives miserable. He may look cute and innocent, but has a homicidal obsession with Hayato.

It mellows out at the end of Zero. An extreme version in Zero, although he isn't arrogant. He becomes less of a jerk in the final 2 OVAs although he still is somewhat a jerk.

Probably the reason he holds a big grudge against Hayato in most of Zero: He was pushed by his father to be the best in racing ever since he was little so he can be the youngest champion in the history of Cyber Formula, but when Hayato got that title first, his father started drinking and then abandoned him.

Highlighted in episode 5 when he used Shinjyo, Heinel and Gudelhian to make them believe that Hayato was using reckless racing tactics to get ahead.

His mother passed away when he was little, and his father started to ignore him and hitting the bottle after Hayato takes the title of being the youngest champion ever instead of him.

Thus begins his obsession with ruining Hayato's life for taking his dream away. He has silver hair with a red streak on the strand of his bangs. His father pushes Henri to be the best in racing and then ignored him after Hayato wins his first championship. It helps that he's a former racer.

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Used to Be a Sweet Kid: In a flashback he is seen as a happy child who wants to please his father. Then Hayato's championship left him embittered towards Hayato. He tries hard to impress his father.